To Kill A Mockingbird Journal

To Kill A Mockingbird
• Start these journal entries on a new
sheet of paper.
• Be sure to LABEL and DATE all
Chapter 3 Review
Short answer: What lesson does Calpurnia
try to teach Scout during lunchtime? (1-2
Short answer: What is the agreement that
Atticus and Scout make regarding reading
and school?(1-2 sentences).
Long answer: In Chapter 3, Atticus tells Scout: "You never really
understand a person until you consider things from his point of
view…until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”
Explain what Atticus means by this statement. What lesson does
Scout learn? How does this lesson apply to the reader? Is the
reader supposed to learn a lesson, as well? (Answer any of the
previous questions in a 4-5 sentence paragraph).
Chapter 4 Review
• Write a 5-sentence summary of Chapter 4.
1. (short) What does Scout find in the hollow of
a tree in front of the Radley's?
2. (short) What do Scout and Jem find together
in the tree on their way home from the last
day of school?
3. (short) Who do you think is leaving things in
the tree?
• Wednesday, 9-26: finish Ch. 5, if necessary. Review
• Wed: QUIZ: Chapters 1-5.
• Flashcards available on “Quizlet”: Ch. 1-5 vocab, Part
I Characters, TKAM Ch. 1-5 Review
• On my website: Unit 2: TKAM SparkNotes
• Also study: TKAM Journal Entries/Review Questions
• You will SUBMIT your TKAM Ch. 3-5 Journals on
• Thursday, 9-27: College Ready Thinklink
Chapter 5 Activity
• This is a group activity to be completed at your table.
• Each group will be assigned a number of pages from
Chapter 5.
• You are to read your set of pages, discuss, and then
develop a play to act out in front of the class that
best explains your section.
• You can divide up the parts however you like, present
the information however you like, but ALL members
must participate, and your presentation MUST last
the ENTIRE three minutes provided.
Group Assignments
• Group 1: 55- “cemented our friendship,” p. 57.
• Group 2: “Miss Maudie’s benevolence,” p. 57- “we
understood clearly,” p. 58.
• Group 3: “Arthur Radley,” p. 58- “That aint right,” p. 59.
• Group 4: “That aint right,” p. 59 -“I liked it very much,”
p. 61.
• Group 5: “Next morning,” p. 61- “tell em son” p. 63.
• Group 6: “Dill Harris could tell” p. 63- “Let me see it”
p. 64.
• Group 7: “Jem held out” p. 65 – end of Chapter 5.
Chapter 5 Review
• Write a 5-sentence summary of Chapter 5.
• Use the following words in a sentence:
1. Aloof
2. Sluggish
3. Desolate
4. Diminutive
5. Apprehensive
Wednesday, September 26:
• Your QUIZ will be taken after Fall Break, and will
become part of your Nine Weeks Test.
• Today, complete a Reading Workshop activity over the
second half of Chapter 5 and ALL of Chapter 6.
– Pages 61-76 (or 46-57 in the old books).
• Remember the guidelines for reading workshop.
• After you have read BOTH chapters, write a FIVE
sentence summary of EACH chapter (2 total).
• Also, write down any questions/terms for class
• Any one who does not read or follow instructions will
receive a ZERO for the day.