Powerpoint Slides

Peggy Goodman
Five Forks Middle
Cindy Bloodworth
Christine Douthart
Administrative Assistant
Five Forks Middle
Assistant Principal
Five Forks Middle
What does the SAM process look like at Five
Forks Middle School, and how does it impact
teacher practice and student learning?
Highest level of learning for ALL students
in ALL classes to create rich, limitless
opportunities for the future.
WE BELIEVE all kids can learn and WE will establish
high standards of learning that WE expect all students
to achieve. It is our job to create an environment in
our classrooms that engages students in academic
work that results in a high level of achievement. WE
are confident that with our support and help, students
can master challenging curricula, and WE expect them
to do so. WE are prepared to work collaboratively with
colleagues, students, and parents to achieve this
shared educational purpose.
Our ILT adopted this from Dufoor’s book “Learning by Doing”
 3 Perspectives
 Builds a Cohesive Leadership
 Accountability
 Scheduling
 Reconciling
First Responders
 Keeping Peggy’s time SACRED/Instructional
Training the other SAMS
How has SAM changed Christine as an
instructional leader?
How this has changed Christine's practice as
an AP?
 Discipline Changes School Wide
 Instructional/Data Talks
Meeting time is 8:15am every day
Resources for guiding our meeting
 SAM’s Log (Principal’s Plan for the Week)
 SAM Flip Chart
 Instructional/Management Descriptors
AA and AP keep the principal accountable
 Reconcile Calendar
 Plan Ahead
 Ask reflective questions to ensure that our actions
improve teacher practice and student learning!
 Expanding SAM to include our
entire leadership team
 Why? Inequity...
 SAM on each weekly leadership
meeting agenda
 Practice giving feedback using
Rutherford’s “5 Minute” model
First Responders
Meetings in our school are held only for
Curriculum and Instruction.
The Hitching Post
Remind 101 Texts
Called grade level meetings ONLY when necessary
What we noticed in the classroom…
 Supporting teaching and learning
Wait for the phone call inviting you to be a SAM, and be happy when the “Shadow” comes to
your school. The SAM process will help increase student learning in your school!
Let your staff know that you are a SAM principal.
Establish and communicate First Responders to staff and community.
Include entire Leadership Team in SAM process to develop instructional leadership capacity for
Model and practice giving 5 minute feedback to teachers with Leadership Team.
Use the SAM process and observation data to determine professional learning school wide and
Plan each day/week ahead of time.
Schedule daily SAM meetings and keep them sacred. Hold each other accountable and have a
backup plan!
Your AP and AA are vital members of the team.
Know that your purpose is to improve teacher practices each day in every classroom.