What is child exploitation?
Taking undue advantage of children
which may lead to physical and
psychological trauma.
Physical, Sexual or Emotional illtreatment of children.
Causes of Child Exploitation
Over Population
Unemployment of Elders
Willingness to Exploit Children
Lack of Social Security Network
Effects of Child Exploitation
Physical Injuries and Mutilations
Pesticide Poisoning
Growth Deficiency
Exploitation of Female Children
Unemployment of Adults
Hindrance to Literacy
Long-term Health Problems
HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Exhaustion and Malnutrition
Government Initiatives
National Policy on Child Labour was formulated in
Prohibition of children being employed in
hazardous occupations and processes
Poverty being the main cause government
created employment
Supplementary nutrition and regular health check
ups so as to prepare them to join regular
mainstream schools
Role of education
Sensitise the teachers and students to the issues related to child
protection and familiarize them to the remedial measures
Campaign in school / college against child trafficking, violence
against children
Provide special sanitation facilities in schools for girl children
Educate parents on parenting and caring for children
Report the crime against children immediately to the police, child
line, and media
Work on prevention of crimes against children and rehabilitation
of the victims
Give extra attention to provide special protection to girls.
What is Casteism?
It is a blind group loyalty towards ones own
caste or sub caste which does not care for
the interests of other castes and seeks to
realize the social, economic, political and
other interest of its group.
Causes of Casteism
Social Inequality
Social Distance
Illiteracy and Conservatism
Industrialization and Urbanization
Development of Transport and Communication
Sense of Caste Prestige
Marriage Restrictions
Reservation Policy
Effects of Casteism
Hindrances to Nationality
Stumbling Block in National Integration
Dangerous for Democracy
Degeneration of Human Morality
Hindrances to Technical Efficiency
Hindrance to innovation and Science
Discrimination and Trauma about Castes
Economic Effects of Caste
Educational Remedies
Compulsory Education for all
Education as a tool of social change
Education for productivity and economic progress
Development of Values
Vocationalization of Education
Making Education Meaningful for the mass
Encouraging Education in the lower class and marginalized
sections through various strategies
Vocationalization of Education