PowerPoint Presentation - Student Leaders Against Malaria

Student Leaders Against Malaria
Student Leaders Against Malaria (SLAM) aims to
educate the future leaders of the world by
developing the leadership skills, civic involvement,
and social awareness of our student ambassadors.
SLAM, a project of the Malaria Foundation
International (MFI) will play a key role in educating
children about malaria.
About Us
Current Projects
The SLAM project involves pairing up U.S. based
schools with schools in malaria endemic countries.
Get Involved
SLAM will develop leadership skills of students who
will grow the project.
Contact Us
The project aims to equip schools in malaria
endemic regions with computer labs to facilitate joint
learning programs with schools in the USA.
Malaria Foundation International
The project will not only promote malaria awareness, advocacy and education
but has the potential of broadening horizons to these children who may
otherwise have never had these opportunities. The parents of the majority of the
students from the malaria endemic regions are illiterate, hence the focus on the
children to pass on the education.
A Pilot program is currently under way in 3 schools run by James Finlay (Kenya)
Limited, located in the Tea plantations of Kericho, Kenya. Participating Schools
in Kenya include; Marinyn High School, Marinyn Primary School, and Work
Shop primary school.
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