Rechartering 101 - Gulf Stream Council

 All pages of the completed Internet Recharter must be
submitted for processing. If they are not submitted
with the package your charter will be held until the
missing pages are received.
 All units chartered by the same organization must
have the same Institution Head (IH) and Charter
Organization Representative (CR). Unless
grandfathered in prior to 1997 all units belonging to
the same Charter Partner will have the same unit
Page 1 of Recharter
This page shows the adult and
youth applications which must be
attached to the charter. If you
have a person(s) added after the
recharter was printed you can
submit the application(s) with
the recharter.
If someone on the list has been
dropped from your roster, cross
their name out and they will be
removed. If an application is not
submitted they may be removed
from the roster in order to
process the recharter.
Please note, anyone registered
after the recharter packet was
printed will not appear on the
roster and will need to be added
when you process your recharter.
Proof of Youth Protection
Training for new adult members
must be submitted to council
within 30 days if their training
record is not attached to the
recharter. If a new adult does not
have a Person ID and completes
online training it will not reflect
in the BSA recharter system until
they return to their profile and
complete the Council and Person
ID fields.
Adult Application
Use blue or black ink only
Use only capital letters (A machine
reads the application)
Unit type and number
Full legal name
Accurate date of birth
Social security number
Full Address
All Questions on the right side of the
application MUST be answered. If
the question does not apply to you
mark it “NA”.
Position code and scouting position –
these are listed in the application.
Email address
Original signatures of the applicant,
the unit committee chairman and
charter organization head or
representative. (The scout executive
or designee will sign it when it arrives
at council.
Adult members may register in any
number of units, district and council
positions as a multiple. (Exceptions –
only CR may register in additional
positions with in the same unit. A
commissioner at any level may not
multiple as the unit leader of any
unit. If you are a multiple please write
it boldly on the application.
Adult Application (Disclosure/Authorization Form)
This form must
be completed
and signed in
order to be a
adult with the
This form is
located within
the BSA Adult
Application .
Both this form
and the Adult
must be
each time a
registers for a
new position.
Youth Application
Black or blue ink only
Unit type and number
Use only capital letters (The application is
read by a machine.
If they are transferring, the unit they are
transferring from must be referenced.
Full legal name
Date of Birth (This must be accurate.)
Full Address
Parent’s full name
Scout Parents and/or Tiger Cub Adult
Partners must supply their date of birth.
Youth in the first grade must have a Tiger
Cub Adult Partner. Their adult partner
must also supply their address.
Original signatures of all must be provided
by the parent or legal guardian and the
unit leader or designee. (If 18 years old or
older they may sign in place of a parent.
If the adult and youth have different
addresses the parent or legal guardian that
lives with the youth must send in a letter
stating they give permission for the youth
to participate in scouting with the adult
that is referenced on the application.
If the scout is a multiple please write
“Multiple” clearly on the top of the
Page 2 of the Charter
The Executive Officer (IH)
The Commissioner will
sign after the recharter is
reviewed and determined
to be complete. If the
packet is incomplete the
contact person will be
notified and the charter
will be returned to the
District Executive without
The Unit Leader Signature
(CM, SM, SK, NL, VC)
Please note: The Unit
Liability Insurance Fee
(Charter Agreement) has
been increased from $20 to
$40. If your charter does
not reflect the change, the
unit will still owe $40 for
this fee.
If you are not using Internet
Rechartering or cannot go
back to make changes
because you have already
submitted, you can make
written changes to the
Position changes can be
made here. (If you are
changing the IH, CR, or Unit
Leader additional paperwork
will required. See next page)
Exception: Tiger Adult
Partners and Scout Parents
that are moving to a
leadership position must
submit an adult application.
If you need to remove
someone from the roster
cross them out.
 IH – the DE will meet with the new IH and complete
the New Unit Form.
 CR, CC and/or Unit Leader – An application must be
completed to change these positions. Also, we ask the
unit provide us with instructions that state the new
position for the person that is being removed. If
instructions are not submitted, they will become
committee members.
 A scout is a multiple if they are registered in more than
one unit and only pays one registration fee. Scouts
may be registered in any number of troops, teams,
crews and ships.
 Note Exceptions:
1. If a scout is registered in more than one troop he must pay a
registration fee for all troops registered.
2. If the scout is in an explorer post and a traditional unit,
such as a troop or crew, he is not considered a multiple.
(Exploring is a separate organization within BSA)
3. If the Scout is registered in a crew they must also pay to be a
registered adult in a troop if eligible.
4. A scout cannot be registered in more than one Pack.
 Adult leaders may register in any number of units,
district and council positions.
 Note Exceptions:
1. Only the Charter Representative (CR) may register in an
additional position within the same unit and only as the
Committee Chairman (CC) or a Member of the Committee
(MC). No other adult may be registered in more than one
position in the same unit.
2. A Commissioner at any level may not multiple as the unit
leader of any unit: Cubmaster (CM), Scoutmaster (SM),
Venture Advisor (NL), Varsity Scout Coach (VC) or Skipper
If a scout is a multiple and it
was not coded in the internet
rechartering process, mark it on
the recharter and include the
unit number in which the scout
will be paid.
Please note, there is no
guarantee that the unit you paid
with will be the unit the funds
are taken from. The Registrar
will do what she can to process
this the intended way but units
that have not submitted their
recharter or have problems will
not be processed until they are
in good order. We will not hold
up another unit’s recharter so
the multiple may not be
processed first in the paid
Members will receive a
registration card from their
primary (paid) registration only.
Dropped Youth
This page shows all
the individuals you
have removed from
your charter.
If the someone was
accidently removed
but is still with the
unit, draw a line
through them and a
write a note asking
for them not to be
The second to
last page
Adults without Youth
Protection Training
Everyone on this list does not
have current Youth
Protection Training. If they
have completed their online
training but did not include
their Person ID in their profile it will
not show in the BSA system.
Please attach a copy of their
training certificate if they
appear on this list.
If a training certificate is not
attached the charter may not
be processed until it is
received or the person will be
removed from the roster if
not in a required position.
Last Page
This indicates who
may be contacted in
case there are
questions or
 Please make sure two checks are enclosed.
 National Recharter Fees
 Accident Insurance Premium
Scout Executive
(or Designee)
Approval Form
If a unit has less
than 5 members or
more than 100
members this form
must be completed
by the District
Executive. He will
have the Scout
Executive (or
Designee) sign the
form. If the form is
not included the
unit cannot be
Annual Charter
This form is not the
responsibility of the
unit. District
Executives will insure
the Annual Charter
Agreement is
completed and signed
by the Charter
Organization and a
representative from
the Council. They will
insert this form into
the packet during the
review process.
The District Commissioner will review all documentation to
 All applications are completed and attached.
 The Executive Officer (IH) and the Unit Leader (CM, SM, VC,
SK or NL) have signed.
All required positions are filled.
The minimum number of scouts is met.
The unit has supplied a contact person.
Returning leader’s have current Youth Protection training.
If the fee and insurance checks are attached and the charter is
completed correctly, the Commissioner will sign the charter
and forward it to their District Executive.
 They will review the same items as the Commissioner.
 They will attach the signed Annual Charter Agreement.
 If applicable, they will have the Scout Executive sign the
appropriate form if the unit has less than 5 or more than
100 members.
 If the District Executive contacts the Commissioner for
additional documentation, the Commissioner will contact
the unit for missing documentation. They will have the
unit missing items it to the District Executive.
 They will sign page one on the top right corner of the
recharter confirming it has been thoroughly reviewed.
 They will forward the packet to their supervisor for final
 The North Area Director or Assistant Scout Executive
will make the final review before the packet is
submitted to the Registrar for processing.
 If the packet is not in good order it will be returned to
the District Executive to be completed. It cannot be
processed until everything is in order.
 The supervisor signs the top right corner of page 1
when ready for processing.