NDM Research Building Basement Seminar Room

Tropical Medicine Global Health Seminar
Immunity to malaria in humans
Professor Kevin Marsh
Director of the Wellcome-KEMRI-Oxford
Collaborative Research Programme
Tuesday the 29th October 2013
1300 – 1400
Sandwiches and refreshments are provided
NDM Research Building Basement Seminar Room
More about the presenter:
Professor Kevin Marsh has a broad research interest in child health in the tropics, with a
particular focus in the immune epidemiology of malaria. As well as directing the KEMRI
Wellcome Programme in Kenya, Kevin also coordinates the KEMRI Molecular Parasitology
group. Kevin’s particular interest is in capacity building for science in Africa. He has
recently secured a major strategic award, from the Wellcome Trust, to support doctoral
and post doctoral career development for East African Scientists. Kevin is also a member
of many global health advisory groups.
More about the talk:
Malaria remains one of the major global health challenges. One of the striking features of
malaria is that in endemic areas humans do eventually become immune to the disease,
albeit at the cost of high childhood mortality. Recent studies suggest that immunity is
achieved by building up a repertoire of responses rather than by a single mechanism.
Understanding how human immunity to malaria is achieved, and how it might be improved,
is potentially important in designing vaccines against malaria.
The Tropical Medicine Global Health Seminar series will run monthly, usually on the first Tuesday of each
month. This forum will give the opportunity for staff and visitors to present their work to their colleagues based
in Oxford. Please contact Dr Francois van Loggerenberg ([email protected]) if you would
like to learn more, to be added to our mailing list, or if you or a visitor to Oxford would like to present a seminar.
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