Student Services 10-18-12

Special Education & 504 Accommodation Plans
LRE district wide
EL students and Special Needs
ProAct Trainings
TEACHH Model Trainings
Instruction Assistants
Santa Clara County Autism Task Force
Special Education Transportation
Health Services and Home/Hospital Teaching
Student Attendance and Residency
Student Discipline and Behavior
Other Responsibilities as Assigned
To the maximum extent appropriate children with
disabilities are to be educated with children who are
not disabled
Removal may only occur when education in regular
classes with the use of supplementary aids and
services cannot be achieved satisfactorily
“[Local school districts are required to develop]
procedure to assure that, to the maximum extent
appropriate, children with disabilities…are educated
with children who are not disabled and special classes,
separate schooling or other removal of children with
disabilities from the regular education environment
occurs only when the nature and severity of the
disability is such that education in regular classes with
the use of supplementary aids and services cannot be
achieved satisfactorily.”
Special education is a service not a place
Children with disabilities must, to the maximum extent
appropriate, be educated with students without
An IEP must provide justification for any segregation
Removal into separate classes is appropriate only when
the student cannot receive any educational benefit in
the general education with supplementary aids and
 Cambrian
Student Services District Staff
• Director of Student Services: Ginny Maiwald
• Administrative Assistant: Jayne Selig
 Cambrian
Special Education School Staff
• Speech/Language Pathologists (SLP) (4.9 FTE total for District)
• School Psychologists (4 FTE)
• Resource Specialist Program Teachers (1 FTE each K-5; 3 FTE at Price)
• Special Day Class Teachers (13 FTE Total)
• Instructional Assistants (various days/hours)
Cambrian Special Day Classes (SDC)
• Preschool (ages 3-5) SDC at Fammatre (3.0 FTE)
 Three teachers - AM and PM class
 Students grouped by age and special needs
 Multidisciplinary team (Psych, SLP and OT)
• K-3rd (4.0 FTE) and 3rd-5th (3.0 FTE) Grade
 3.0 FTE Bagby: Autism and Global Developmental Delays
 3.0 FTE Sartorette: Language and Learning Handicaps
 2.0 FTE Farnham: ADHD, Autism Spectrum and Related Social Impairments
• Price Middle School (6th-8th grade) (1.0 FTE)
 Social Thinking: ADHD, Autism Spectrum and Related Social Impairments
Cambrian Resident Students Placed by Individualized Educational
Program (IEP) Teams Outside of Cambrian Schools (for more severe needs)
• Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE) Programs
Specialized Autism Programs = 8
Deaf Program = 1
Emotional Disturbance, Therapeutic Day Classes = 4
BASIC Programs (significant global developmental delays) = 4
Orthopedic Impairment (OI) Programs = 2
• Non-Public School/Agency (NPS/NPA) Services
 Nonpublic School for Specialized Autism = 1
 NPA Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Consultation & Therapy (reduction to 2
 NPA Occupational Therapy Assessments, Consultation & Services
Alternative Education
C.A.S.A. (Collaborative Academic Success for All)
program at Price utilizes RSP teacher for general
education students needing more targeted support.
Students who commit expellable offenses may be
referred to SCCOE Alternative Education class
(no Cambrian students placed in that class to start the year)
Health Services
• School Health Clerks
• Vision, Hearing and other Health Screenings
• Documenting Immunization Records
• Home/Hospital Teaching (for students medically unable to
attend school)
• Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (MAA)
• Health/medical consultation and collaboration with staff,
parents and local districts, providers/groups
• Westside Children’s Health Initiative
Student attendance and residency issues
San Jose Police Department
Residency verification checks and
residency related issues
School Attendance Review Board (SARB)
District Attorney Mediation
Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
(PBIS) Staff Development
Overseeing Suspensions and Expulsions
Facilitating Behavior Interventions
Review Board and Stipulated Agreements
Student Counseling Resources and SocialEmotional/Behavioral Issues
Student Study & Individualized Educational
Program Team Meetings
Currently no students in most restrictive environment
(residential, NPS)
Complete elimination of County Mental Health
Addition of SCCOE class for Autism at Sartorette
2 - 3rd year psychology interns, new highly trained
RSP at all sites
Trainings = All Teachers/All Aides
Maintaining collaboration with SCCOE programs
to avoid more restrictive placements
Continued focus on student needs, programs,
training and staffing
Establishment of vertical continuum of programs
Continued partnering with local universities for