Welcome to a Great Fifth Grade Year!

Welcome to a Great
Fifth Grade Year!
Featuring Ms. Amanda Brooks
in her debut role as your new
Cast of Characters
Each of you will have a special job that will determine what role you will play in the
classroom, and later in the day we will determine them!
Errand Runner
Basket Carrier
Time Keeper
Room Keepers (2)
Paper Deliverers(2)
Paper Collectors (2)
Math Helper
Garbage Assistants/Cafeteria
Workers (2)
Line Leader
Ticket Master
Make Up Work Helper
Light Person
You are now the stars of
the school
As fifth graders all of your younger peers
will be looking to you as role models. I
know this is a great responsibility, but as
your teacher I know you will do a
wonderful job.
The Do’s and Don’ts of
our Class Characters
The Do’s
Kind words
Best manners always
Be prepared
Follow all procedures
Do your very best to be a good friend,
student, classmate, and person.
Do your best work each and everyday.
The Don’ts
Break our school rules
Disrespect yourself or others
Stop trying your best!
How to Perform
our Procedures
A procedure is the order in which we do
things in and out of class. Remember our
school is our stage, and while we are here we
always perform our best.
Introduction: B.E.L.L.
(that’s me)
(that’s you)
What to do when you hear the
Stop all talking
 Look at me
 Grab a pencil in paper in case I give you
some important information!
Silent B.E.L.L.
The silent bell happens automatically when:
• A visitor enters our class
• I am on the telephone!
That means you have to pay extra close
attention because the bell won’t ring!
Act 1: Morning Routine
 Unpack
 Make
your lunch choice
 Check board for bell ringer
 Get ready for a great day!
Act 2: Lining Up and
Hallway Procedure
will call you by group.
 Hands go by your side and eyes
 Walk down right side of hall
 No talking
 Set great example for younger peers
Act 3: Bathroom
take position
Enter 3 students at a time
No talking
Find your place in the line
as you exit.
Act 4: Lunch
Line Up Order
 Brought lunch
 Low Choice
 High Choice
 Quiet
 Set Example
 Respect adult in charge
 I’ll call one bench at a time
 Line up
 Science materials
Act 5: Extra Activities
(Library, P.E., and Music)
 Remember
these activities are a
 Follow directions of the adult in
Act 6: Everyday
Classroom Routines
Pencils Sharpen before bell
 Emergency pencil cup
Communication Raise hand
 Listen
 Respect each other’s opinions
Unscheduled Restroom Breaks Loss of ticket
 Use breaks wisely
Emergency Restroom Breaks GO
Computer Testing Name on Board
 Erase when finished
 Place test in folder
Make-Up Work Folder
 Mailbox
Completed Work Paper Collectors
 Basket.
Papers- All papers should have D. A. N. Date Assignment
and Name
Act 7: When Your Finished
Complete unfinished work or homework.
 Read AR or work on AM
 Clean your area.
 Grab a book from our class library!
 Write a book report for extra tickets.
Final Act: Afternoon
 Sharing
 Clean your area
 Make every second count!
 Car Riders
 Walkers
 Bus Riders
Director’s Notes:
Communicating with the
Private Matters
 Mailbox
 Break
During Class Raise your hand
 You will get a chance to speak 
Extra Stories, Positive Comments, Etc.
 My mailbox
Academy Awards of Our Class
Smarty Pants 100 on AR or Am
Lunch in the Room Behavior Goal Met
 Desert on me!
Look What We Did- Each of you will have your best work
posted on this board at all times.
 On task
 Drawing on Friday
What will our final production
Great year
 Wonderful learning experiences.
 New friends
 Wonderful Memories
A note from your
I am so happy to have you in our “cast.”
I know you each already are wonderful
characters who can bring so much to this
class. As your teacher I promise to give
you all the tools you will need to succeed
this year, and we will grow and learn
together each day.
“You must be the change you
want to see in the world.”