RTI subcommittee notes December 2014

K-6 and 7-12RTI Notes
12.16.14 and 12.18.14
Major agenda items:
● The committees reviewed the work completed so far including:
○ Developing a common understanding of essential elements of RTI
○ Identifying needs for universal screening tools
○ Identifying needs for progress monitoring tools
○ Starting to brainstorm short and long term goals for providing a fully integrated system of
support for all students.
● The committee prioritized the short and long term goals.
○ Create common professional development for all instructional staff about RTI
○ Learn about and recommend a universal screening tool and progress monitoring tool for
both math and science for grades K-10
○ Create a fully integrated system of support for striving students that addresses both
academic and social emotional needs.
● Work completed in December
○ Designed professional development about RTI to be provided during early release on
February 9th for all instructional staff.
○ Established learning objectives for the professional development
○ Created a set of common definitions
○ Created a common presentation for all schools.
○ Determined who would be presenting at each school.
○ Created a feedback tool
○ Narrowed the assessment tool search to three possible tools
■ STAR-Renaissance Learning
■ Aimsweb- NCS Pearson
■ FAST- University of Minnesota
● The committee identified resources needed to fully implement the plan over the long term.
○ Time resources
○ Material resources
○ Staffing resources
The committee also learned about ESSB 5946 Strengthening Student Educational Outcomes. This is new
legislation about early literacy.
During our March meeting agenda items include:
● Reviewing feedback from February professional development.
● Making a recommendation(s) about assessment tools to be implemented in SY 2015-16.
● Identify common interventions
● Making recommendation(s) about allocation of resources to create a system wide RTI