Specialized Early Intervention Classroom for Students Who are Deaf

Specialized Early
Intervention Classroom
for Students Who are
Delaware County Intermediate Unit
Manual Communication
◦ American Sign Language
◦ Signed English
Combined Approaches
◦ Total Communication
◦ Cued Speech
◦ Lip-reading/visual
◦ Listening and Spoken Language Auditory/Verbal
Communication Options
Stefani Doyle: Supervisor of Hearing & Language
Programs, Speech Pathologist, LSLS Auditory-Verbal
Kristen Palermo: Teacher of the Deaf
Alison Hefferan: Speech Pathologist, Teacher of the Deaf,
LSLS Auditory-Verbal Educator
Carolyn Bennett: Audiologist, Speech Pathologist, LSLS
Auditory-Verbal Educator
Irene Merenda: Audiologist
Connie Abbott: Teaching Assistant
Our Staff
 To
provide a family
centered program where
children who are deaf or
hard of hearing maximize
their communication skills
and potential for learning
Mission of our Program
A comprehensive evaluation is completed
through the transition or intake process to
determine the level of intervention
necessary to meet the child’s needs.
Children identified with hearing loss in
need of specially designed instruction in
order to access curriculum for whom less
restrictive levels of intervention would not
meet his/her needs
Who Qualifies for our Classroom
Aggressive audiological management
Favorable listening environment
Dependency on amplification
Integrating listening into daily activities
Development of advocacy skills
Language development
Classroom Components
Support for technology
◦ Hearing Aid(s)
◦ Personal and/or Sound field
FM system
◦ Cochlear Implant(s)
- Daily Listening /
We Provide
Opportunities for children to be included
with typically developing peers
◦ Weekly music sessions with the YMCA
classroom at Marple Education Center
We Provide
Auditory-Verbal Therapy
Speech Therapy
Cochlear Implant
developmental evaluations
Our Classroom Includes
On-going diagnostic teaching
Acoustically managed
learning environments
Educational audiology
services and loaner
Parent Education
Our Classroom Includes
Inter-agency collaboration
◦ CHOP, DuPont, etc.
Related Services: Occupational, Physical,
and Vision Therapies as needed
Our Classroom Includes
The goal of this program is to provide students
with hearing loss access to preschool curriculum
and foster speech and language development
which will enable these students to participate in
mainstream activities and build relationships with
typical peers
We Provide