School PBIS Leadership Team
Roles and Responsibilities
Establish Team Membership
Have you ever been
a part of this team?
No agenda is prepared
Meeting starts late
No time schedule has been set for the meeting
No one is prepared
No facilitator is identified
No one agrees on anything
No action plan is developed
Everyone is off task
Negative tone throughout the meeting
A PBIS Leadership Team
School Administrative Team must be committed to
school-wide PBIS and actively participate on the
PBIS team should remain small (6-10 members)
Consider representatives that include:
administration, general education teachers, special
education teachers, guidance, specials teachers,
paraprofessionals, custodian, parents…
STEP 1 - Establish Team Membership
1. Representative of demographics of school and community
2. 1-2 individuals with behavior/classroom management competence
3. Administrator active member
4. Schedule for presenting to whole staff at least monthly
5. Schedule for team meetings at least monthly
6. Integration with other behavior related initiatives and programs
7. Appropriate priority relative to school and district goals
8. Rules and agreements established regarding voting, confidentiality and
privacy, conflict/problem solving, record-keeping, etc.
9. Schedule for annual self-assessments
Self-Assessment Survey
Review Office Discipline Referrals
Benchmarks of Quality
School-wide Evaluation Tool
10. Coaching support (school and/or district/region)
Page 44
Coaches’ Roles & Responsibilities
May be district-level person (external) who can move across
schools or person who works on-site (internal) – or both
Is familiar with the school-wide process
Facilitates team throughout the process (insures critical
elements are in place)
Attends all trainings/meetings with their school-based teams
Is an active and involved team member, but not the Team
Is the main contact person for the school-based team
Reports to district level staff
Administration’s Roles
and Responsibilities
ALL administrators are encouraged to participate in the
Administrator should play an active role in the schoolwide PBIS change process
Administrators should actively communicate their
commitment to the process
Administrator should be familiar with school’s current
data and reporting system
If a principal is not committed to the change process, it
is unwise to move forward in the process
Administrator’s support and active
Administrator attends ALL trainings and team
Administrator provides allocation of resources for
PBIS implementation
Administrator puts time on staff agenda for PBIS
Administrator actively promotes PBIS as priority,
integrates with other initiatives/improvement activities
Do we have it?
Team Leader
Develop agenda
Facilitate meeting
Follow-up on assigned tasks
Seek input from staff and other committees
Team Member
Attend PBIS meetings
Attend PBIS trainings
Spread the message of PBIS to other
◦ Have a quick answer for “What is PBIS”
◦ Invite other staff/faculty to meetings
◦ Be a PBIS cheerleader in your building and in your
Offer suggestions and ideas to the team (no
ideas are too big or too small)
Ask questions and keep learning.
Team Meeting Template/ Process
Page 46 - 47 – Conducting meetings
Activity - Team Roles and Responsibilities
Internal Coach
External Coach
Time Keeper
Data Specialist
School Role
Action Planning
Establish 3-5 norms
for your team
Complete STEP 1
(pgs. 44-48 in manual)
Choose Roles for
your team