Children in Crisis and Eben-Ezer Ministry International

Children in Crisis and Eben-Ezer
Ministry International
Education Programmes in Eastern
• School Building
• Teaching Training
• Community theatre
School Building
Since 2007 built 10 schools in South Kivu
province High/Mid Plateau region
• The plateau is extremely isolated, accessible only by
one un-paved road which is often washed away during
the rainy season.
• There has been little government involvement with
the plateau over the last 10 years.
• South Kivu suffered some of the worse fighting in DR
Congo’s civil war
New School in Bibogobogo
Teaching Training
• 2007-9 trained 340 teachers and 105 head
teachers from 105 primary schools
• 2010-14 trained 325 teachers and 36 school
• Reached 56,974 children with 2,232 more
passing exams
Community theatre
• Educational theatre programme trained 238
community animators
– Performances on importance of education,
(especially for girls), child rights and women’s
October 2011