Career Options Presentation - Blackpool Business Leadership Group

Supported by The Skills Show, the European Social Fund and
the National Careers Service
A two day event offered to all
local schools and available to a
full year group
Evening session open to local 1424 year olds
Supported by all local education
and training providers and a wide
range of national, regional and
local business partners
Aims to raise aspirations and
ensure students make informed
decisions about the future
Thanks so much for inviting us to the event, the
pupils had a great morning and we made lots of
contacts for school. It gave our pupils the
opportunity to look at other options alongside
colleges courses and also opened up the topic of
work and importance of work, punctuality,
opportunities within companies and expectations
within the workplace.
Special school
Great event and good turnout of students
It was good to meet young people face to
face and having time to chat
Event went beyond our expectations and we’ll
see you again next year
Hope to work here again soon
Good range of activities
In a zoo?
Just a quick note to say how much our pupils enjoyed
the careers event last week. They are still buzzing
about it! It was a great opportunity for them to see
what the possibilities are, for them, in the future. I
brought a group of pupil premium children, which
included one child who has recently lost his Dad and
another, who doesn't have positive role models at
Primary teacher
A passion for fashion
Army challenge
ICT puzzle
It’s given me lots of ideas and guidance
about how to achieve my future
I learned more about apprenticeships
I got chance to try things out and ask
The people were friendly and helpful
I don’t feel as worried about the future as I
was before
I feel more positive about my future
The pupils who attended enjoyed speaking to
the sponsors it was great to see them asking
questions and talking about their aspirations
on leaving school and their futures.
In previous jobs I have attended many careers
events, this one was by far the most organised
and extensive I have ever attended
Special School
How’s your plumbing?
Engineering puzzle
Maths Challenges
Champion this event within your organisations and
Get actively involved providing staff, information
and activities
Become a sponsor, providing financial support
Advertise events and offers in the student booklet