Merging the Academic and Behavior RtI Teams

Merging the Academic
and Behavior RtI Teams
Crandon Middle School and High School
School District of Crandon
Jessica Keao, High School
Tina Taylor, Middle School
❖To share the successes and
challenges faced as we merged the
academic and behavior RtI system
School District of Crandon
❖1,000 students K-12
❖Two Native American Tribes
❖Located in Northern Wisconsin
Crandon’s RtI History
❖RtI academic team (6+ years)
❖PBIS team (4 years)
❖Academic and behavior teams
merged (1 year)
❖ Defining our roles
❖ Finding a common language
❖ Realizing we were all working towards
the same goal
Merged Teams
❖ Universal Team
❖ Intervention Team
❖ Data Team
❖ Coaches Meeting
❖ Friday Fiesta
Merging Efforts
❖ Action plans
❖ Goals
❖ Acknowledgements
❖ Budget
❖ Data
What has changed...
❖ No longer use “PBIS” or “RtI” to refer to the
behavior and academic.
❖ Presenting to staff is as one unit, no longer
separate the behavior vs. academic
Electronic Data Wall (6-12)
❖ SMI/SRI Scores
❖ WKCE Scores
❖ Attendance
❖ Behavior
❖ Grades
❖ Credit Recovery
❖ Look at the entire child
❖ Focused energy of the teams
❖ Easier to sell to staff
Contact Information
Jessica Keao, High School Counselor
Tina Taylor, Middle School Counselor