2nd Grade`s Curriculum Night PowerPoint

2nd Grade Team
Shivani Senthirajah – Room 6
Matt Soule – Room 2
*Ms. Johnson is a teacher candidate who
will be working in Mr. Soule’s room this
Tara Zurcher – Room 5
*Mrs. Zurcher is expecting a
baby girl any day!
Mrs. Edmondson
will be her substitute until
she returns in January.
Our Team
• Work closely together to plan
curriculum and activities
• Walk to Language – 30 minutes daily
language instruction at 3 levels
• Walk to Read – 90 minutes daily of
small group reading instruction
at a variety of levels
Common Core
Academic Standards in Math and
English/Language Arts that have been
adopted by 45 out of 50 states across
the country
These standards provide consistency
and clarity for students
They are relevant to the real world and
challenging to give students the skills
and knowledge for success in college
and careers
• David Douglas School District is in year 2
of a new curriculum for grades K-5
• It is a web-based curriculum that can be
updated and changed without purchasing
new text books
This curriculum is aligned to the
Common Core standards
Concepts can be integrated throughout
the day in all subject areas
It focuses on collaboration, creative
thinking, critical thinking and
academic success skills
Grading & Report Cards
The report card reflects Common Core State
Standards. Please see the copy of skills we
have provided for you.
Grades are proficiency based. Students are
given a score of 1-5 based on how well they can
demonstrate a skill. Scores of 3 will reflect
adequate progress toward proficiency.
Students are working toward a score of 4 in all
areas by the end of the year.
5 : Exemplary- above grade level
4: Proficient- at grade level
3: Approaching Proficient- occasionally meets grade
level standards; beginning to grasp and apply key
processes and skills for their grade level, but
produces work that contains errors
2: Not Yet Proficient-not meeting grade level standards
and is working one or more years below grade level
1: Insufficient Evidence Towards Standard-missing
assignments, and/or length of time in school
(frequent absences)
X: Not yet assessed
Frequency of Report Cards
This year, we will complete report
cards twice. Parents will also be
given a student data sheet twice
during the year.
November (Fall Conferences): data sheet
February: Report Card #1 sent home
April (Spring Conferences): data sheet
June: Report Card #2 sent home
*Please see handout for more details*
Homework Expectations
• Sent home on Wednesdays
• Due the following Wednesday
• Review of skills taught at
• Read 75 minutes per week
• Later homework will also
include math facts fluency
How to Support at Home
Provide a common place and time to do
Be involved in your child’s reading: read
with them, have them read to you, have
them tell about what they read, ask
questions about their reading
Math fact quizzing – Make a game out
of it (memorize addition and subtraction
Extra Practice Options at Home
Reading: RAZ Kids – www.razkids.com
Practice at individual levels
Listening, reading, quiz
Math: IXL – www.ixl.com/signin/ddps
Practice of skills taught at school
Can do skills at other grade
levels to review or challenge
Absent Students
• Work missed will need to
be completed upon a
student’s return to school.
• This may be done at
school or at home unless
it is a test.
• Be on time - Class starts at
9:00 am (10:00 am on Wed.)
• Classroom doors are open 15
minutes before
• If your child has a fever or has
been vomiting, they need to
stay home
Incentives –
Consequences –
• Verbal Warning or
• Loss of Friendship
• Time Out
• Loss of Recess Minutes
• Written
Warning (Minor)
• Written
Friendship Bucks
Charger Cards
Charger Coins
Student of the Month
Golden Tray
Golden Whistle
Referral to
Friendship Club
• Meet together once a month
• Teaching Peace Song
• Teach and practice problem
solving strategies
• Incentives for positive
behaviors = Friendship Bucks
• Monthly goal = prize drawing
• Friendship Lunch
in the Cherry Park Gym
Students wear any combination of
, White or
• Send
names of family/friends who are Veterans to
the school for our “Wall of Honor”
• Invite Veterans you know to the concert
Join us as we celebrate the freedoms we enjoy
and honor those who have served
in the U.S. Armed Forces!
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