Sally Barfoot, Kerrie Moorhouse - Whizzy Loop for Teach

Whizzy Loop
or “How not to forget all the good
stuff you used to do………”
“Oh I used to do that years ago and I’d
forgotten about it!”
Electronic reminder and
1. Open P0werPoint and
set up a series of identical
slides – start with 10
maybe – you can add to
them later.
2. Decide on your theme
e.g. “starters” and put a
single idea on each slide.
You can use the slide notes to remind
yourself of the processes / resources
3. Go to ‘transitions’ on
the toolbar and set up a
transition on each slide.
On the far right of the
transitions toolbar make sure that
you have ‘unclicked’ the ‘advance
slide on mouse click’ and the
timer is at 00:00:00
4. Go to ‘slide show’ and
click on ‘set up slide show’
then set the show on ‘loop
Alternatively – you can get my proforma from the RTSA website and just
edit the text!
Much easier!
Simply start the presentation and it will whizz
through all your slides until you press the ‘S’
The idea it stops on is the one you should try to
use in your lesson plan – if it doesn’t suit your plan
then press ‘S’ again to start again.
The best resources are versatile!
Other ways I have used the pro-forma:
• random name picker – just put a name on each
• speed reader – slow the transition down slightly
and put one word on each slide then challenge
the pupils to read the sentence,
• random connective selector – put a connective
on each slide - challenge the pupils to use it –
reselect every minute or so,
• (for linguists) translating tasks – short
translations (e.g. 1 sentence / phrase) – adds
• vocabulary or key word test.
Best of all – the pupils LOVE pressing the ‘S’
button to stop and start the presentation……
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