Governor Lolo fills two senior positions at DPS

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office of highway safety
ASCC music instructor
Poe Mageo, seen here with
students from his Dancing
Fingers piano academy, will
be the musical director for
“Let Christmas Begin,” a free
holiday concert tomorrow
evening (Thursday) at 6 p.m.
in the College’s Lecture Hall.
See story inside for details.
[photo: J. Kneubuhl]
Exciting end to Priv.
Elementary School
Soccer League B1
MOU between Tokelau and Tri-Marine ensures EEZ access 3
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Sola ese tamaoaiga o le
sami i le tele o le fa’alapisi
tusia Ausage Fausia
O se tasi o a’afiaga ua mafua ai ona le toe vaaia e Samoa le
tele o fa’amanuiaga ma le tamaoaiga sa masani ona maua i le
sami, e mafua mai ina ua maitauina le tupu tele o le fa’alapisi
o tagata o le atunu’u i le taimi nei, e pei ona taua e le afioga i le
Pulesili o le Pulega o le Eletise ma le Suavai ia Utu Abe Malae,
o ia fo’i lea ua tofia e le alii kovana ia Lolo Matalasi Moliga e
ta’ita’i o le komiti o le fa’amamaina o le atunu’u atoa.
“O le upu moni, ua matua mou ese atu lava le matagofie
o laufanua o Samoa ma le tamaoaiga sa maua i le sami ma le
gataifale i aso ua mavae, e mafua mai i le tele o le fa’alapisi o
tagata ua i ai nei, ae ua mana’omia lo tatou taumafai e fai se
auala ina ia suia ai mafaufau tuai nei o tatou tagata, ina ia toe
fa’afo’i le matagofie ma le lanu lau’ava o le siosiomaga ma le
gataifale o Samoa i le tulaga manaia ma le mama sa i ai i aso
anamua”, o le saunoaga lea a Utu i luma o le fonotaga lata mai
nei a le kapeneta, ina ua maua lona avanoa e fa’alauiloa ai fuafuaga a lana komiti mo le fa’amamaina o le motu atoa.
Saunoa atili le afioga i le Matua ia Utu e fa’apea, afai o lo
o tumau pea i tagata o le atunu’u le manatu mama i le soona
lafoa’i o lapisi i nofoaga e le tatau ona lafoa’i i ai, “ua tatau ona
galulue ta’ita’i e fai ni fa’ata’ita’iga lelei e vaai ma mulimuli i
ai le atunu’u”.
O ni isi o itu na taua e Utu e fa’amaonia ai lana saunoaga i
a’afiaga o le tamaoaiga o le sami ua a’afia ai Samoa, o le mou
ese atu lea o le tele o mataia’i a le atunu’u sa maua i le sami na
fa’alagolago i ai le fofoga taumafa i aso fai so’o.
(Faaauau itulau 15)
Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Governor Lolo fills two
senior positions at DPS
Absence of DPS commissioner made it necessary, says Gov.
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu
Samoa News Reporter
Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga yesterday
moved to fill two senior posts with the Department of Public Safety noting that Police Commissioner William Haleck didn’t heed his
advice to stay on island during a “critical time
of the year” — being close to the holidays.
Lolo also says he wanted Haleck to remain
on island for today’s meeting to review the
DPS organizational chart, but again, the commissioner left Monday — this time for a family
funeral off island.
Lolo issued three memos yesterday, naming
Vaimaga Maiava as Deputy Commissioner and
Commander Tauese Va’aomala Sunia as Chief
of Police. Maiava was Chief of Police for a long
time while Commander Tauese oversaw the
Training Division.
Samoa News asked Governor Lolo why he
made the appointments when there is a Commissioner to oversee DPS. The governor
responded that it’s a critical time of the year,
with the holidays coming up and yet there are
two top positions in DPS that are vacant.
“I had to act. I asked the Commissioner to stay
to review the organizational chart and he gave me
such short notice when he left off island Monday
night. I tried to convince him that he should be
here at this time of the year and that tomorrow
they were going to review the department’s organizational chart, but he decided against it and said
he had to leave,” said the governor. “He made
his call to leave and he said he cannot miss this
family funeral. I acted because it has to be done.”
According to the memo, Lolo said that as of
December 2, 2014 Maiava is Deputy Commissioner and he shall be responsible to carry out
all functions, duties, and responsibilities set out
under the law, in collaboration with the Commissioner of Public Safety. “He will also faithfully implement jointly with the Commissioner
the performance deliverables for DPS.
“There are no exceptions to this policy and
full compliance with the dictates of Title 46
chapter of the American Samoa Code Annotated
is expected, where the Deputy Commissioner is
expected to enforce all provisions therein contained and is expected to carry out performance
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All 21 crew members of burning ship rescued at sea
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu, Samoa News Reporter
“It was a near death experience for me and I hope and pray
no one else will go through what my crew and I went through…
and worse… we had to abandon our boat that was on fire,”
said Ipulotu Mafi, a Tongan national who was on the Kiribatiflagged, 140-foot fishing vessel, a purse seiner — the Betty C
— that caught on fire, while out fishing, over the weekend.
Speaking to Samoa News minutes after they docked at the main
wharf, Mafi who lives in A’asu, said in Samoan how grateful he
is for the life that was almost taken from him when he woke up
to find their boat on fire. Mafi said it happened so quickly that he
and his fellow crew members jumped into the ocean to get into
the skiff and then waited for someone to rescue them. He said that
they lost everything— “clothes, money, jewelry, everything.”
According to the Betty C’s captain, Ralph Steven Feliciano,
it was around midnight when he was informed that the back
of the boat was on fire. “Then we started to put it out with the
water, but the fire scattered as the wiring was burning, and then
there was no more water and the flames got bigger and then we
abandoned the boat into the skiff.
“The whole crew got off safe and we stood out there in the
small skiff waiting for the other boat to come as we called them
for assistance and then we waited in the skiff and watched the
boat burn for another nine hours,” said Feliciano.
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Some of the crew members of the Betty C — safe and sound in Pago Pago port after being forced
to abandon their burning fishing vessel, the Betty C. They were rescued by another fishing vessel,
[photo: JL]
the Cape Ferrat, some 230 miles south of Jarvis Island on Saturday, Nov 29, 2014.
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samoa news, Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Lt. Gov. Lemanu Peleti Mauga speaking at last Friday’s luncheon hosted by Tri Marine International at its Samoa Tuna Processors (STP) Inc., facility in Atu’u. The luncheon was for Pacific
island representatives and U.S. officials invited by ASG and the two canneries for the Tuna
Industry Open House, giving them the opportunity to tour the StarKist Samoa, Tri Marine
International and shipyard facilities to see first hand that American Samoa’s economy is depen[photo: FS]
dent upon the tuna canneries.
Lt. Gov. to lead delegation to
visit company in Philippines
by Fili Sagapolutele
Samoa News Correspondent
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Lt. Gov. Lemanu Peleti Mauga is leading
the American Samoa delegation which will
conduct a site visit of the Philippines based
company that hopes to invest millions of
dollars in the territory, while Sen. Galeai
Tu’ufuli has already requested a background
probe and other information on the company
from the local Department of Homeland Security (ASDHS).
A.V.M. Bernardo Engineering made a presentation in October to Gov. Lolo Matalasi
Moliga, Fono leaders, lawmakers and other
ASG officials.
The company wants to invest $106 million
to set up a “multi-line food processing plant”
focusing first on frozen fish-based sausage,
ham, nuggets and patties.
The plant is expected to be located in the
Tafuna Industrial Park, and will also produce
coconut water, mango and other juices.
AVM had invited a local delegation to tour
the company’s operations in the Philippines,
which was accepted by the governor.
Lemanu is leading the 10-member local
delegation, which includes Senate President
Gaoteote Tofau Palaie, House Speaker Savali
Talavou Ale and Commerce Department
director Keniseli Lafaele.
Also included in the group is a member of
the private sector, who is paying his own way
while others are paid by AVM.
Samoa News understands that the Lolo
Administration had planned from the start
to have Lemanu lead the delegation, which
departs Friday and is scheduled to return on
Dec. 14.
While supportive of any new business
investment in the territory, Galeai said last
month that he was going to ask the ASDHS for
a background check on AVM and he will also
ask ASDHS to obtain any information from the
Federal Bureau of Investigation on the financial status of the company, along with any
other pertinent information.
When asked yesterday for an update, Galeai
said he has already made the request to ASDHS
and will also engage with Interpol for background information due to the fact that AVM
is a foreign company and wants to invest $106
million here.
Galeai emphasized yesterday that he fully
supports any investors wanting to help create
new jobs and grow the territory’s economy —
but it’s important that “we know all the facts
about this foreign company and if it’s bona fide.”
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samoa news, Wednesday, December 3, 2014 Page 3
Tokelau, Tri-Marine
7am - 2pm • Mon-Sat
Located in Tafuna next to Triple “S” Gas/Service Station
by Fili Sagapolutele, Samoa News Correspondent
Fish caught in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of Tokelau
will supply Tri Marine International’s new $70 million cannery
in Pago Pago set to open next January, according to an agreement signed between the two parties in Apia, Samoa. Samoa is
hosting the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission
meeting which closes this Friday.
The agreement comes more than two years after Tri Marine
officials told reporters in Pago Pago that it’s the company’s goal
to make American Samoa the tuna hub of the South Pacific, for
off loading and processing fish caught in the region.
The MOU, signed by Ulu o Tokelau Kuresa Nasau and Tri
Marine, will increase the economic benefits of the tuna fishery
for Tokelau, an “important neighbor” of American Samoa, the
home of Tri Marine’s Samoa Tuna Processors Inc. facilities,
which include the new cannery.
As Tokelau and Tri Marine have a shared interest in the sustainability of tuna fisheries, they have also agreed to enter into
a long-term agreement to improve the overall management of
Tokelau’s tuna fishery, according to a Tri Marine media statement released from Apia late Monday afternoon.
The arrangement will provide enhanced fishery monitoring
and guarantee long-term access to affiliated fishing vessels.
Tri Marine’s managing director Phil Roberts, says the two
parties have been working on this partnership for three years and
it represents a mutual commitment to work closely together to
sustainably manage and bring to market Tokelau’s tuna resources
through Tri Marine’s large-scale tuna facilities in Pago Pago.
“We expect that through this arrangement there will be
employment opportunities for Tokelau nationals to work on
board Tri Marine’s fishing vessels, canneries and offices in the
region and around the world,” he said in the statement.
Besides the new cannery, Tri Marine’s local operations include
a locally based U.S. flagged fishing fleet and a cold storage facility.
In the region, the company has other operations—including a cannery plant in the Solomon Islands. Overall the Bellevue, Washington based company has offices in 14 countries with 12 processing plants strategically located around the globe. Responding earlier in the day to Samoa News inquiries about
the MOU, before the media release, Tri Marine’s chief operation
officer (not CEO as first reported in Samoa News), Joe Hamby
said that it has been the company’s sincere “desire to connect
Tokelau’s well managed tuna resources to American Samoa
where they can be value added and where Tokelau’s fishery managers can see the fish that has been caught in Tokelau’s EEZ.”
“This provides an opportunity to exercise the rights and obligations to monitor and control the fish being caught in their
waters,” Hamby said via email from Apia. “This MOU allows
Tri Marine to offer the market high quality tuna products made
from locally caught fish that has been processed locally in support of local communities dependent on well managed South
Pacific tuna resources for their livelihoods.”
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Florida carjacker grabs
3 cars, fatally shoots 1
man with a lengthy prison record is wanted for
three armed carjackings around South Florida
Tuesday in which one person was shot to death,
authorities said. Fort Lauderdale police spokeswoman DeAnna Greenlaw said the victims, a
man and a woman, were shot multiple times in
a car outside an insurance office in Hallandale
Beach. The FBI said the man died. Their identities were not released. The woman, who was in
critical condition at a local hospital, was believed
by police to be the suspect’s ex-girlfriend.
The FBI identified the suspect as 35-year-old
Gregory B. “Pop” Moore and said he should be
considered armed and dangerous. State Corrections Department records show he has been
in and out of prison since 1997, with convictions for robbery, battery, burglary and cocaine
possession. He was just charged Monday with
being felon in possession of a weapon, Broward
court records show.
According to an FBI timeline, after the
shooting, Moore unsuccessfully tried to carjack
two vehicles and finally succeeded in commandeering a silver Mercedes-Benz.
Moore drove that car north on Interstate 95,
crashing near downtown Fort Lauderdale and
ran away, officials said.
At least four schools were locked down for
several hours before the children were allowed
to go home, and traffic was snarled on the busy
interstate while authorities searched the area.
The crime spree began shortly before 8 a.m.
in Sunrise, where a woman and her son in a
Suzuki were ordered to drive to I-95, where
they were released unharmed.
Authorities say Moore then drove that
vehicle south to Dania Beach and committed a
second carjacking of a Chevrolet Silverado, followed by the shooting and the third carjacking.
Construction workers from a local company seen on Friday, Nov. 28, working on a large dock extension at Tri Marine International’s Samoa Tuna Process Inc.,
facility in Atu’u.
[photo: FS]
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samoa news, Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Ferguson protester:
Obama trip too late
WASHINGTON (AP) — A leader of protests in Ferguson,
Missouri, who met with President Barack Obama said Tuesday
that a trip there now would be “too little, too late.”
Ashley Yates, co-founder of Missouri-based Millennial
Activists United, said the youth leaders who gathered in the
Oval Office on Monday did not push the president to make a
visit to Ferguson. The president has considered going since
racially charged protests erupted over this summer’s shooting of
an unarmed black 18-year-old by a white police officer.
“What we need him to do now is him use the power of his
position, the power of the highest office of the land to enact some
real change,” Yates said in a conference call with reporters. “We
have been on the ground making the changes that we can in our
community, but these are high-level changes that we need to see.
These are systemic issues and we need systemic solutions for
them. We need policies. We need the backing of our black president to say that this is a racial issue and that he stands behind
us. We don’t need him to come and put boots to the ground. He
should have done that 100 days ago.”
Yates, a 29-year-old from St. Louis, helped start Millennial
Activists United in the wake of 18-year-old Michael Brown’s
death and has been arrested during protests in Ferguson.
The White House described the meeting with Yates and
seven other youth civil rights activists as a significant part of
his day devoted to responding to the events in Ferguson. Afterward, Obama told reporters he will sign an executive order to
bring more transparency to federal programs that provide military-style equipment to local police. Critics have questioned
why police needed to disperse demonstrations in the wake
of Michael Brown’s death wearing body armor and riding in
armored vehicles.
Yates and other activists on the conference call say they support Obama’s executive order but want him to do more to draw
down police militarization programs. The White House has said
those programs were created by Congress and have been useful
in other situations, but there needs to be more oversight.
There can be only one: North
Korean leader’s name banned
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — In North Korea, there can be
only one Kim Jong Un. A South Korean official said Wednesday
that Pyongyang forbids its people from using the same name as
the young absolute leader.
The measure appears meant to bolster a personality cult surrounding Kim, who took over after the death of his dictator
father Kim Jong Il in late 2011. Seoul officials have said Pyongyang also banned the use of the names of Kim Jong Il and the
country’s founder, Kim Il Sung.
The South Korean official said Kim Jong Il in early 2011
ordered citizens with the same name as his son to get new names
and demanded that authorities reject birth registrations of newborn babies with the name.
The official requested anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak publicly. He refused to disclose how the information was obtained.
Kim Jong Un made his international debut in late 2010 when
he was awarded a slew of top political jobs. His father, who
reportedly suffered a stroke in 2008, was seen as moving fast to
hand over power so his family could rule for a third generation.
Kim Jong Il inherited power in 1994 when his father Kim Il
Sung died.
North Korea enforces strict, state-organized public reverence
of the Kim family, which serves as the backbone of the family’s
authoritarian rule of the impoverished country. The North is
locked in a long-running international standoff over its nuclear
All North Koreans are required to wear lapel pins bearing the
images of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and to put the leaders’
portraits on the walls of their homes. Their birthdays are considered the most important holidays in North Korea.
compiled by Samoa News staff
“Holiday Briefs” is for special events for the month of December - celebrating the holidays.
The events must be free-of-charge, and open to the community to enjoy. Samoa News invites
those groups holding such special events for the holidays to send us an announcement of your
celebration and we will be happy to get the message out to the community for you.
By James Kneubuhl, ASCC Press Officer
The Fine Arts Department at the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) invites the
public to join them for an early-evening concert of Christmas and other music this Thursday at 6
p.m. in the College’s Lecture Hall. Under the theme of “Let Christmas Begin,” the evening will
include the debut performances of the College’s Concert Band (MUS 180) and Concert Choir
(MUS 170), as well as the participation of this semester’s Introduction to Drama (DRA 150) class.
Admission is free and the public is welcome.
Music instructor and Fine Arts Department chairman Kuki Tuiasosopo emphasized that public
performance plays an important part in the training of any musician or actor, and said he is glad to
see the ASCC performing arts students once again have a venue to share their talents with the community. “It’s been a while since we put up a performance or concert,” he said. “A major factor in
this was a shortage of faculty teaching Music.” After several semesters with Tuiasosopo as the College’s sole music instructor, he and visual arts facilitator Regina Meredith this semester welcomed
former Language & Literature Department member Poe Mageo into the Fine Arts Department.
Mageo has brought with him a wealth of experience in music, which has enabled the department
to once again offer a full range of classes in this area. “In addition to Choir and Band,” explained
Tuiasosopo, “we’re bringing back beginning Orchestra (MUS 187). Also, a new ensemble course
called Samoan String Band Ensemble (MUS 181) is in the works. Other performing arts classes
include Drama Workshop (DRA 151) and Acting One (DRA 251).
In the performance this Thursday, the Concert Band will showcase a repertoire that ranges
from Classical to the Folk music of different nations to Rhythm & Blues. The Concert Choir,
meanwhile, has prepared a program of Christmas songs from America, England and Samoa. With
this being final exam week at ASCC, the Fine Arts Department decided on the early evening start
time of 6 p.m. in consideration of students taking tests the next day.
McDonald’s will be having its first Christmas program for the holiday season this Friday,
Dec. 5th from 4p.m. to 7p.m., at the McDonald’s Tafuna restaurant. It will feature caroling by
the Pavai’a’i Elementary, and other school groups. Also, coming December 12th, is the second
McDonald’s Christmas program that will be held at McDonald’s in Fagatogo, when the winner
of the “MY CHRISTMAS WISH 2014” letter writing contest will be announced. The Coleman
Elementary will be caroling that day. The community is invited to come to each event and sing
along and share in the Christmas spirit with the McDonald’s- American Samoa Family.
On Saturday, November 29, the Feleti Barstow Public Library in Utulei hosted an art display to
showcase the work of one of the territory’s newest clubs for youth — this one for budding artists.
Calling itself the “2 C U Create Art Club” the show opened with the artists, their friends
and families there to celebrate. It features the works of over 20 students, grades 9-12. Fa’asao
Marist, Samoana, and South Pacific Academy High Schools are all represented in the show, and
according to a press release, the 2 C U Create Art Club welcomes all high school artists who want
to share their vision and creations with the community and with each other.
Included among the guests were Lt. Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga and his wife Pohakalani,
as they have a niece in the club. Artwork on display at the library includes zentangles, animations,
color wheels, and jewelry created from recyclable materials. (Zentangle is an easy to learn method
of creating beautiful images from structured patterns.) The artwork will be on display through
the month of December at the Feleti Barstow Library, and the public is invited to visit. You may
contact the Library at 633-5816 for further information on the new club.
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On Saturday, November 29, the Feleti Barstow Public Library in Utulei hosted an art display
to showcase the work of one of the territory’s newest clubs for youth — this one for budding artists.
Calling itself the “2 C U Create Art Club” the show features the works of over 20 students, grades
9-12, and will run throughout the month of December. See Samoa News’ Holiday Briefs for more
details. Seen here, Casidhe Mahuka stands with her work entitled “I’m Watching You”, a piece
created with pencil, marker and melted crayon. Casidhe is a club officer, along with Glysa Blanco
[courtesy photo]
and Faleatua Afoa, who is the art club’s first president.
samoa news, Wednesday, December 3, 2014 Page 5
November 26, 2014
TO: The People of American Samoa
FROM: Chief Election Officer
American Samoa Government
RE: Official Results for the Office of Representative to the House of Representatives for Districts
No. 9 and No. 14 in the General Election 2014.
The Appellate Division of the High Court of American Samoa has rendered its final decision in
election challenges involving Districts No. 9 and No. 14. Therefore, attached are the official
results for the Office of Representative to the House of Representatives for Districts No. 9 and
No. 14.
Tuaolo M. F. Fruean
District No. 9 Maoputasi #3
Voting Booths
PagoP ago
District No. 9 Maoputasi #3
Voting Booths
Pagop ago
District No. 9 Maoputasi #3
Voting Booths
Pago Pago
District No. 14 Alataua
Voting Booths
Agugulu/Failolo Fagamalo/Malota
District No. 14 Alataua
Voting Booths
Agugulu/Failolo Fagamalo/Malota
District No. 14 Alataua
Voting Booths
Agugulu/Failolo Fagamalo/Malota
Page 6
samoa news, Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Director of DMWR
highlights Territory’s
“concerns” for local
fish-based economy
Recognizes special requirements of
Small Island States and Territories
by B. Chen, Samoa News Correspondent
In this Nov. 26, 2014 photo, volcanic smoke billows from Mount Aso, Kumamoto prefecture,
on the southern Japanese main island of Kyushu. The volcano is blasting out chunks of magma
in the first such eruption in 22 years, causing flight cancellations and prompting warnings to stay
away from its crater. The Japan Meteorological Agency said Friday, Nov. 28 that Mount Aso had
spewed out lava debris and smoke, shooting plumes of ash a kilometer (3,280 feet) into the sky.
(AP Photo/Kyodo News)
The observatory does not expect the eruption to increase in scale.
Police and Guard presence
in Ferguson “scaled back”
FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — With nighttime
protests and arrests on the wane in Ferguson,
Missouri, both police and National Guard presence are being scaled back in the area.
St. Louis County Police spokesman Brian
Schellman said Tuesday that county officers are
no longer working 12-hour shifts.
A small contingent of officers will continue
to protect Ferguson police headquarters at night.
Separately, Gov. Jay Nixon announced that
the National Guard has completed duties in the
city of St. Louis.
The Guard is reducing its presence in Ferguson and elsewhere in St. Louis County. Still,
nearly 1,300 guardsmen remain in the region.
The announcement on Nov. 24 that a grand
jury would not indict Ferguson officer Darren
Wilson for the shooting death of 18-year-old
Michael Brown spurred renewed protests and
carjackers thwarted
by a car’s stick shift
HOUSTON (AP) — Authorities say two
teenagers attempting to carjack a vehicle in
Houston were foiled by a stick shift.
The pair held the motorist at gunpoint last
weekend and demanded that he tell them how
to drive the vehicle.
After the driver provided a few instructions,
the teens ordered him out of the vehicle. He
then called police.
A brief police chase ensued. Stefan Happ, an
officer for the University of Texas at Houston,
told KPRC-TV the teens “had issues operating
the vehicle.”
The pair opted to flee on foot and were later
apprehended. The suspects are 15 and 17 years
old. They were taken into custody.
The older boy was charged with aggravated
robbery with a deadly weapon.
Yemen: car bomb near the
home of Iranian ambassador
SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Yemeni security
officials say a massive car bomb has rocked the
capital, Sanaa, apparently targeting the home of
the Iranian ambassador.
The Wednesday morning blast heavily damaged several buildings in the area. At least two
people were killed, both security guards at the
ambassador’s residence, the officials said.
The fate of the ambassador himself is still
The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to brief
the media.
Students at 3 Fergusonarea schools walk out
FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — Students at three
high schools in the Ferguson area have walked
out of classes to express their concerns about
the grand jury’s decision not to indict Darren
Wilson, the police officer who fatally shot
18-year-old Michael Brown in August.
Hundreds of students at McCluer, McCluer
North and McCluer South-Berkeley high
schools walked out on Tuesday and marched,
chanting slogans. It was their first day back in
class. Thanksgiving break was extended a day
due to bad weather Monday.
Teachers joined students. The Ferguson-Florissant School District provided buses to pick up
the students after the protest and return them to
classes. The students were back in class by 1:30
p.m. Similar walkouts were staged Monday
across the country, including at Clayton High
School in St. Louis County.
Bomb blast strikes a U.N.
convoy in Mogadishu; 3 dead
MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — A Somali
police officer says a suicide bomber rammed his
vehicle into a U.N. convoy near Mogadishu’s
airport, killing three people. Ahmed Ali said
the Wednesday morning attack also wounded
seven people. Ali did not immediately say if
those killed and wounded were a part of the
U.N. convoy or were passers-by.
Yusuf Haji, a resident in the area, said that
soldiers fired at pedestrians after the blast.
The militant group al-Shabab frequently
carries out suicide blasts and gunfire attacks in
Mogadishu. The group has also claimed responsibility for two gruesome and deadly attacks
against Kenyan civilians near the Kenya-Somali
border over the last two weeks.
Workers free Pennsylvania
inmate’s arm from toilet
SHAMOKIN, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania
prisoner is free — relatively speaking — after
spending part of the weekend with his arm
stuck in a toilet.
The News Item n Shamokin reports that
maintenance and emergency teams at the State
Correctional Institution-Coal Township worked
for several hours and wound up removing the
toilet from its moorings to free the trapped limb.
They say the prisoner’s arm became stuck
Sunday morning when he reached into the toilet
to fetch an item that had fallen in. They say
removing the toilet allowed the man to pull his
hand out of a connecting pipe and free his arm.
Officials didn’t release the prisoner’s name.
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In her opening statement at the 11th Regular Session of the
Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC)
in Apia, Samoa, Dept. of Marine and Wildlife Resources
(DMWR) Director Dr. Ruth Matagi-Tofiga told the participants
that American Samoa has substantial interest in the conservation
and management of highly migratory fish stocks in the Western
and Central Pacific — especially in relationship to the fisheries
industry that employs “nearly half our Territory’s workforce”.
“Pago Pago Harbor is the homeport of a domestic albacore
longline fishery that fishes primarily in the American Samoa
Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and the homeport for US purse
seiner vessels fishing in the region,” she explained. “Pago Pago
is also the home of two of the largest cannery facilities in the
Pacific, employing nearly half of our Territory’s workforce.”
The 11th Regular Session of the WCPFC kicked off Monday,
December 1 (Samoa time) at the Faleata Sports Complex in
Apia, Samoa and will conclude Friday, Dec. 5 (Samoa time).
Over a telephone interview with Samoa News yesterday,
Matagi-Tofiga highlighted some of the remarks she made during
opening day.
She said she told the participants that “Like many other Pacific
Islands countries, American Samoa’s economy is dependent on
tuna fishing and processing. Nations of the Pacific islands have
long endured an intimate relationship with the sea. For as long
as our ancestors have lived on these lands, the people of the
South Pacific have survived on the abundance of life carried by
the ocean currents. As modern technology has brought with it
advances in fishing, and commercial exploitation, the ocean has
suffered. Still to this day, millions depend on the ocean for the
food they eat every night and the means by which they survive.”
Matagi-Tofiga continued, “Also like our Pacific Island
brothers and sisters, American Samoa shares similar development aspirations and notes the importance of recognizing the
special requirements of Small Island Developing States (SIDS)
and Territories within Commission decisions.”
She said, “We view the most important issues for Commission decision making at this meeting to include the following:
• Continuation of the Compliance Monitoring Scheme;
• Adopting a comprehensive South Pacific albacore measure;
• Eliminating loopholes for the non-provision of operational
data; and
• Establishing a fair and objective process to define and measure disproportionate conservation burden on SIDs and participating territories.
American Samoa looks forward to working with other Commission members on these issues during this meeting,” she
According to “The WCPFC was
established by the Convention for the Conservation and Management of Highly Migratory Fish Stocks in the Western and
Central Pacific Ocean (WCPF Convention) which entered into
force on 19 June 2004. The WCPF Convention draws on many
of the provisions of the UN Fish Stocks Agreement [UNFSA]
while, at the same time, reflecting the special political, socioeconomic, geographical and environmental characteristics of the
western and central Pacific Ocean (WCPO) region.
The WCPFC Convention seeks to address problems in the
management of high seas fisheries resulting from unregulated
fishing, over-capitalization, excessive fleet capacity, vessel
re-flagging to escape controls, insufficiently selective gear,
unreliable databases and insufficient multilateral cooperation
in respect to conservation and management of highly migratory fish stocks.”
Commission membership includes Australia, China,
Canada, Cook Islands, European Union, Federated States of
Micronesia, Fiji, France, Indonesia, Japan, Kiribati, Republic
of Korea, Republic of Marshall Islands, Nauru, New Zealand,
Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Samoa, Solomon
Islands, Chinese Taipei, Tonga, Tuvalu, United States of
America, and Vanuatu.
Participating territories include American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, French Polynesia,
Guam, New Caledonia, Tokelau, and Wallis and Futuna, while
cooperating non-members are: Belize, Democratic Peoples
Republic of Korea, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama,
Thailand, and Vietnam.
samoa news, Wednesday, December 3, 2014 Page 7
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu, Samoa News Reporter
The Attorney General’s office has charged a man with sexual
abuse and third degree assault. According to the government’s
case, police received a call from a man at the Leone Substation
who said that his daughter had been sexually assaulted by his
nephew. Police responded to the call and met with the victim
who was crying. The girl told the police she was at her grandmother’s residence watching TV when her cousin entered the
house and he asked her to go into his bedroom. The girl told him
she was watching TV but the defendant insisted.
It’s alleged the defendant got close to her where she was sitting
on the bed in front of the TV and the victim smelled alcohol emitting from the defendant’s breath. According to the government’s
case, the defendant then touched the victim in a sexual manner. The
victim pushed off the defendant and contacted her family. Police
arrested the defendant who was under the influence of alcohol. The
defendant appeared in the District Court this week.
Lameta Uatia a 70-year old man who lives in Amouli has
been charged with private peace disturbance after he allegedly
went after his 75-year-old son-in-law with a 2x4 piece of lumber.
The defendant made his initial appearance in District Court on
Monday, according to the government’s case,
Court filings says that the victim, who is the defendant’s sonin-law, told the police that he heard the defendant arguing with
his daughter, because she told the kids they could go swimming,
however the defendant did not allow it. The complaining witness
further told the police that he tried to stop his father in law from
arguing with his wife, but the defendant swore at him and then
came at him with a 2X4. Court filings say the complaining witness told police that he wants to remove his father-in-law from
the house and requested that defendant be sent back to Samoa.
A man was accused of raping a 14-year-old girl was arraigned
in High Court on charges of rape, sexual assault, sodomy, sexual
abuse first degree, false imprisonment and third degree assault,
and has denied the charges against him. Tele’a Vaifale 23, is
represented by the Public Defender’s Office while prosecuting
is Assistant Attorney General Jessica Bargmann. During his
arraignment, Vaifale entered a plea of not guilty to the charges,
asking for a pre-trial conference in this matter.
The rape and sodomy charges are class B felonies and each
carries a jail term of up to 15 years imprisonment. The sexual
assault is a class C felony, that is punishable with up to seven
years in jail while the sexual abuse is a class D felony and its
punishable with up to five years in jail. The two remaining
charges are class A misdemeanors, and each carries a jail term
of up to one year in prison and/or fine of up to $1,000.
Samoa News first reported this incident in its Nov 19, 2014
issue. Pre-trial conference has been scheduled for next month.
Skyview, Inc.
The Secretary of American Samoa wishes to inform the residents interested
in obtaining a notary public commission, or in renewing a commission, that
the next course on notary law and ethics will be offered at the American Samoa Community College, Room #8, on December 10th, 11th, and 12th, 2014
(Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. As is required by
the Notary Act of 2007, Public Law 30-18, as amended, anyone who wishes to
obtain a Notary Public Commission must undergo and successfully complete a
course on Notary law, procedure and ethics.
Please contact Melesete Haleck or Sally Faumuina at the Office of the
Governor at 633-4116 to register and for more information, or visit the website, and click on the “Secretary of American Samoa”
hyperlink to find out more.
‘Strategic plan of WCPFC will be a priority’
Tuvalu ‘son’ secures top WCPFC job
by Samisoni Pareti in Apia for Islands Business
Reprinted with permission
Sitting beside his lead supporter – Tuvalu’s
Minister of Fisheries -- during a press conference yeterday morning, Feleti Teo said he was
still coming to terms with the enormity of the
decision by the Western and Central Pacific
Fisheries Commission to appoint him as their
Executive Director. “I’m humbled by this
opportunity that I have been bestowed with, and
I am grateful to the Lord.”
Wearing a bright red island shirt with a black
Samoan ‘ula’ lei, Teo told Pacific journalists
who are covering the 11th regular session of the
WCPFC here in Apia that he was looking forward to taking on the new challenge
The need to get a strategic plan for the Commission will be a priority he says.
He intends to consult widely with Commission members on the strategic plan, and this he
hopes would assist in the delivery of services of
the WCPFC.
“During the interview for this job, I was
asked the same question, of what I see as priorities if I lead the WCPFC. My answer was
simple. After eleven years of existence, the
Commission has not quite delivered. It needs to
be strategic in its focus.”
Teo believes his past experience as Attorney
General of Tuvalu, Director General of the
Forum Fishery Agency, Deputy Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum and currently
as interim Secretary General of the Pacific
Islands Development Forum will assist him in
his new role.
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Tuvalu Fisheries Minister Pita Alesana (left) and Marshall Island Fisheries Authority Director
[PHOTO: FFA media]
Glen Joseph (right) are all smiles following the appointment of Feleti Teo.
Page 8
samoa news, Wednesday, December 3, 2014
In this photo taken with a smartphone camera on Sunday, Nov. 30, 2014, a shark, center, jumps out of the water near where
surfers are paddling on their boards at Coffs Harbour, Australia. An expert from James Cook University says it’s possibly a spinner
(AP Photo/Steph Bellamy)
shark, which is known to jump from the water and is estimated at around 7 feet long. Shark ‘photobombs’ Australian surfing competition
CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — A jumping shark has “photobombed” a surfing competition off an Australian beach.
Amateur photographer Steph Bellamy captured the image of the shark with her smartphone on Sunday as she was photographing
mothers and their children paddling on their surfboards off a beach in the New South Wales state town of Coffs Harbour.
Bellamy, 47, said Tuesday that she did not know that the splash in her viewfinder was a shark until she examined the image on
her phone moments later.
“He jumped twice, he photobombed big time, then he went on his way,” Bellamy said.
The mothers, like Bellamy, had children in the Coffs Harbour Boardriders club and were taking part in a special mothers’ heat
toward the end of day of a local surfing competition when the shark appeared a few meters (yards) away from the group.
She photographed the second breach.
Bellamy quickly showed the image to organizers, proving that the split-second disturbance had not been caused by a dolphin or
tuna. The surfers were called out of the water. But about 15 minutes later, most returned and the completion continued, she said.
“Nobody was rattled. Everybody was really cool and blown away that I got the shot,” Bellamy said.
Colin Simpfendorfer, a James Cook University shark expert, confirmed that the image was of a shark.
He said it was possibly a spinner shark, which is common in the region and is known to jump from the water.
He estimated it was around 2 meters (7 feet) long.
Lee Winkler, who was among the surfers near the shark, said he mistook it for a tuna. “It was having a bit of fun,” Winkler said.
“It just jumped up and had a spin, then jumped up and had another spin, then went away.”
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UN resolution
– Israel must
renounce its
nuclear arms
— The U.N. General Assembly
an Arab-backed resolution
Tuesday calling on Israel to
renounce possession of nuclear
weapons and put its nuclear
facilities under international
The resolution, adopted in a
161-5 vote, noted that Israel is
the only Middle Eastern country
that is not party to the Treaty on
the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear
Weapons. It called on Israel to
“accede to that treaty without
further delay, not to develop,
produce test or otherwise
acquire nuclear weapons, to
renounce possession of nuclear
weapons” and put its nuclear
facilities under the safeguard of
the U.N.’s International Atomic
Energy Agency.
The United States, Canada,
Palau and Micronesia joined
Israel in opposing the measure,
while 18 countries abstained.
Israel is widely considered
to possess nuclear arms but
declines to confirm it.
The resolution, introduced
by Egypt, echoed a similar
Arab-backed effort that failed
to gain approval in September
at the Vienna-based IAEA. At
the time, Israel criticized Arab
countries for undermining dialogue by repeatedly singling out
the Jewish state in international
arenas. Israel’s U.N. Mission
did not immediately return a
request for comment Tuesday.
The U.N. resolution, titled
“The risk of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East,”
pushed for the establishment
of a nuclear weapons-free
zone in the Middle East and
lamented that U.S.-backed
efforts to convene talks were
abandoned in 2012.
Israel has long argued that
a full Palestinian-Israeli peace
plan must precede any creation of a Mideast zone free of
weapons of mass destruction.
The country also argues that
Iran’s alleged work on nuclear
arms is the real regional threat.
Iran denies pursuing such
General Assembly resolutions are not legally binding
but carry moral weight because
it is the only body where all
193 U.N. member states are
U.S. representative Robert
Wood, in voting against the resolution at the committee-level
last month, said the measure
“fails to meet the fundamental
tests of fairness and balance. It
confines itself to expressions of
concern about the activities of a
single country.”
Wood said the U.S. will
continue pushing a Middle
East free of weapons of mass
destructions, but he warned that
such resolutions only undermine prospects for progress.
West Coast port slowdown
won’t halt holiday goods
Labor strife on the West Coast
waterfront isn’t going to steal
With few exceptions, gifts
and other holiday products
made in Asia and shipped
through U.S. sea ports already
have made it to shelves — or
are at distribution centers and
ready to roll. Still, cargo is
struggling to get through the
nation’s largest ports, which
handle billions of dollars of
goods on an average day.
One issue has been the discord between dockworkers at
29 ports from San Diego to
Seattle and their employers.
Their contract expired in
July, and negotiations over a
new one turned tough this fall
after employers accused dockworkers of slowing down to
gain bargaining leverage.
Full negotiating teams from
the Pacific Maritime Association and International Longshore and Warehouse Union
met Tuesday afternoon for the
first time in nearly two weeks.
Public pressure for an
agreement has been mounting,
though the White House has
said it will not intervene.
The union and employers
have a contentious history,
including a lockout during
2002 contract negotiations
that required federal action to
As was the case then, the
maritime association accuses
dockworkers of intentionally
slowing work or not providing
full crews.
The union says its members
have been working safely and
that the bigger problem is a
shortage of truck beds to carry
containers from the docks to
At the Los Angeles-Long
Beach port complex, the
nation’s largest, the time
between a ship docking and
when a container was available
for pickup more than doubled
to about 80 hours from September 2013 to September
2014, according to data from
INTTRA, which tracks global
trade for shipping lines. On a
typical day in recent weeks,
about a dozen ships have sat
at anchor awaiting a berth,
according to data from the
Marine Exchange of Southern
While both work pace and
equipment shortages are a
factor, retailers say most holiday goods are making it safely
through the ports. At greatest
risk would be the restocking of
“must-have” toys or other surprise sellers.
In those cases, importers
might opt for air delivery,
which is about 10 times more
expensive, said Jonathan
Gold, vice president of supply
chain at the National Retail
Those stores are “pretty
much eating the cost at this
point,” Gold said.
Problems at the ports are
rippling through the economy.
Truckers aren’t getting paid
as much because they are
hauling fewer loads, exporters
of Washington state apples say
they’re losing tens of millions
of dollars each week as shipments languish, and importers
are paying to store containers
in dockside yards.
Los Angeles-based Stansport Inc., which sells camping
equipment and play tents for
children, recently started paying
a $1,000 fee for each 40-foot
container of goods. The fee was
passed on by Stansport’s shipping agent, which said shipping
lines had imposed it.
“Those extra costs are taking
away any profit we had,” said
Brian Jablon, the company’s
executive vice president.
He worried he’ll lose sales
when products that retailers
need to restock shelves after
the holidays have not arrived.
He can’t fill one order he just
got from a major retailer, he
said, because “the stuff is on
the water somewhere.”
Knowing past difficulties
between West Coast dockworkers and their employers,
Jablon and others tried to avoid
disruptions with advanced
planning. But West Coast ports
are such an important link to
Asia that some importers have
little choice.
Trade patterns will change,
given the latest disruptions,
according to one veteran
supply chain expert.
Some retailers already are
telling suppliers to go through
East Coast ports if possible,
according to Hector Rodriguez,
president of Active Freight &
“They’re looking at this and
saying, ‘Why go through that?’
“ Rodriguez said.
samoa news, Wednesday, December 3, 2014 Page 9
11 more bodies recovered
near sunken SKorean ship
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Fishermen recovered 11 more
bodies from the western Bering Sea Wednesday near where a
South Korean fishing ship sank earlier this week. The bodies
appear to be from the ship lost Monday in the waters near Russia,
according to an official from the foreign ministry who didn’t
want to be named citing office rules. One fisherman’s body was
recovered Monday and seven fishermen were rescued. More
than 50 went missing when the ship sank on Monday.
The bodies were found by fishing vessels searching the
debris of the sunken Oryong 501, said the ministry official.
Furious relatives have blamed the company and the ship’s
captain for not doing enough to save their family members.
Rough seas and bad weather mean there is little hope that
anyone will be found alive. Coast guard helicopters from Russia
and the United States and at least five fishing ships were searching
for the missing, according to an official from Seoul’s foreign ministry, who didn’t want to be named citing office rules. The U.S.
rescue ship Munro should arrive Thursday to help the search effort.
The crew included 35 Indonesians, 13 Filipinos, 11 South
Koreans and one Russian inspector, according to the South Korean
government. It’s believed the ship began to list after stormy
weather caused seawater to flood its storage areas, according to
officials from the government and the company that owns the ship.
The ship left South Korea on July 10 to catch pollock, a winter
delicacy in South Korea. The sinking struck a nerve in a country
less than eight months from its deadliest maritime disaster in
decades. The sinking of the Sewol ferry off South Korea’s southwestern coast in April left more than 300 passengers dead, mostly
teenagers on a school trip, causing nationwide grief and fury.
Page 10
samoa news, Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Payroll boss fired after
vacation delays paychecks
WILKES-BARRE, Pa. (AP) — Officials in
a northeastern Pennsylvania county say they’ve
fired an employee who went on vacation and
held up paychecks for about 1,200 government
Budget and policy analyst Jason Parrish
was fired Monday after Luzerne County officials say he failed to approve an electronic
transfer required for employees to get paid on
Black Friday.
Parrish told The Citizens’ Voice newspaper
in Wilkes-Barre that the pay lapse was an accident. He declined comment when asked if his
dismissal was justified.
County officials say they started correcting
the error Friday afternoon, but some employees
say they weren’t paid until Monday.
County Manager Robert Lawton has
Union president Paula Schnelly says
they’ll file a grievance if officials don’t keep
a promise to cover overdraft and other fees
caused by the error.
Chicago to increase city’s
minimum wage to $13 by 2019
CHICAGO (AP) — The Chicago City
Council has overwhelmingly supported a measure to increase the city’s minimum wage to
$13 by 2019.
Council members gave their final approval
Tuesday, a day after a council committee
advanced the plan to raise the current $8.25-perhour wage. Five aldermen voted against the
measure, saying businesses will be tempted to
leave the city and there could be job losses.
Supporters say the minimum wage hasn’t
kept up with other increasing costs and people
can’t survive on it.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel called Tuesday’s
special meeting amid fears the Illinois Legislature could pass a measure preventing cities
from setting their wage at a level higher than
the state’s minimum wage. State legislators
could vote this week on a plan to increase the
state’s rate to $11 by 2017.
Michigan high court OKs
drunken judge’s suspension
YPSILANTI, Mich. (AP) — The Michigan
Supreme Court has ordered a 90-day suspension for a judge who towed a boat and a trailer
at a public boat launch while highly drunk.
The court last week agreed with a settlement reached by Ypsilanti District Judge Kirk
Tabbey and a watchdog agency, the Michigan
Judicial Tenure Commission.
Tabbey’s alcohol level was 0.17 percent,
more than double the state’s legal limit of 0.08
percent. The incident occurred in northern
Michigan’s Antrim County in September.
Tabbey pleaded guilty to operating a vehicle
under the influence of alcohol and paid a fine.
The Supreme Court says Tabbey’s 90-day
unpaid suspension can run at the same time as
his sick leave.
He’s been a judge for more than 17 years and
handles many drunken-driving cases.
2 charged with beating actor in
Los Angeles on Thanksgiving
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Prosecutors say
two men have been charged with assaulting an
actor who had told them to leave a Hollywood
parking lot where they were driving wildly on
Corey Sligh, a 27-year-old actor who has
appeared on “The Young and the Restless,”
suffered a broken arm and other injuries in
the attack.
Prosecutors say Sligh was walking with two
others to take Thanksgiving dinner to a friend
Thursday when he saw the men driving dangerously in the parking lot.
He urged them to stop or leave, and was hit
with the car door. Prosecutors say the men left,
but quickly returned and beat Sligh.
One suspect, 26-year-old Dusan Lilic,
pleaded not guilty Tuesday to assault, battery
and DUI.
His companion, 23-year-old Nikola Ilic,
pleaded not guilty to battery.
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Japanese space explorer
to blow crater in asteroid
TOKYO (AP) — A Japanese space explorer
was launched Wednesday on a six-year
roundtrip journey to blow a crater in a remote
asteroid and collect samples from inside in
hopes of gathering clues to the origin of earth.
The explorer is expected to reach the asteroid
in 2018 and spend about 18 months studying it
before returning in 2020.
Hayabusa2, a rectangular unit with two sets
of solar panels sticking out of its sides, was
launched from Tanegashima Space Center in
southern Japan. The main unit measures 1 x 1.6
x 1.4 meters (3.2 x 5.2 x 4.6 feet) and weighs
about 600 kilograms (1,300 pounds).
The research includes shooting a projectile
into the asteroid to blast open a crater so the
explorer can collect rock samples from inside.
Asteroids can provide evidence not available
on earth about the birth of the solar system and
its evolution. Japan’s space agency said Hayabusa2 will explore the origin of seawater and
how the planet earth was formed.
Police: Road rage driver
attacks man with bayonet
WEST SENECA, N.Y. (AP) — A man has
been charged with assault after state police say
he sliced another motorist’s face with a bayonet
during a road rage encounter along a suburban
Buffalo highway.
Troopers say 26-year-old Bryan Cirbus
of West Valley sideswiped another man’s
car Friday where Interstate 90 and Route 219
merge in West Seneca. Police say both drivers
pulled to the side of the highway, where Cirbus
pulled out a bayonet. During the struggle he
allegedly cut the other man’s face and hands
and sliced his jacket while attempting to stab
the man in the shoulder.
Cirbus was restrained by a woman riding
with him, then left the scene before troopers
arrived, according to police. Cirbus later turned
himself in. He’s due in court Tuesday night.
Court officials didn’t know if he has a lawyer.
E.ON says it’s got German
nuclear shutdown covered
BERLIN (AP) — The chief executive of
German utility E.ON says it has enough money
set aside to cover the cost of shutting down its
nuclear plants, even after the company splits in
two next year.
Johannes Teyssen’s responded Tuesday to
concerns in Germany that the yet unnamed new
company, which will also hold E.ON’s conventional assets, could be used as a ‘bad bank’ to
free E.ON from its nuclear legacy.
Teyssen told reporters in Berlin that E.ON
has considerable reserves and all nuclear costs
are fully covered.
Germany aims to shut down all nuclear
plants by 2022, and ramp up power generation
from renewable sources — an area that now
intends to focus on.
Teyssen said German utility companies have
set aside far more money for nuclear cleanup
than their counterparts elsewhere.
Signs on renamed bridge
get honoree’s name wrong
CONNELLSVILLE, Pa. (AP) — Plans to
honor a slain police officer who was also a Civil
War veteran went awry when signs renaming a
southwestern Pennsylvania bridge got his name
wrong. Connellsville police Officer McCray
Robb was just 33 when a suspect grabbed
Robb’s gun and shot him May 25, 1882.
A ceremony renaming the borough’s West
Crawford Avenue Bridge in Robb’s honor was
held Saturday. But the Pittsburgh TribuneReview says signs printed by the Department
of Transportation and installed Monday incorrectly identified the officer as Robb McCray.
PennDOT spokeswoman Valerie Petersen
says the signs were printed based on the bill
sponsored by retiring Democratic state Sen.
Richard Kasunic.
An aide for incoming Republican state Sen.
Pat Stefano says the lawmaker will work to
correct the mistake, perhaps by sponsoring an
amended bill.
(Continued on page 12)
Australia gov’t acts to curb
travelers’ absurd requests
CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Australia’s government is
taking steps to curb Australian travelers’ soaring expectations of
what help they can get from their embassies, such as a loan to
pay a prostitute in Thailand or assistance to evict a polecat from
above a ceiling in the United States.
Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on Wednesday announced new
measures to underscore consular services as a last resort and to
promote “a stronger culture of self-reliance and personal responsibility in the traveling public.”
These measures include a new policy of providing minimal
consular services to Australians who willfully, repeatedly or
negligently get themselves into trouble. People who visit embassies and consulates will be given the new guidelines.
Charging Australians for the consular help that they receive
was also something the government is considering, she said.
“Our consular staff are not there to pay for the repairs to your
jet ski; they’re not there to pay your hotel bill; they’re not there
to lend you a laptop or to provide you with office space in the
embassy for you to do your work,” Bishop said, listing actual
requests that Australian embassies have refused.
At the embassy in Bangkok — Australia’s busiest overall
— an Australian walked in with a prostitute and was refused a
loan to pay for services already provided, said Anita Downey,
a senior counselor official at the Department of Foreign
Affairs and Trade.
Such requests are common at that embassy, she said.
Other locations that frequently get outlandish requests include
Los Angeles, Bali, Manila and Dubai, she said.
Australian diplomats have fielded requests for an armored
car, help removing a polecat above the ceiling of a house and
intervention to prevent payment of a speeding fine, senior foreign ministry official Justin Brown said.
Other examples: Australians who were evacuated from civil
unrest in Egypt in a government-chartered Qantas airliner in
2011 expected frequent flier miles for trip. Some Australians
evacuated from the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami in Southeast
Asia requested first-class seats, DFAT records show.
Brown said the United States, Canada and New Zealand
embassies were experiencing similar escalating expectations
from its citizens.
“At most of our posts there are people we would describe
colloquially as serial pests who are constantly bouncing back
into the embassy because they’ve run out of money or they’ve
got some sort of other personal problem and they often come to
the embassy and the consular teams expecting us to solve their
problems for them,” Brown said.
Downey said 20 percent of emergency loans made to Australians overseas are never repaid.
Australians are avid travelers. Despite a population of only
24 million, they made 9.2 million overseas trips last year.
That same year, the foreign affairs department assisted 15,000
of those travelers.
In The High Court
of American Samoa
FDA/JR No. 46-14
(Refer to HCJR No. 79-03)
Petitioner in the interests of:
A Minor Child
Siumu Village
Upolu, Samoa
Tafuna Village
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the abovenamed persons that a petition has been filed
before the High Court of American Samoa to
terminate your parental rights in a male child
born on March 7, 2003 at LBJ Tropical
Medical, Fagaalu, American Samoa. A hearing
will be held after two months and ten days
from the date of the first publication of this
notice, in which the Court may enter an order
that you have not acquired any parental rights
to the minor child and place the child for
adoption. If you have any objection, or wish
to claim or assert your parental rights, you
must appear within two months and ten days
from the date of the first publication of this
notice and file an objection or a claim with the
O LE FA’AALIGA E TU’UINA ATU ia te oe, le ua
ta’ua i l uga, ua iai le talosaga ua failaina i le
Fa’amasinoga Maualuga o Amerika Samoa e
iloilo ai ou aia fa’a-matua i se tamaitiiti na
fanau o ia i le aso 7 o Mati, 2003, i le Falemai i
Fagaalu, Amerika Samoa. O lea iloiloga e faia
pe a tuana’i le lua masina ma aso e sefulu mai
le aso o le ulua’i fa’asalalauga o lenei fa’aaliga,
ma e ono tuuina atu ai se poloa’iga a le
Fa’amasinoga e faailoa ai ua leai ni ou aia fa’amatua i lea teineitiiti. Afai e te tete’e, pe e te
finagalo e fa’amaonia ou aia fa’a-matua, ia e
failaina se talosaga tete’e i le Fa’amasinoga i
totonu o le lua masina ma aso e sefulu mai le
ulua’i fa’asalalauga o lenei fa’aaliga.
For good cause shown, Petitioner’s motion for
a hearing is granted. The clerk of the Court is
directed to calendar this matter for hearing at
1:00pm on Nov 24, 2014.
Dated/Aso: Sept 08, 2014
Associate Justice
High Court of American Samoa
Published 10/30 & 12/03/14
➧ Lt. Gov.…
Continued from page 2
“I fully support and embrace
investors who come in with
good faith to help our economy
and provide jobs, but it’s only
fair that we also find out who
they are in the areas of finance,
and if it’s a solid company,” he
said and expressed appreciation to the Lolo administration
for continuing to find ways to
improve the territory’s economic situation.
Lafaele told Samoa News
in October that the proposed
venture is a public-private
partnership arrangement, with
AVM Bernardo Engineering
building the plant. He said
contractors or subcontractorentrepreneurs would be used
to operate the multi-lines,
while ASG would own the
asset, or facility.
While financial details of
the proposed venture have yet
to be finalized, AVM plans to
start construction next month
and operations in January
2016. Some 700 new jobs are
projected to be created under
this venture.
samoa news, Wednesday, December 3, 2014 Page 11
American Samoa
Power Authority
P.O. Box PPB
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
Phone: (684) 699-5282
Facsimile: (684) 699-7067
In accordance with American Samoa Code Annotated (“ASCA”) § 4.1004, notice is hereby given to the public that the American Samoa Power
Authority (“ASPA”) intends to implement rate changes for Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste Services for all its classes of service, to include
residential customers, commercial customers (small general service and large general service) as well as government and industrial customers.
In addition to the introduction of rate changes for the Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste services, the American Samoa Power Authority intends to
implement a rate reduction for Class E Electric Customers and present information on various rate reductions that were implemented since
January 2013. Finally, ASPA will present information on a new net metering rate for Solar Photovoltaic Customers, which is currently being
Interested persons may submit written data, views and/or arguments on the proposed rate changes by U.S. Mail or hand delivery to the following
American Samoa Power Authority
Attn: Utu Abe Malae, Executive Director
Tafuna Campus
P.O. Box PPB, 1st Airport Road
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
Additionally, a public hearing on the rate changes for Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste services will be held on Wednesday, December 17, 2014
from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the Veterans Memorial Center in Tafuna. All interested persons may submit data, views and arguments orally or
in writing. The comment period shall expire and no further written submissions shall be accepted after the date of the public hearing. All written
and oral submissions shall become public information upon receipt by ASPA and shall become part of the rulemaking docket.
I le ava ma le faaaloalo tele e tatau ai, ma ina ia tusa ai ma aiaiga o le Tulafono o loo i le Tusi Tulafono (“ASCA”) § 4.1004, e fofogaina ai le
mamalu lautele o le atunuu e faapea:
Ua fuafuaina e le Matagaluega Tumaoti o le ASPA se suiga i le tau o le Suavai Taumafa, Suavai Lafoa’i, ma le Aoina o le Lapisi Lafoa’i. O ia suiga e
aafia ai maota ma laoa o aiga ma aulotu, pisinisi (laiti ma pisinisi tetele) o le Malo o Amerika Samoa ma fale faigaluega tetele
E le gata i le suiga o le tau o tautua eseese o le Suavai Taumafa, Suavai Lafoa’i, ma le Lapisi Lafoa’i, ua fuafuaina foi e le ASPA le fa’aititia o le tau o
le Eletise mo i latou i le Vaega “E” o le Au Totogi Pili o le Uila, ma tuuina atu faamaumauga o nisi o tau ua faaititia talu mai Ianuari 2013.
O le a tuuina atu foi e le ASPA ni faamatalaga e tusa ai ma se suiga i le tau mo mita fou mo le polokalama o le Solar Photovoltaic (poo le uila e
maua mai le la e faaoga iai solar panels) lea ua amata ona faaogaina i le taimi nei.
Soo se tasi o le mamalu o le atunuu e fia malamalama atili, pe fia faaalia foi sona finagalo i fuafuaga ua ta’ua, ia tuuina mai se tusi e ala mai i le
falemeli i le tuatusi: ASPA Executive Director, P.O. Box PPB, Airport Road, Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799, poo le nofoaga autu o le ASPA i
E faasilasila atu foi, o le a faia le fono faalauaitele e faatatau i le mataupu lava lenei ile suiga ole tau o tautua eseese mo le Suavai Taumafa, Suavai
Lafoa’i ma le aoina o le Lapisi, i le Aso Lulu, Tesema 17, 2014 mai le 10.00 i le taeao e o’o atu i le 12.00 i le aoauli. O lenei fonotaga o le a faia i
le nofoaga o le Veterans Memorial Center i Tafuna. Mo le mamalu o le atunuu e fia faailoa pe faaleoina foi sona taofi, o le avanoa lelei lea e
fetufaa’i ai ma le Matagaluega Tumaoti nei, aua o le a faagataina le avanoa mo manatu e fia faalia pe tusitusia foi, e uiga i mataupu ua ta’ua, pe a
ma’ea lenei fonotaga. O faamatalaga uma foi o le a tuuina mai i le ASPA, o le a avea ma faamaumauga lautele mo soo se tasi o le mamalu o le
atunuu e fia silasila i ai, ma o le a avea foi o se vaega o pepa e tapena a’i le suiga i le tulafono.
Page 12
samoa news, Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Judge suspends Florida
city’s homeless feeding ban
judge has suspended enforcement of a South
Florida city’s law that restricts the public
feeding of homeless people for 30 days and
ordered mediation on the issue.
The ordinance is aimed at keeping people from
feeding the homeless in parks and other public
places in Fort Lauderdale. Nationwide, people
have objected to the ordinance and on Monday,
hackers with the Anonymous group shut down
the city Internet sites temporarily in response.
The decision Tuesday by Broward Circuit Judge
Thomas Lynch came in a challenge to the ordinance by 90-year-old homeless advocate Arnold
Abbott, who has been arrested after defying it
repeatedly. Lynch wants the dispute resolved
through mediation or trial by the end of the year.
City attorneys indicated they may appeal
Lynch’s ruling. More lawsuits are challenging
whether the ordinance is constitutional.
Driver wedges car into the
Golden Gate Bridge walkway
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A man has been
arrested on suspicion of drunken driving after
authorities say he drove his car into the pedestrian walkway on the Golden Gate Bridge and
got it struck there. Bridge spokeswoman Priya
David Clemens told KTVU that the crash at
5:30 a.m. Tuesday wasn’t directly related to the
heavy rain in the San Francisco Bay Area. The
bridge walkway was empty when the wreck
occurred. The motorist suffered minor injuries,
but no one else was hurt.
Authorities say the driver was speeding when
his Ford Mustang crashed through concrete and
steel barriers separating the pedestrian walkway
and bike path from the traffic lanes. They say
the car traveled 400 yards onto the walkway
before becoming wedged between the barriers.
Agency: 4 in custody in
attack on Ohio bus driver
CLEVELAND (AP) — Cleveland’s public
transit agency says four teenage boys have
been taken into custody after a bus driver was
attacked with a sock that was stuffed with a
brick or rocks. A spokeswoman for the Greater
Cleveland Regional Transit Authority tells the
Northeast Ohio Media Group that two 17-yearold boys and two 14-year-old boys are expected
to face assault charges.
The agency says a 51-year-old bus driver was
attacked in the wee hours Sunday by someone
who stepped onboard, began swinging the sock
and repeatedly hit the woman in the head, neck
and shoulders before running away.
The driver suffered bruises. She was treated
at a medical center and released.
Classrooms across
the U.S. reflect on
Ferguson decision
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Election over, but not the
fundraising for Obama
WASHINGTON (AP) — The midterm elections may be over, but for President Barack
Obama, the fundraising hasn’t stopped. Obama
is headlining a fundraiser at a ritzy hotel near
the White House to benefit the Democratic
National Committee. The DNC says roughly 30
donors paid up to $32,400 each to attend.
It’s Obama’s first fundraiser since Democrats took a drubbing on Nov. 4, losing House
seats and control of the Senate. Many Democrats blamed Obama. Obama held dozens of
fundraisers and raised millions for Democratic
committees before the elections. But the DNC
spent heavily to boost Democratic candidates
and also opened a line of credit.
The Democratic Party now must start storing
cash for the 2016 presidential race.
US: Iran launches airstrikes into eastern Iraq
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon says
that Iran has launched airstrikes against Islamic
State militants in eastern Iraq. Rear Adm. John
Kirby says the U.S. believes this may be the
first time Tehran has launched manned aircraft
from inside Iran to strike targets in Iraq.
The Pentagon spokesman says the U.S. has
not coordinated airstrikes or military activities
with Iran. He said the U.S. continues to fly missions over Iraq and it is up to the Iraqi government to avoid conflicts in its own airspace.
Iranian military leaders have acknowledged that dozens of their forces have been in
Iraq fighting alongside Kurdish troops battling
The U.S. has not invited Iran to join the
coalition fighting the Islamic State group and
Iran has said it would not join in any case.
Cargo planes collide over
N. Carolina; no one hurt
FORT BRAGG, N.C. (AP) — The military
says cargo planes from the Army and Air Force
collided in the air over North Carolina, but no
one was injured.
The Air Force’s 440th Airlift Wing based at
Fort Bragg’s airfield said Tuesday the collision
happened around 8:30 p.m. Monday.
Air Force spokeswoman Maj. Lisa Ray says
the Army C-27J and the Air Force C-130H were
able to land without injuries.
Ray says neither plane can fly, but she didn’t
know if that was because of damage or if they
hadn’t been thoroughly inspected.
She said she didn’t know how air traffic controllers failed to prevent the collision, the extent
of the damage to the planes or the altitude over
the Army post when they hit each other.
(Continued on page 14)
LOS ANGELES (AP) — When his high school English students came to class, Tom Rademacher knew there would be one
thing on their mind: a grand jury’s decision not to indict the
white police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.
So the Minneapolis teacher put aside his lesson plans for the
day and asked them a simple question: How did they feel?
Some teens said they were sad, others angry. One said he logged
off Twitter and Facebook to avoid dealing with upset friends.
“That’s the definition of white privilege,” student Nia Golston
replied. “You get to look away while I, being African-American,
have to live like this.”
In the aftermath of the Ferguson announcement, classrooms
across the nation are taking up uncomfortable topics — race,
police use of force and poverty, among others — to give students a voice and help them make sense of events.
Some teachers are using the discussion to weave in history
lessons. One school in the Bronx read Martin Luther King, Jr.’s
“Letter from Birmingham Jail.”
Others are reviewing primary source documents, like officer
Darren Wilson’s grand jury testimony, to study the case in detail.
Some are just inquiring about the emotions evoked by the killing
of a person not much older than most high school students.
In a story so focused on young black people and their communities, “we aren’t hearing enough from black teenagers about
what they’re feeling and what they’re thinking about and what
their experiences are,” Rademacher said.
Sites such as and groups including
Facing History and Ourselves, a nonprofit in Brookline, Massachusetts, are providing teachers with guidance on incorporating
Ferguson into their lessons. Teachers are sharing their ideas and
classroom experiences online with hashtags such as #FergusonSyllabus and #FergusonInClass.
“All the things you hear in the larger community are happening in the microcosm called the classroom,” said Steve
Becton, social program director of urban education at Facing
History and Ourselves. “For the teachers not allowing it to
happen, I think it’s a missed opportunity.”
Becton advises teachers to ask nuanced questions: What is
the role of law in society? And if a law seems insufficient, how
can it be challenged? What is the relationship between AfricanAmerican males and law enforcement?
“How do we help students understand that history?” Becton
asked. “Ultimately education is not about facts and dates and
figures but about participating in democracy and participating in
a civil discourse.”
School districts in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.,
have provided teachers with instructions for leading Ferguson
“The goal is to assist students in being able to exercise their
First Amendment rights, to speak out on things they feel passionate about,” said Holly Priebe-Diaz, intervention coordinator
for the Los Angeles Unified School District.
Teacher Gregory Michie, who instructs middle-school students in a predominantly Mexican neighborhood in Chicago,
spent five weeks earlier this year discussing the context of the
Ferguson case, First Amendment issues and media coverage.
“I teach in a neighborhood where a lot of kids have seen violence,” he said. “There is a certain level of mistrust, skepticism.”
Elsewhere, the topic is less welcome or completely off-limits.
Teachers in one Illinois classroom, for example, were advised
earlier this year not to talk about the case in class.
The hesitation sometimes comes from parents or students.
The director of Not in Our School, a network that encourages tolerance, said she received a call from teachers in one Tennessee district who said some students were wary of discussing
the case. Teachers told the students they were in a safe space and
should feel free to share their feelings, Becki Cohn-Vargas said.
Rademacher has encouraged students to stay focused on
having a discussion, not winning an argument. That approach
produced a robust exchange of ideas.
“It’s just amazing to hear stories from black students because
this is something me, as a white person, I don’t ever experience,” student Liz Fesenmaier said. “I don’t get the talk from
my mother, ‘Be careful of the police.’ We get, ‘If you’re ever in
trouble, tell a trusted adult, like a police officer.’”
Rademacher’s students also learned to accept the fact that
no amount of talking would resolve the issues swirling around
That was “one of the hardest things in having this discussion,” Fesenmaier said. “We can’t change the world in 40 minutes’ worth of class.”
Takata panel to audit air
bag inflator production
DETROIT (AP) — Japanese auto parts
maker Takata Corp. is forming a panel to audit
its manufacturing and come up with ways to
make safe air bag inflators, but the company’s
response to a U.S. demand for a national inflator
recall remains unclear.
Takata, which faces a midnight deadline to
comply with the demand, issued a statement
Tuesday detailing a Quality Assurance Panel
chaired by former U.S. Transportation Secretary Samuel K. Skinner. The panel will have all
the resources necessary to audit Takata’s manufacturing processes and develop best practices
to make inflators, the statement said. It will
issue a report that will be made public.
The company also pledged to increase production of replacement inflators to satisfy
growing recalls and to do more tests to find the
exact cause of why the inflators can explode
with too much force, sending shrapnel into cars
and injuring people. At least five deaths have
been linked to the problem worldwide.
But the statement didn’t clearly say whether
Takata will comply with a demand from the
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to declare driver’s air bag inflators defective and expand a recall from high-humidity
areas to the entire country. The company has
until midnight to meet the demand or face fines.
The statement says Takata recognizes that
NHTSA is urging the expanded recall and says
the company will cooperate, but it seems to place
the recall decision on automakers. “We will
take all actions needed to advance the goal of
safety for the driving public, including working
to produce additional replacement units to support any further recalls that may be announced
by our customers,” the company said.
samoa news, Wednesday, December 3, 2014 Page 13
Vehicle For Sale
ANZ Guam, Inc. - American Samoa has the following vehicle for sale
Minimum Bid: $3,500.00
A company spokesman did not return email
and telephone messages seeking clarification.
The national recall covers vehicles made by
Ford, Honda, Chrysler, Mazda and BMW, generally from the 2008 model year and earlier.
Recalls announced earlier in the year covered only high-humidity states in the South,
plus Hawaii and some territories. But NHTSA
pointed to two incidents outside the recall
zone in demanding a national recall of driver’s inflators. Airborne moisture can get into
the air bag propellant, ammonium nitrate, and
cause it to burn faster than designed. That
can blow apart the metal inflator canister and
spew fragments.
On Monday, Takata complied with a
NHTSA request for information on the inflators. The company’s statement says it has collected more than 20 terabytes of data and is
producing more than 360,000 pages of documents for the agency.
Subaru is expanding a previous recall of five
models. Mitsubishi is recalling one model, the
2004 and 2005 Lancer small car.
Previous recalls were limited to Florida,
Hawaii, Puerto Rico and several other territories. The new Subaru and Mitsubishi recalls
now cover those areas as well as southern
Georgia and areas of Alabama, Mississippi,
Louisiana, Texas and South Carolina. Different
automakers have different recall boundaries,
and the government is trying to bring them all
into line to avoid confusion.
The Subaru recall affects the 2003 to 2005
Outback, Legacy and Baja, as well as the 2004
and 2005 Impreza, and the 2005 Saab 9-2X
made by Subaru. Neither Subaru nor Mitsubishi
released numbers of vehicles covered.
➧ Tuvalu ‘son’ secures…
ANZ Guam, Inc. dba ANZ Amerika Samoa Bank reserves the right to reject
any and all bids..
Please address all bids to:
ANZ Guam, Inc. - American Samoa
Asset Management Unit
P.O. Box 3790
Pago Pago American Samoa 96799
Bids close at 4:00 p.m. on December 9th, 2014
For more information contact:
Isara Uelese, Lui Pua, Litia Talaeai or Peni Meleisea at 633-1151
ext 361 or 362
needed immediately!
Call 731-4014/770-9384 or 633-1150
American Samoa Government
Continued from page 7
Teo said he’s not expected to start work as WCPFC executive
director straight away, and he intends to return to Fiji to tender
his resignation as head of PIDF.
The secretariat of WCPFC is based in Pohnpei, in the northern
Pacific state of the Federated States of Micronesia.
The Philippines – a member of the Western and Central
Pacific Fisheries Commission – currently meeting in Apia this
week has been accused of flouting rules against the fishing of
juvenile tuna. The accusation has come from Greenpeace, which
said that it had investigated the matter in the lead up to this
week’s annual meeting of the WCPFC.
“The world’s tuna stocks are in decline and nothing is being
done to stop the catching of baby tuna — which is vital in
keeping the fisheries alive. This is a direct result of the continued
expansion of fishing fleets, and increasing fishing capacity and
effort especially through the use of fish aggregating devices, or
FADs, by purse seine vessels,” said Mark Dia, Regional Oceans
Campaigner for Greenpeace Southeast Asia, and an observer at
the WCPFC.
“Despite the red alert on bigeye tuna, fishing companies continue to catch them like there’s no tomorrow. It is time for the
WCPFC to tackle overfishing, ban FADs and introduce penalties
for countries that do not follow the rules. Failure to do so only
relegates the WCPFC to an expensive talk shop,” Dia added.
The international environmental campaigner said its investigations confirmed the offloading of ‘baby’ skipjack, yellowfin
and bigeye tuna at the General Santos fish port, in the Philippines. Bigeye and yellowfin tuna, Greenpeace said are considered mature and able to reproduce when they are a metre long.
For solutions, Greenpeace says the Philippino Bureau of
Fisheries and Aquatic Resources should reduce the number
of its purse seiner fleet, as well as ban the use of FADS – fish
aggregating devices – and issue an administrative order that prevents the catching, landing and selling of juvenile tuna.
Greenpeace said the WCPFC Scientific Committee had
released information, which shows that the current population
of the Pacific bluefin tuna is now estimated to be only at 4.2%,
and bigeye tuna at 16% of its original spawning biomass.
(Pareti is Group Editor-in-Chief of Islands Business magazine
and his coverage of the 11th Session of the WCPFC in Samoa is
made possible through funding support from the Pacific Forum
Fisheries Agency.)
Sealed bids are invited for the purchase of the above vehicle on an “as is”
basis. Vehicle may be inspected at ANZ Guam, Inc. American Samoa
(Tafuna Branch) by appointment only.
November 3, 2014
Salary: G/S - 16/10 $34,372 to 16/19 $43,732.
Provide overall administration and management of the courts’ computer system and reports directly to
the Chief Justice. This also includes developing, implementing and maintaining network infrastructure.
1. Perform operational system administration on network servers, workstations, system software and
hardware, database software and other Docket system software
2. Provide backup, recovery and automated maintenance of Systems’
3. Maintain and update the System Code File data and provide users with necessary information
4. Maintain computer related inventories
5. Network cable installation (Ethernet CAT5/6)
Knowledgeable in:
• Windows Server 2003 and 2008
• Windows SQL
• Windows XP, 7, 8
• Microsoft Office Suites’ (2000-2007)
• Application Program Interface (API)
• Router, Switch, Wireless connectivity (TCP/IP)
• Programming in Visual Fox Pro dBase, SQL and Visual Basic
• iPad and Android systems
• Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related field; or
• Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), or equivalent trade certifications; and
• At least five (5) years experience with:
• Windows Server
• MS Office Suites
• SQL, Visual Basic, dBase
• Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID 0-10)
Page 14
samoa news, Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Sheriff: Man crashed car
into store to steal guns
BURIEN, Wash. (AP) — Authorities say a driver crashed into a Washington sporting goods store on purpose
so he could steal guns, and then he tried
to hide in the ceiling.
The King County sheriff’s office
says it arrested a suspect after a more
than four-hour standoff at the Big 5
store in Burien, south of Seattle. The
car smashed through a metal grate
and glass doors at the business early
Tuesday. No employees were inside at
the time. Sgt. DB Gates says authorities
determined the wreck was an apparent
burglary attempt targeting firearms after
responding deputies found cases holding
the store’s rifles and ammunition were
disturbed. They also heard noises in the
ceiling where they believed the suspect
was hiding. Gates later confirmed that
only one suspect was found.
French vote urges recognition of Palestinian state
PARIS (AP) — France’s lower
house of Parliament voted Tuesday to
urge the government to recognize a Palestinian state, in the hope that it would
speed up peace efforts after decades
of conflict. The 339-151 vote is nonbinding, but it’s a symbolic boost for
the Palestinians, amid growing support
in Europe for two states. The measure
asks the government “to recognize the
state of Palestine in view of reaching a
definitive settlement to the conflict.”
France’s Socialist government supports a Palestinian state, but has said
it’s too early for recognition. France, a
veto-wielding member of the Security
Council, wants peace talks to restart first.
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Ebola monitoring ends
for 114 health workers
NEW YORK (AP) — The active
monitoring period has ended for the last
of the 114 health workers who cared for
New York City’s Ebola patient.
Dr. Craig Spencer was released
from Bellevue Hospital Center on Nov.
11 after he was declared Ebola-free. He
was admitted Oct. 23. The city had been
monitoring hospital, emergency medical workers and laboratory workers
involved in his care as a precaution.
City officials also say that as of
Tuesday afternoon, the Health Department was monitoring 222 other people
“out of an abundance of caution.”
Those people arrived in New York City
within the previous 21 days from the
four Ebola-affected countries.
Plane carrying 11 crashes
in Bahamas; a U.S. man dies
NASSAU, Bahamas (AP) — A
small plane carrying 11 people crashed
near the Bahamas on Tuesday, killing a
77-year-old U.S. man, authorities said.
The Navajo Chieftain operated by
Ferguson Air had departed the island
of Eleuthera and was preparing to land
in New Providence when it crashed,
Superintendent Paul Rolle said.
Police said the pilot apparently
alerted officials that he was having problems and tried getting the plane close to
shallow water before it lost power some
550 feet (170 meters) from the coast.
The plane was serving as a charter for
Bahamas-based Southern Air. Police
have not yet identified the man who died
or his hometown. The other passengers
were hospitalized, but their conditions
were not immediately known.
England’s King Richard
III identified with DNA
LONDON (AP) — Scientists say
there is “overwhelming evidence” that
a skeleton found under a parking lot is
that of England’s King Richard III, but
their DNA testing also has raised questions about the nobility of some of his
royal successors.
The bones of the 15th-century king
were dug up in the city of Leicester in
2012, and experts have published initial
data suggesting they belong to Richard,
including an analysis of his curved
spine and the injuries that killed him.
Richard was the last English monarch to die on a battlefield, in 1485.
In the new study — probably the
oldest forensic case ever solved — scientists compared DNA from the skeleton to living relatives and analyzed
DNA data identifying eye and hair
color, which they matched to the earliest known portrait of the king.
British officials condemn
China over Hong Kong
LONDON (AP) — British lawmakers have condemned China for
blocking a parliamentary fact-finding
trip to Hong Kong. The Chinese government has prevented representatives
of Britain’s Foreign Affairs Select
Committee from going to Hong Kong
as tensions rise over ongoing prodemocracy demonstrations there.
Committee Chairman Richard Ottaway said Tuesday the Chinese decision amounts to an attack on the people
of the free world. He said China was
failing to act like a responsible member
of the Group of 20.
Former foreign secretary Malcom
Rifkind told Parliament that China’s
actions violate its agreement with
Britain for the 1997 handover of the
former colony.
Actor challenges scientists: Explain sleep to kids
MINEOLA, N.Y. (AP) — Actorturned-part-time professor Alan Alda
has a new challenge for scientists:
Explain sleep to an 11-year-old.
The TV and film star best known for
his role in the 1970s sitcom “M.A.S.H.”
has had a lifelong interest in science.
The New York native teaches at the
Alan Alda Center for Communicating
Science at Stony Brook University
on Long Island. He started the annual
“Flame Challenge” contest in 2011. It
asks scientists to explain complex concepts in ways a child can understand.
The first year sought an answer to
“What is a flame?” That was followed
by challenges to explain time and color.
Scientists have until Feb. 13 to
submit their answers about sleep in
writing, video or graphics. The winning
written and video or graphic entries will
receive $1,000 cash prizes.
Florida man charged with
stealing beef tongue
DELAND, Fla. (AP) — Police in
Florida say a Wal-Mart shopper denied
slipping $35 worth of beef tongue into
his pants, but the telltale tongue told a
different story.
DeLand police say 44-year-old Jason
Puckett was charged last week with
misdemeanor theft after a Wal-Mart
security guard spotted him slipping two
packages of tongue into his waistband.
When the guard confronted Puckett
at the store’s exit, Puckett denied
stealing the packages and said he had
put them back on a shelf.
But the guard told authorities
Puckett then removed the tongue from
his pants when he didn’t think he was
being watched and ran from the store.
Jail records show Puckett remained
in jail Tuesday. Bail was set at $2,500.
➧ Tokelau, Tri-Marine…
Continued from page 3
The MOU advances Tokelau’s near-term goal of maximizing revenues from its tuna resources while also pursuing its
long-term strategy of sustainably managing its fishery, said Tri
Marine in a statement.
As part of the MOU, the Tokelau government will provide
fishing access to longline vessels targeting both albacore and
the tropical tunas which will supply Tri Marine’s new tuna processing plant in American Samoa.
Tokelau will also provide Tri Marine purse seine vessels with
fishing days over and above what is provided under the South
Pacific Tuna Treaty, if necessary.
The $90 million Treaty was signed in October this year,
between the federal government and the Forum Fisheries
Agency (FFA) and it allows some forty U.S. flagged vessels to
continue to have fishing access in the EEZs of FFA’s 17 Pacific
member countries. Under the new deal, which takes effect in
2015, U.S. vessels have 8,300 fishing days in the FFA member’s
EEZs. Tokelau is a member of the FFA.
The MOU with Tokelau comes just over two years after Tri
Marine officials told reporters in Pago Pago of it’s goal to have
American Samoa be the hub of tuna operations and processing.
Hamby said in an Oct. 2012 news conference that the company
has been working hard trying to make its business stronger and
“we identified some time ago, business within the islands is
within the islands.”
“The tuna that is caught in the Pacific is around the islands
and it makes all the sense in the world, that tuna caught in the
islands is processed in the islands,” said Hamby, who added that
some countries in the South Pacific don’t have enough land area
to set up a tuna processing facility — places like Tokelau, Tuvalu
or Kiribati — and some of them don’t have enough resources to
process tuna economically.
“…here, in American Samoa, we have infrastructure, we
have a fleet, we have people who can do the work,” he said. “So
if we can work and partner with other [South Pacific] countries,
for fish caught in their waters to be processed here, then American Samoa can became a regional hub.”
In the summer of 2011, representatives from the Parties to
the Nauru Agreement (PNA) were in Pago Pago on a day visit,
talking with Tri Marine officials. Hamby said the meeting with
the PNA is part of the effort to attract other countries to work in
partnership with American Samoa. He declined to give the status
of the discussions at the time, saying that they were ongoing.
samoa news, Wednesday, December 3, 2014 Page 15
➧ 21 rescued at sea…
Continued from page 1
A captain for 40+ years, Feliciano told Samoa News this was
the first time he’s ever had to abandon ship. According to the
captain, they had just left last week to go out fishing, and so they
didn’t have too many fish in the boat’s wells. He made it clear
that there were no reports of injury and that the cause of the fire
is unclear at this time.
According to the US Coast Guard in Honolulu Hawai’i,
the Joint Rescue Coordination Center (JRCC) received a distress alert from an emergency position indicator radio beacon
(EPIRB) at 2 a.m. JRCC determined the EPIRB belonged to the
Kiribati-flagged, 140-foot fishing vessel, the Betty C.
JRCC issued a safety net broadcast to which the US-flagged
fishing vessel Cape Ferrat responded. Cape Ferrat (also a purse
seiner) arrived on the scene at 9:30 a.m. and discovered the
Betty C on fire, with its 21 passengers adrift in a small skiff.
The Cape Ferrat safely rescued all 21 passengers from the skiff
to transfer them to American Samoa. No injuries were reported
and the cause of the fire is unknown.
The vessel’s owner is working to develop a plan to salvage
the vessel.
Jarvis Island is an uninhabited 4.5 km2 coral island located
in the South Pacific Ocean at 00 22S 160 01W— about halfway
between Hawaii and the Cook Islands.
The captain of the Cape Ferrat, John Cabral told Samoa News
that as soon as they received the distress call they reacted and
sailed towards the location in order to rescue the fishermen.
“Glad that everyone is safe,” said Captain Cabral.
➧ Sola ese tamaoaiga…
GHC Reid & Company Ltd.
Tafuna Industrial Park
P.O. Box 1269, Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
Tel # 684 699-1854; Fax # 684 699-2869
Successful applicant will be responsible for the following
• Daily inventory counts
• Stock receipts
• Stock transfers
• Prepare daily, weekly and monthly reports
• Reconciliation of inventory discrepancies
Position Requirements:
• Must have 2 years work experience in similar
• Must have excellent communication skills
• Must be willing to work after hours or Saturdays
• Working knowledge of computer applications
Please submit your resume / application to Ms April Gray at
our office in Tafuna Industrial Park. Deadline to apply:
An Equal Opportunity Employer and maintains a Drug
Free Workplace Program hence applicant will be required
to go through a drug test
Mai itulau 1
“O fea o i ai le palolo sa tele i aso la, o fea o i ai le anae, o
fea le tele o i’a ‘aau sa masani ona tua i ai Samoa i aso la, ua le
toe vaaia le tele o na i’a, aisea, e mafua mai ona ua fa’aleagaina
nofoaga sa nonofo ma tu’ufua ai ona o le malosi o le fa’alapisi o
tagata”, o le isi lea saunoaga a Utu.
“E le matagofie le amioga lea ua maitauina i aso nei, o le
fa’alapisi o tagata i le sami, aua o le mea moni, o amioga a isi
tagata ua mafua ai ona a’afia le atunu’u atoa, ma ua moni ai le
upu a le atunu’u, e a ulu e tafe ae selefutia ai fua Vaisigano”, o
le isi lea saunoaga a Utu.
“O pepa plastic o lo o lafoa’i i le sami ua matua a’afia ai ‘amu,
ua tagi talatala mai fo’i le moana i le matuia o le fa’aletonu ua o
o i ai lona si’osi’omaga talu ai le tele o nei mau lapisi, ma ua o o
lava fo’i i le vateatea le oona o lapisi o lo o susunu ma ua a’afia
atu ai ma le ea o lo o tatou manavaina, ae o le fesili, e fa’apefea
ona toe fa’afo’i le si’osi’omaga matagofie sa masani mai ai
Samoa i aso ua mavae i lona tulaga manuia sa i ai muamua?”, o
le saunoaga lea a Utu.
Na fa’atepa e le afioga a Utu i le kapeneta a le ali’i kovana e
fa’apea, o lapisi uma o lo o lafoa’i e tagata i auvai ma le sami, o
lo o fai ma mafua’aga autu o le fa’aleagaina o le gataifale, a’afia
ai nofoaga o i’a, mamate ai ‘amu ma meaai e tausi ai le soifua
faalenatura o meaola o le sami, ae sili ai i lo lena o le a’afia atu ai
o le tele o matai’ai a le atunu’u o lo o fa’alagolago i ai le soifua
o tagata i aso fai soo.
So o se tagata e malaga asiasi mai i Amerika Samoa e pei ona
saunoa Utu, o le isi vaega taua o lana tafaoga, o le fia matamata lea i
le matagofie o laufanua lanu lau’ava o le atu Samoa, aemaise ai o le
mama o vaega eseese o le atunu’u, peita’i o le fa’afitauli o lo o maitauina pea i le taimi nei, o lo o vaaia pea lava le fa’amatala o tagata
e fa’atino a latou tiute tauave fa’atagata soifua, o le fa’amama lea
o le atunu’u i so o se taimi, ina ia avea ai Amerika Samoa o se
nofoaga e tosina mai i ai mafaufau ma loto o le lalolagi.
Na taua e le ali’i kovana i lana kapeneta e fa’apea, o se tasi
o mataupu o lo o pito taua i o la manatu ma le afioga i le lutena
kovana ia Lemanu Peleti Mauga, o le tulaga i le fa’amamaina o
le atunu’u, amata mai lava i nuu i tua seia oo mai i le taulaga,
ina ia mautinoa e matagofie le atunu’u atoa i le silasila a tagata
tafafao mai fafo, aemaise ai malo e afea fa’afuase’i le atunu’u.
Na lagolagoina e le ali’i kovana le finagalo o Utu, e tatau ona
a’oa’o mafaufau o tagata ina ia fa’amasani i le soifua mata’ala
atoa ai ma le fa’amama o le atunu’u i so o se taimi.
Mo se fa’ata’ita’iga e pei ona saunoa Lolo, e tatau ona afua
atu ia a’oa’oga i le Ofisa o Mataupu Tau Samoa, i le pito laau a
Pulenu’u ma Leoleo nu’u, o i latou tonu ia e tatau ona mamafa i
ai le fa’atinoina o le galuega.
O le fa’afitauli o lo o maitauina i le taimi nei, e le o lava le
taimi e mafuta ai ali’i mautofi ma sui o le Ofisa o le Faigamalo
Fa’alotoifale e talanoaina auala e fa’aleleia ai le fa’amamaina
o le atunu’u, o le mafua’aga lena na talosagaina ai e Lolo sui o
lana kapeneta, ina ia tu’uina atu ni a latou fautuaga i le Ofisa o
Mataupu Tau Samoa, i auala latou te silafia e tatau ona faia ina
ia fa’aleleia atili ai le tautua a Pulenu’u ma Leoleo nu’u i totonu
o nu’u ma afioaga i le atunu’u.
Saunoa Utu e fa’apea, afai e le fa’amalosia e le malo tulafono
e fa’asala ai le tagata e fa’alapisi, e mafai ona suia mafaufau o
tagata i le fiafia pea lea e fa’alapisi.
Feso’ota’i mai i le tusitala ia
Employment Opportunity
K.B. Academy is seeking a MANAGER
with a Computer Engineer degree.
Please send resume to PO Box 2046.
➧ DPS…
Continued from page 1
deliverables as established and
issued by the governor.”
Lolo stated that this policy
will be in effect and will continue indefinitely unless superseded by an amending policy
Lolo noted that in the
absence of the Commissioner
from the territory, Deputy
Commissioner Maiava is designated Acting Commissioner
until the return of the Commissioner. He also pointed out that
Maiava is given full authority
to act accordingly to ensure that
the safety of all the residents of
American Samoa during the
holidays is fully secured.
Lolo urged the departments and agency directors to
give Maiava their full support
should he reach out for assistance, as he attempts to make
sure the holiday season will
be free from any fatal accidents or public disorder which
may affect the joyous spirit of
Christmas and the New Year.
In March, the Commissioner
recommended the appointment of Criminal Investigation
Division Commander Lavat’ai
Taase Sagapolutele as temporary Acting Deputy Commissioner. Instead, the Administration appointed the Director
of the Office of Fraud Prevention and Investigation (OFPI)
Save Liuato Tuitele.
Save is Acting Deputy
Commissioner until a permanent replacement is made.
“Pesticide Applicator Training”
ASCC Land Grant Program will be conducting a Pesticide Applicator Safety training for those
who handle farm chemicals. If you are using farm pesticides or you are planning to use
chemicals in the near future, this is a good opportunity for you to attend this important
training. The training schedule is as follows:
December 08 - 12, 2014
12:00 noon - 4:00 p.m.
ASCC Land Grant Training Room
Registration is FREE. To confirm your participation for this training, please call Joyce or
Helen at 699-1575/2019.
“A’oa’oga mo i latou o lo’o fa’aaogaina vaila’au o’ona”
O le a faia se a’oa’oga mo i latou o lo o fa’aaoga vaila’au o’ona i fa’ato’aga. Afai o lo’o e
fa’aaoga vaila’au o’ona po’o e fa’amoemoe fo’i e te fa’aaoga i se taimi o i luma, o lou avanoa
lelei lenei e te ‘auai ai i lenei a’oa’oga taua. O taimi la nei mo lenei vasega.
Tesema 08 - 12, 2014
12:00 - 4:00 i le afiafi
Nofoaga e fai ai: Potu mo A’oa’oga a le Vaega o Laufanua ma
Atina’e a le Kolisi Tu’ufa’atasi ma Alaalafaga o Amerika Samoa.
“E leai se totogi o le resitala. Afai e te fia ‘auai i lenei a’oa’oga, fa’amolemole ia
fa’afeso’ota’i mai Joyce po’o Helen i le telefoni 699-1575/2019
Page 16
samoa news, Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Fuafua le la’uina
mai o fa’atoaga
mai Aunu’u
ma Manu’a
faatau Tutuia
samoa news, Wednesday, December 3, 2014 Page 17
tusia Ausage Fausia
O se tasi o atina’e tele o lo o galulue va’ava’alua i ai le
Matagaluega o Fefa’atauaiga ma Alamanuia (DOC) ma le Ofisa
o Fa’atoaga a le malo, o le fa’amautu lea o se polokalame e
mafai ai ona fa’atupe e le malo le la’uina mai o uta o meamata
mai Aunu’u ma Manu’a, e fa’atau atu i totonu o le maketi i
Fagatogo po o le polokalame fo’i a le School Lunch.
I le Ripoti o Galuega Fa’atino a le DOC mo le Kuata Fa o le
Tausaga Tupe 2014, o lo o taua ai le polokalame fa’ataoto mo le
umi e 5 tausaga, (American Samoa Comprehensive Economic
Agency - 2013-2017), ma le fa’amoemoe e mafai ona fa’atupe
ai ni isi o atina’e e fesoasoani ai i le fa’aleleia o le tamaoaiga o le
aufai fa’atoaga fa’apea ai nai aiga lima vaivai o lo o fa’alagolago
lo latou tamaoaiga i atina’e ma galuega taulima.
O se tasi o fuafuaga i lenei polokalame e pei ona taua i le
ripoti, o le fa’atula’i lea o se vaega tupe e mafai ai ona fa’atupe
fela’uaiga o fua o fa’atoaga mai Aunu’u ma Manu’a mo Tutuila.
O se tasi o vaaiga fuafua mamao a le DOC o lo o fa’aauauina
pea i le taimi nei, o le polokalame lea e ta’i lua aso Faraile i le
masina e fai ai, lea e maua ai e le aufai fale’aiga vela atoa ai ma
tagata faipisinisi laiti le avanoa e fa’atau ai a latou fale’aiga atoa
ai ma fua o fa’aeleeleaga i le maketi, ina ia mafai ona maua ai se
isi alagatupe e fesoasoani i aiga.
Na taua e le Fa’atonusili o le DOC ia Keniseli Lafaele i le aso
o le Farm Fair a le aufai fa’atoaga na se’i mavae atu nei e fa’apea,
o le taua o le polokalame lea ua taumafai le Matagaluega e tu’u
fa’atasia ma galulue fa’atasi ai ma le ofisa o Fa’atoaga, ia maua
ai fo’i e le aufai fa’atoaga mai Aunu’u ma Manu’a le avanoa e
la’u mai ai a latou fa’atoaga e fa’atau i Tutuila nei, ina ia maua ai
se vaega tupe e fesoasoani ai i le atina’eina o latou aiga.
“Pau le galuega a le malo o le sailia lea o alagatupe e mafai ai
ona fesoasoani atu i le la’uina mai o fua o fa’aeleeleaga e fa’atau
i Tutuila nei po o le School Lunch, ae o le galuega a le tagata
fai fa’atoaga e fai, o le toaga lea e toto le fa’atoaga ina ia tele
ma lelei, ona faigofie ai fo’i lea ona maua le vaega tupe tele e
fesoasoani ai i le aiga”, o le saunoaga lea a le susuga a Lafaele.
Sa ia taua foi e fa’apea, o se tasi lenei o vaai mamao na
finauina e le alii kovana ina ua fa’atoa tula’i mai lana faigamalo, o le va’ava’aia lea i auala e fa’aleleia ai tulaga o fa’atoaga
i le atunu’u, ma ia maua ai fo’i le avanoa e aumai ai fua o
fa’aeleeleaga mai Aunu’u ma Manu’a e fa’atau i Tutuila.
“O le finagalo o le ali’i kovana e pei ona tu’uina mai i le
matou matagaluega, ia laina tutusa tagata fai fa’atoaga uma i
Amerika Samoa i fa’amanuiaga ta’itasi, ae aua ne’i manatu e
fa’apito lava na o Tutuila nei”, o le isi lea saunoaga a Lafaele.
Saunoa le afioga i le Fa’atonusili o le Ofisa o Fa’atoaga ia
Lealao M. Purcell e fa’apea, o le polokalame e pei ona latou
galulue fa’atasi ai ma le DOC, o se fuafuaga ua leva ona tau
fa’ataoto mai, sa i ai fo’i le taimi na la’u mai ai fua o fa’aeleeleaga
mai Manu’a ma le fa’amoemoe e fa’atau i Tutuila, peita’i o le
fa’afitauli, o le leai lea o se tupe e fa’atupe ai fela’uaiga nei i
masina ta’itasi.
Ae ina ua fesiligia le tofa a Lealao i sona finagalo i le polokalame lea o lo o galulue i ai le DOC mo le fa’atupeina o le la’uina
mai o fua o fa’atoaga mai Aunu’u ma Manu’a i Tutuila e fa’atau
ai, na taua e Lealao e fa’apea, “o se fuafuaga lelei ma talafeagai,
ua leva fo’i na tatau ona fa’atino lea tulaga”.
Saunoa le afioga i le ali’i fa’atonu e fa’apea, e tele atu fo’i
fa’atoaga o lo o toto i Aunu’u ma Manu’a e tatau ona la’u mai
i Tutuila nei e fa’alauiloa ai, e le gata i fa’atoaga talo, fa’i ma
ta’amu, ae fa’apea fo’i i fa’atoaga o laau ‘aina lea ua maitauina le
to’atele o tagata Manu’a ua amata ona fiafia e toto fa’atoaga nei.
Ae ina ua fesiligia Lealao i fua o fa’aeleeleaga ma fualaau
‘aina mai Samoa, lea na mafai ona fa’alauiloa i le Farm Fair,
po o i ai se fuafuaga e fa’aauau pea ona auina mai i Amerika
Samoa nei, na saunoa Lealao, o lo o i ai pea le manatu e auina
mai pea fua o fa’aeleeleaga mai Samoa atoa ai ma fualaau ‘aina
e fa’alauiloa i fa’aaliga a le aufai fa’atoaga, ina ia mafai ai ona
fa’atusatusa le tulaga lelei o lo o i ai fa’atoaga i le va o Samoa e
lua, ma unaia ai le aufai fa’atoaga a le atunu’u e galulue pea mo
le fa’aleleia o fa’atoaga e tua i ai le fofoga taumafa o le atunu’u.
Feso’ota’i mai i le tusitala ia
Ato fala pula mai Samoa lea fo’i na fa’alauiloa i le Farm Fair na se’i mavae atu nei, lea fo’i
o lo o i ai le fa’amoemoe e tatau ona fa’aauau le auina mai e fa’atau i Amerika Samoa nei i le
[ata: AF]
saunia: Leua Aiono Frost
Ua mae’a fa’atulaga e le Amerika Samoa Arts Council le latou Fa’aaliga o Pesepesega mo le
Kerisimasi lona 37 i lenei tausaga, mai ia Tesema 14 - 17.
I le taimi nei ua mae’a le fa’amasinoina o fa’aaliga ta’itasi o le tusa ma le 30 i latou ua mae’a
fa’aulu mo se avanoa e fa’afiafia ai. Tasi le mea o lo’o totoe nei, o le Komiti fa’amasino lea a le
ASAC ina ia fa’atulaga mai le aofai o i latou e auai i aufa’afiafia ta’itasi. E ao ina usita’ia a’ia’i e
aufa’afiafia lea vaega, ma le taimi e na’o le 10 minute e limiti ai le umi o le fa’aaliga e tasi.
O fa’aaliga e aofia ai pesega ma siva fa’asamoa, o nisi o le fa’atinoga o tala fa’asamoa ma
taleni pese a nisi o alo o le atunu’u. Ua masani fo’i ona va’aia nisi o fa’aaliga fa’aleaganu’u a
nisi o tagatanu’u e tupuga mai isi malo o lo’o nonofo i totonu o le atunu’u. O le fa’aaliga o lo’o
faatupeina e le National Endowment of the Arts (NEA).
O le taeao ananafi na taunu’u ai i Tutuila le malaga a le va’a fagota o le “Cape Ferrat” ma le
auva’a atoa a le “Betty C” lea sa mu i le faaiuga o le vaiaso e le mamao ma Jarvis Island.
O le tala a le ali’i kapeteni o le Betty C ia Ralph Steven Feliciano, 40 tausaga o avea ma tagata
fagota, e faapea “Sa ou moe, ma ou iloa fo’i sa momoe uma le to’atele o le matou au fagota, se’i
vagana ai le to’alua na tofia e leoina le matou va’a” i le taimi sa tupu ai le mu.
O le va’a na fa’ailoa mai e Tony, se tasi o le auva’a, “Na mu sao a le va’a i le afa o le 11:00,
ae ta ane le 11:45 i le po o le aso Faraile na te’a nei, ua matou i luga uma o le va’a pau e fa’atali
ai se va’a fa’aola mo i matou.”
O Tony o se tasi e potu ma le tasi o ali’i sa tiute i lea po, ma o ia fo’i lea na vave fagua e lana
uo e nofo i luga, ua mu le va’a, ma e alafa’i mai o ia, ua tau le mafai ona manava i le asu, ma e
matua leiloa atu lona alofilima i le pogisa.
“O le taimi na ou te’i ane ai sa tauautago le telefoni, se’i maua se moli e fia maua se tala o le
afaina o i ai le va’a, na maua le telefoni ua na’o le ofuvae lava o pipi’i i le tino na moe ai, na sau
ai lava i fafo, aua o le taimi ua utiuti, ma ua tau le maua se manava i le asu ua mafiafia tele, ae
o le pogisa ua matua leiloa se mea e o’o i lota alofilima,” o sana tala lea i le taimi na tupu ai le
I se fa’amatalaga a le kapeteni, sa ia fa’ailoa ai, “E iva lelei itula o latou matamata atu i le sasao
ane ma le pa o le latou va’a fagota, pau o le mea sa ou fa’amuamua, ia sao le ola o tagata uma, aua
le manatu i nisi mea, ae o le auva’a.”
Na fesiligia po’o le a se ala sa latou feso’ota’i ai, ae fa’ailoa mai, o latou telefoni fe’avea’i, sa
fa’aaogaina mo feso’ota’iga i isi a latou uo tagata fagota ma kapeteni i isi va’a e feso’ota’i po’o ai
o latalata ane mo se va’a fa’aola mo i latou.
(Faaauau itulau 21)
Page 18
Laulii Village
samoa news, Wednesday, December 3, 2014
[photos: Blue Chen]
Fautua Lolo i auala
taofi mau ai fanau
galulue i le atunu’u
tusia Ausage Fausia
O se tasi o lu’itau ua tu’uina atu e le afioga i le ali’i kovana
i lana kapeneta i se fonotaga sa faia lata mai nei, o le galulue
fa’atasi lea o fa’atonusili ma a latou Matagaluega, i auala e
tu’uina atu ai avanoa faigaluega i fanau a le atunu’u ua i’u mai i
fafo ma fa’ailoga maualuluga, ina ia maua le avanoa e galulue ai
i Amerika Samoa, ma taofia ai i latou mai le toe aga’i atu i fafo
e saili galuega ai.
Na taua e le tofa i le to’oto’o ia Lolo Matalasi Moliga e
fa’apea, e ui e le o se mataupu fou lenei mataupu i le la nofoaiga
ma Lemanu Peleti Mauga, ae foliga mai e le o manatu mamafa
tele i ai le faigamalo i le taimi nei e fa’ataua lenei mataupu.
“O le tatou tiute fa’ata’ita’i o le malo ma le atunu’u, ia saili
auala e manuia ai tupulaga talavou a le atunu’u i le lumana’i,
atoa ai ma auala e fa’amalosia ai tulaga manuia o le malo ma
lona tamaoaiga”, o le saunoaga lea a le ali’i kovana ina ua mae’a
ona ia fa’alauiloa lona fa’alogoina o ni isi o fa’amatalaga le
manuia, fa’asaga i ni isi o sui o le kapeneta e le fiafia i fa’aiuga o
lo o faia e le fa’atonusili o le Matagaluega a Tagata Faigaluega
a le malo (DHR), pe afai e tofia ni fanau talavou fa’atoa i’u mai
i aoga i fafo e galulue i a latou ofisa.
Saunoa le ali’i kovana e fa’apea, e le o soona tofia e le
DHR fanau aoga i matagaluega ua tofia e galulue ai, ae o lo o
fa’alagolago le tofiaina o i latou i agava’a ma aoaoga na fa’au’u
mai ai.I taimi o felafolafoaiga a le kapeneta ma fesili e fa’atatua
i lenei mataupu, na taua ai e ni isi o sui o le kapeneta lo latou
lagolagoina o le fuafuaga a le alii kovana, o le tu’u lea o le
avanoa e ulufale mai ai fanau aoga ua fa’au’u mai aoga i fafo e
galulue i le malo.
“O ni isi o fanau nei o lo o latou umia fa’ailoga lelei ma
mana’omia i totonu o matagaluega a le malo, ae afai tatou te
teena i latou, e le gata ua tatou teena le avanoa latou te galulue
ai mo le malo, ae ua tatou teena fo’i le atamai ma fa’ailoga taua
na fa’au’u mai ma latou e tautua ma auauna ai i le malo”, o le
saunoaga lea a se tasi o sui o le kapeneta a le ali’i kovana.
Saunoa atili Lolo e fa’apea, o se tasi lea o auala o le a mafai
ai ona taofia le atugaluga o lo o tula’i mai i totonu o le atunu’u i
le taimi nei, fa’asaga i fanau e fa’au’u mai ma fa’ailoga maualuluga mai aoga i fafo sa aooga ai, ae o mai e le maua ni avanoa
e faigaluega ai i le malo, ma toe fai ai loa a latou fa’aiuga e toe
fo’i i fafo e saili galuega ma saili ai so latou lumana’i manuia.
I le talitonuga o le ali’i kovana ma le la faiga malo ma
Lemanu, o fanau uma lava a le atunu’u o lo o auina atu i fafo
e aooga ai, e tasi lava le mafua’aga e ala ai ona ave, ia maua le
atamai ma le poto fa’aleolaga nei, ina ia toe fo’i mai ai ma tautua
le atunu’u, le malo, fa’apea ai le aiga ma le ekalesia.
Na fa’afetaia e le alii kovana le Matagaluega o Tupulaga Talavou, Tina ma Tama’ita’i ma le polokalame o lo o
latou fa’aauauina pea i le taimi nei, e le gata o le fa’atauaina
o tupulaga talavou, ae o le avanoa o lo o fesoasoani ai i le toe
fa’alauteleina o le tomai i le itu tau aoaoga mo tama ma teine i le
Kolisi Tu’ufaatasi a le malo.
I totonu o le Ripoti o Galuega Fa’atino a le Matagaluega o
Tupulaga Talavou, Tina ma Tama’ita’i, fa’apea ai ma le Ofisa o
Paka ma Malae Taalo, mo le Kuata Fa o le Tausaga Tupe 2014, o
lo o taua ai polokalame e aofia ai tupulaga talavou o lo o galulue
fa’atasi ai Ofisa ia e lua a le malo, e le gata o le tau atina’eina o le
itu tau ta’aloga ma fale ta’aalo, ae o se auala fo’i e fesoasoani ai i
le toe fa’aopoopoina o le tomai o fanau aoga i totonu o le Kolisi
O lo o taua i le ripoti ni isi o taumafaiga a le Paka ma Malae
taalo i le taumafai lea e fa’aleleia malae taalo i le atunu’u, e le
gata e unaia ai taleni eseese mo fanau, ae o le taumafaiga fo’i
ina ia o gatasi le malosi fa’aletino ma le tomai fa’alemafaufau i
tulaga o aoaoga.
Ae mo le Ofisa o Tupulaga Taavou, o lo o fa’aauau pea
aoaoga e toe fa’alautele ai le tomai o fanau aoga i itu tau
aoaoga e pei o aoaoga faa inisinia, galuega fai eletise, galuega
kamuta, ma isi lava ituaiga galuega e mafai ona fesoasoani i le
fa’aleleia atili o le auaunaga a fanau aoga i totonu o galuega
o lo o galulue ai.
Employment Opportunity
Add One Inc is seeking a CASHIER with at
least 3 to 5 years experience. Please send
resume to PO box 9097.
samoa news, Wednesday, December 3, 2014 Page 19
Samoa Tuna Processors, Inc.
Samoa Tuna Processors, Inc. in Atu’u have immediate openings in the Production
Department for the following:
1. Fish Room Lead Person
2. Fish Meal Lead Person
3. Cleaning Support Lead Person
4. Packing Lead Person
5. Labeling & Casing Lead Person
6. Shipping and Receiving Lead Person
Required and desirable abilities, skills and experience
• Ability to effectively understand, speak and read
English desirable. Effective Samoan
communication ability advantageous.
• Basic math ability.
• One (1) or more years in tuna processing
including Lead person experience.
• Knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practices for
food processing.
• Knowledge of Fish Processing operations and
standards preferred.
• Certified Organoleptic/Sensory preferred.
• Knowledge of OSHA regulation policies and
• Physically capable of standing for extended
periods and lifting up to 50lbs.
• Able to work all scheduled shifts including
• Good employment and attendance record.
Required and desirable abilities, skills and experience
• Ability to effectively understand, speak and read
English desirable. Effective Samoan
communication ability advantageous.
• Basic math ability.
• One (1) or more years in tuna processing
including Lead person experience.
• Knowledge of Fish Meal operations and standards
• Knowledge of OSHA regulations policies and
• Physically capable of standing for extended
periods and lifting up to 50lbs.
• Able to work all scheduled shifts including
• Good employment and attendance record.
Required and desirable abilities, skills and experience
• Ability to effectively understand, speak and read
English desirable. Effective Samoan
communication ability advantageous.
• Basic math ability.
• One (1) or more years in tuna processing
including Lead person experience.
• Knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practices for
food processing.
• Knowledge of PSC procedures and standards
• Knowledge of OSHA regulations policies and
• Physically capable of standing for extended
periods and lifting up to 50lbs.
• Able to work all scheduled shifts.
• Good employment and attendance record.
Required and desirable abilities, skills and experience
• Ability to effectively understand, speak and read
English desirable. Effective Samoan
communication ability advantageous.
• Basic math ability.
• One (1) or more years in tuna processing
including Lead person experience.
• Knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practices for
food processing.
• Knowledge of Packing, Weight Control, Condiments
Additions and Seam Defects standards preferred.
• Organoleptic/Sensory certification preferred.
• Knowledge of FDA, OSHA regulations policies and
• Physically capable of standing for extended
periods and lifting up to 50lbs.
• Able to work all scheduled shifts.
• Good employment and attendance record.
Required and desirable abilities, skills and experience
• Ability to effectively understand, speak and read
English desirable. Effective Samoan
communication ability advantageous.
• Basic math ability.
• One (1) or more years in tuna processing
including Lead person experience.
• Knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practices for
food processing.
• Knowledge of Labeling & Casing Production
operations and standards preferred.
• Knowledge of relevant OSHA regulations, policies
and procedures.
• Knowledge of production can codes, product UPC
and label codes, line operations and capabilities
highly preferred.
• Physically capable of standing for extended
periods and lifting up to 50lbs.
• Able to work all scheduled shifts.
• Good employment and attendance record
Required and desirable abilities, skills and experience
• Ability to effectively understand, speak and
read English desirable. Effective Samoan
communication ability advantageous.
• Basic math ability.
• One (1) or more years of shipping/receiving or
closely related experience.
• Knowledgeable of relevant OSHA regulations,
policies and procedures.
• Physically capable of standing for extended
periods and lifting up to 50lbs.
• Able to work all scheduled shifts including
• Basic PC capability, i.e. MS Office Suite.
• ASG Current commercial driver’s license.
• Good employment and attendance record.
Competitive compensation for all employment opportunities commensurate with qualifications.
For consideration, bring or send a copy of your resume including relevant certifications,
references, ASG American Samoa Health Card, Police Clearance, Immigration Clearances (not
required for US Nationals, US Citizens or AS Permanent Residents) and application by December
9th, 2014 no later than 4:00 PM to (applications may be obtained at):
Samoa Tuna Processors, Inc.
Human Resources Department
P.O. BOX 957
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
Samoa Tuna Processors, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Page 20
samoa news, Wednesday, December 3, 2014
The Oregon Health Sciences University team from the Casey Eye Institute in Portland, Oregon, have been in the territory for over a week now working with the
Lions Club on their annual Eye Care Project. On Saturday, November 29, they were treated to a lovely Mexican dinner at Ta’alolo Lodge, where hostess Chande
[photo: tlh]
Lutu Drabble also sang for them, along with several of her fellow Lions. Here, some team members and their Lion hosts smile for Samoa News.
Tusia: Akenese Ilalio Zec
Lion Club member Chris King- also fondly known as the Lion King — spent time at the Eye
Care Project this week helping to check distance vision for the many residents who came out
to take advantage of the free services offered. The clinic, which began last week at LBJ Medical
Center, ended yesterday, while the visiting team of ophthalmologists from Oregon continue to
[photo: tlh]
perform cataract and pterygium surgeries till Friday. Lasiandra Betham smiles for Samoa News with her son Jacob,16 months, who had his first
ever eye exam at the Lions Club Eye Care Project clinic held at LBJ last week.
The clinic ended yesterday, although doctors will continue to perform surgery and follow up
[photo: tlh]
till Friday this week. Vaega: 116
Tatou fa’afetaia pea le alofa ma le agalelei o lo tatou Matai
oi le lagi, ona o Lana tausiga alofa mo i tatou i aso uma o lo
outou soifua fa’apea fo’i ma si o’u nei ola vaivai. E ao ai ona
o tatou fa’apea ifo, “Le Ali’i e, ua na o i matou lava o ni tagata
fa’atauva’a ma le le atoatoa, ae e i ai pea lo matou fa’amoemoe,
o lo’o soifua Lau Afio, e te fa’amagalo mai i lo matou vaivai,
a’o le vi’iga ma le fa’amanu matou te fa’afo’i atu i Lau Afio e
fa’avavau, fa’avavau lava amene.”
Alo maia o le a toe fa’aauau atu la tatou tala mo lenei aso, ae
ia manuia lou alo atu i faiva ma tiute o le a feagai ai. Na muta
mai la tatou tala, i le fa’amuli a Petelo ma Misi, lea ua i ai nei,
ona o lea o lo’o fa’atasi le aiga i le fale o Salamasina, mo le
fa’aiuga o le Fa’amasinoga na alo i ai i lea aso.
Ua sofa’i ifo nei i lalo Misi, ua olioli atu i le fia fa’alogo po’o
le a le tala a Petelo o le a fai ane i a te ia e tusa ai ma le mataupu
e uiga i a Losalia. “Petelo, o a’u o lou uso, o upu fo’i ma tala e
fai i totonu o le fale lenei, e tanu lava i’inei, ‘aua e te popole i se
mea e tasi pe lua.”
Ua ‘ata’ata Petelo, o lo’o ia manatu pea le talaoso ma le
gutu faitatala o Misi, lea ua iloa ai e Samuelu le mea na tupu i
a Losalia. “Ali’i Misi, o e manatua fo’i lou talaoso ma lou gutu
tele lea ua iloa ai nei e Samuelu le mea lea e tupu, tau tu’u le
faitatala ma le tautala so’o, aua o le mea le na e alu atu ai ma isi
tala e le tatau ona fai.”
“Ioe Petelo, fa’amagalo mai si ou uso, ua ta vavevave fo’i i
lea taimi, ua galo ai i a te a’u o Samuelu lea e fai i ai la’u tala, ae
‘aua e te popole, o lea ua ou fai atu, e tanu lava i fale nei a ta tala
o le a fai.” Ua ‘ata Petelo, “Misi ia gata ai i fale nei a, aua a e toe
tautala loa, e feololo le taumatau a Samuelu, i lo’u taumatau ua e
fa’alogo mai, se o a ta mea lava e na o ta’ua lava e iloaina, ‘aua
e te tautala solo ua e fa’alogo mai.”
Ua na o le punou o Misi i lea taimi, “Kelo, ioe, ua mao la’u
tala, ae galo ai i a te a’u, o le tama ulu leaga lea o Samuelu lea e
fai i ai la’u tala, ae fa’amagalo mai si ou uso.”
“ia ua lelei, o la’u tala lea o le a fai atu, o se tala e fesiligia ai
lou fa’amaoni i a te a’u, ae ua i ai lou manatu, e sili pe a fai se ma
feiloa’iga ma Losalia, e moni lava a oe le uso, e ui lava ina leai
so’u tuafafine, ae e pele fo’i i matua o Losalia ma ona tuagane
ia Losalia, e tatau fo’i la ona ou va’ai i ia itu, e sa’o.? Ua sau le
tali a Misi, “Sa’o.”
Ua toe fa’aauau le tala a Petelo, o le isi itu, ana fa’apea fo’i e
i ai so’u tuafafine, ae ou va’ai atu e fai fa’apea e se isi tama, ou
te lagona fo’i, e sa’o?” Ua toe tali Misi, “Sa’o.” Ua ‘ata Petelo
ma toe fa’apea ane i a Misi, “ia tau lava o lo’u sa’o mai, e a, e i
ai se sa’o o le tou aiga.”
Ua ‘ata leo tele Misi, ua lagona lona fiafia, ona o upu moni
lava, o le mana’oga lea o Misi, ia fai se to’alua o Petelo, e fesoasoani i a te ia, ona o lea ua iloa nei e Misi, o le matua’i avega
ma le fa’afafa lea e fai nei e Petelo i le tausiga o le aiga. E tasi
le umukuka, ae a’ai uma ai le aiga atoa, e o’o fo’i i ona matua, e
alu atu i ai le umu i Aso Sa uma.
“Kelo, fa’afetai ua a’e se manatu i a te oe le uso, a fo’i o mea
lelei uma a mea na ua e tautala mai ai i a te a’u, ae saunoa mai
lau afioga Puipuifatu, aua o lou lava suafa matai le na, o Puipuifatu, ia e puipui i lou fatu, ‘ia ‘aua ne i o’o i ai ni fa’alogona tiga,
aua e pe ai lou fatu.” E faia pea…
samoa news, Wednesday, December 3, 2014 Page 21
Se vaaiga i le auva’a mai le va’a fagota o le Betty C, sa goto i le faaiuga o le vaiaso, i le taimi na taunuu ai i Pago Pago i le taeao ananafi.
Mai itulau 17
I luga o le “Cape Ferrat”
sa latou avane ofu mo i latou
le ‘auva’a pagatia, ma ua
fa’amafanafanaina fo’i i le saogalemu o le latou malaga. E le’i
mafai ona galo ia Pulotu Mafi o
Aasu, “O se avanoa lelei lenei
mo a’u ou te iloa lelei ai le alofa
o le Atua, ua fa’asaoina le ola,
ae le’i faigofie lagona o le mea
na tupu, aua e le’i faigata ona
va’aia mea uma ua liu efuefu.”
I le fetauiga a le ‘au a
Tafuna High School Varsity
itupa o ali’i ma le au a Leone
Varsity i le afiafi o le aso Gafua
na te’a nei, na matua iloga ai
le malosi fo’i o i ai le Laumua
o le Toa i lea fo’i fa’agatama i
lenei tausaga.
I le seti muamua sa
manumalo ai Tafuna i ‘ai
e 25 - 13 a Leone, ma sa toe
fetaui fo’i mo le seti lona lua
ma sa maua ai ‘ai o Tafuna e
25 i le na’o le 21 a Leone. I
le ta’aloga atoa sa lelei lava
le puipui mai a Tafuna i tu’i
lelei fo’i a Leone, ae o nisi o
mea sese sa matauina i le ‘au a
Leone, e masani ona maumau
avanoa lelei i le pa’u o le polo,
ae leai se tasi e tago ane e sefe.
Lona lua o serve amata o
ta’aloga e masani ona neti e
le ova. I le talanoa fa’amalosi
a le ali’i faia’oga o Sam i lana
‘au volipolo mai Leone, sa
ia fa’ailoa atu ai, “E ala ona
tatou le manumalo, e maumau
avanoa lelei mo le polo e ova
ai, ae ua le ova. O lo’o lelei
lava tu’i ma poloka, ae tatau
ona lelei muamua pasi mo se
seti lelei.”
O lo’o i ai nisi avanoa
lelei mo Leone i le isi a latou
fetauiga o soso’o mai ma le
au a le Fagaitua Vikings. Ua
malolo lelei mai Tafuna, ma
le 9 manumalo i le leai o se
Picture yourself here.
Shown on right: Austin Whiting, Student, Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology
Hawai’i School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University
➧ Vaifanua…
[ata: Leua Aiono Frost]
Earn your next degree with
Argosy University, Hawaii in American Samoa
Join us for our upcoming Information Session
Thursday, December 4 at 4:30pm, Pago Plaza
Classes starting soon on campus and online for bachelors, masters, and doctoral programs.
Areas of study include human services, psychology, business, leadership, public health, education and more.
RSVP with Pele Chun at 684.258.9645 or
1001 Bishop Street Suite 400 Honolulu, HI 96813
Argosy University is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (985 Atlantic Ave., Suite 100, Alameda, CA
94501, See for program duration, tuition, fees, and other costs, median debt, federal salary data,
alumni success, and other important info. Programs, credential levels, technology, and scheduling options are subject to change.
©2014 by Argosy University AU-14113-7/14
Page 22
samoa news, Wednesday, December 3, 2014
tusia Ausage Fausia
Western Pacific Fishery Management Council executive director, Kitty Simonds (left) and
Marine and Wildlife Resources Department director Ruth Matagi-Tofiga at last Friday’s luncheon hosted by Tri Marine International for Pacific island representatives and U.S. officials
invited by ASG and the two canneries for the Tuna Industry Open House. The visit gave them the
opportunity to tour the StarKist Samoa, Tri Marine International and ASG shipyard facilities to
see first hand that American Samoa’s economy is dependent on the fisheries industry. [photo: FS]
Materials Management Office
PO Box PPB, Pago Pago
American Samoa 96799
Phone No: (684) 699-3057
Fax No: (684) 699-4129
RFQ NO: ASPA.15.1242
Issuance Date: December 1, 2014
Date & Time Due: December 18, 2014
No later than 2:00 p.m. local time
The American Samoa Power Authority issues a Request for Quotes (RFQ) to invite qualified firms to
submit quotes for the:
“Purchase and Delivery of TD Inventory Materials”
An Original must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked: “RFQ #ASPA15.1242 – Purchase and
Delivery of TD Inventory Materials.” Submissions are to be sent to the following address and will be
received until 2:00 p.m. (local time), Thursday, December 18, 2014:
Materials Management Office
American Samoa Power Authority
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
Attn: Nancy Tinitali-Mauga, Procurement Manager
Any quotation received after the aforementioned date and time will not be accepted under any
circumstances. Late submissions will not be opened or considered and will be determined as being nonresponsive.
The RFQ package outlining the quotation requirements is available at The Materials Management Office
at ASPA’s Tafuna Compound and may also be obtained from our Website:
Right of Rejection
The American Samoa Power Authority reserves the right to reject any and/or all quotations and to waive
any irregularities and/or informalities in the submitted quotations that are not in the best interests of the
American Samoa Power Authority or the public.
Approved for Issuance: Utu Abe Malae, Executive Director
O le ali’i lea na maua e leoleo i totonu o lana ta’avale ni
pulufana atoa ai ma se sikaleti mariuana se tasi, ua molia nei
o ia i lona umia fa’asolitulafono o vaega o le laau fa’asaina o
le mariuana, fa’apea ai ma moliaga mama e lua, o lona umia
fa’asolitulafono lea o se fana e le i lesitalaina atoa ai ma lona
umia fa’asolitulafono o pulufana.
O tu’uaiga fa’asaga ia Tuliese Taliu na alia’e i le
fa’alavelave lea na tula’i mai i Avau i le aso 24 Novema pe
tusa o le itula e 1:14, ina ua ia titipi ni ta’avale se lua i luga o
le auala i se auala fa’asolitulafono, atoa ai ma le mata’utia o
le saoasaoa na alu ai lana ta’avale, ma mafua ai loa ona taofi
e le ali’i leoleo ia Det. Filemoni Amituana’i lana ta’avale
ae fai i ai su’esu’ega i le mafua’aga o le soona alu saoasaoa
faapea o lana ta’avale.
Na taua i fa’amaumauga a le fa’amasinoga e fa’apea,
na ona fa’ailoa atu lava e le ali’i leoleo o fa’ailoilo o lana
ta’avale i le ta’avale a Taliu, afe loa i tua ma le ta’avale a le
ua molia ma paka i le isi vaega o le auala, ae savali atu ma
fa’atoese i le ali’i leoleo e tusa ai o le mea sese sa ia faia i
luga o le alatele.
Na fesili le ali’i leoleo ia Taliu i le mafuaaga na soona alu
saoasaoa ai lana ta’avale, ae sa fa’atoese le ua molia, na natinati e fia momoli lona nephew i lana ‘appointment’ i le Ofisa
o le Loia Fautua mo Tagata Lautele.
Na taumafai leoleo e saili se pepa fa’amaonia mo le ua
molia e iloa ai po o ai o ia, e aofia ai ma se laisene ave ta’avale,
ae foliga mai e leai ma se pepa fa’amaonia sa ia te ia i le taimi,
e fa’amaonia mai ai po o ai moni o ia, o le mafua’aga lea na
valaau ai loa e le ali’i leoleo ia Det. Amituana’i se fesoasoani
mai isi leoleo, mo le momoliina atu o le ta’avale a le ua molia
i le ofisa o leoleo i Fagatogo.
O ali’i leoleo e to’alua na mulimuli taunu’u atu i le nofoaga
na tula’i mai ai le fa’alavelave, o i laua ia na avea le ta’avale
a Taliu i le ofisa o leoleo i Fagatogo, o i laua fo’i ia na la
mauaina ni pulufana se tolu i le faitoto’a o le ave ta’avale, ma
mafua ai loa ona fesiligia le ua molia po o pulufana a ai lea
na maua i totonu o le ta’avale, peita’i sa tete’e Taliu na te le
iloaina ni pulufana.
O se tasi o pulufana sa maua i le ta’avale a le ua molia, o
se pulufana o le ituaiga fana o le .38, ae o isi pulufana e 6 na
toe maua mulimuli ane ai, o pulufana o le fana o le .22, lea sa
maua i totonu o se atigi fagu sa i totonu o le ta’avale.
Na fa’aauau pea le sailiga a leoleo i totonu o le ta’avale, ma
maua ai se sikaleti mariuana e 4 inisi lona umi fa’atasi ai ma se
paipa e ula ai le aisa sa maua ai foi, ae ina ua fesiligia Taliu po
o ai e ana mea ia sa maua i le ta’avale, na ta’utino le ua molia,
o pulufana ma le sikaleti mariuana, o ana meatotino.
E $10,000 lea ua fa’atulaga e le fa’amasinoga e totogi
ona fa’atoa mafai lea ona tatala le ua molia i tua, e faatali
ai taualumaga o lana mataupu lea ua fa’agasolo i luma o le
fa’amasinoga i le taimi nei.
O le isi ali’i e to’afa i ai ali’i o lo o tu’uaia i le fa’alavelave
lea na latou osofaia ai le faleoloa o le Gold Conda Store i
Fagaalu i le masina o Me na te’a nei, ua sauni e fa’amautu sa
latou maliliega ma le malo ma fa’amuta ai loa le mataupu e pei
ona tu’uaia ai o ia e le malo i le taimi nei.
O le taeao nei lea ua fa’atulaga e toe tula’i ai Alatuna
Simi i luma o le fa’amasinoga maualuga, ma le fa’amoemoe
e fofoga aloaia ai loa vaega o le maliliega ua latou sainia ma
le malo, e pei ona fa’ailoa e loia i lana iloiloga sa faia i le
vaiaso na te’a nei.
O lo o taua i fa’amaumauga a le fa’amasinoga e faapea,
o Simi ma le ali’i o Samuel Wright, o i laua ia na alu atu le
ta’avale a Falefatu Asi ma piki mai i tafatafa o le faleoloa ina
ua tuana’i le osofaiga, lea na fa’alala ai se fana i le fa’atau oloa
ae fao fa’amalosi se tupe sa i ai.
O Wright lea o lo o tu’uaia e le malo, o ia lea na ia fa’alala
le fana i le fa’atauoloa sa i ai i le vaega tonu o lo o i ai le
masini tupe, ae o Simi na oso aga’i i totonu ma fao fa’amalosi
ese mai se atigipusa sa i lalo o le laulau o lo o i ai le masini
O le tupe sa maua i le osofaiga e pei ona taua i fa’amaumauga
a le fa’amasinoga, na vaevae ai ali’i nei e to’atolu, e ta’i $100
Simi ma Asi ae $120 Wright, e pei ona taua i fa’amaumauga
a le fa’amasinoga.
O lo o taofia pea Simi ma isi ali’i o lo o tu’uaia fa’atasi i
latou i lenei mataupui le toese i Tafuna, ina ua le mafai ona
latou totogiina le ta’i $100,000 na fa’atulaga e le fa’amasinoga
e tatala ai i latou i tua mai le toese.
Feso’ota’i mai i le tusitala ia
2 children, adult
killed in a Tenn.
school bus crash
— Two buses bringing children
home from school collided on
a Tennessee highway Tuesday
afternoon, killing two students and an adult and injuring
another 27 people.
Police said a preliminary
investigation indicated one bus
made a sharp left turn, crossed
over a concrete median and hit
the second bus, which was traveling in the opposite direction.
The second bus flipped onto its
side and slid.
The children killed were
in third grade or below, said
Knoxville Police Chief David
Rausch. The adult who died
was an aide.
Three seriously injured
people were taken to the University of Tennessee Medical
Center and were in stable
condition, Rausch said. Medical Center spokesman Jim
Ragonese said a total of seven
people were treated there, and
three of them had been discharged by Tuesday evening.
East Tennessee Children’s
Hospital spokeswoman Erica
Estep said another 20 children were being treated there
for injuries that were not
Rausch said 18 of the 20
had been on a bus going home
School, which serves kindergarten through second grade.
He described their injuries as
“bumps and scrapes.” They were
taken to the hospital on a city bus
“to be checked out,” he said.
The other bus involved in the
crash was from Chilhowee Intermediate School, which serves
third through fifth grade. Rausch
said some children from that bus
were taken by their families to
the children’s hospital.
Knox County Schools
McIntyre fought back tears at
a news conference. “This is an
unspeakable tragedy,” he said.
“This is what we work every
day to try to prevent.”
Class was not being held at
the two schools Wednesday,
but counselors were being
made available part of the
day for students or families
if needed, McIntyre said later in
a statement.
Forrest Robinson, who
works at a gas station and restaurant near the crash, said
he heard a “really big bam.”
When he went to look, one of
the buses was flipped and the
other was “completely across
the median.”
He said parents soon arrived
and some of them formed a
prayer circle as they waited for
news about their children.
The Knoxville News Sentinel reported that Rausch
notified relatives of one of the
deceased children at the scene,
to screams and tears.
Karla Corona, a manager at
an AutoZone near the crash, told
the newspaper that she heard a
bang and then saw people running toward the buses.
“I saw all the kids being
rushed off the bus. Firefighters
were the first to show up, and
two or three cop cars. People
actually got out of their cars
and ran to help,” she said.
Haslam, a former Knoxville
mayor, was holding a budget
meeting on Tuesday.
He spoke to reporters about
the crash after hearing the news.
“Any crash is a horrible
thing when you have fatalities,
and children involved,” he said.
“It’s hard to imagine a worse
situation. Our hearts go out to
all the families impacted.”
samoa news, Wednesday, December 3, 2014 Page 23
Authorities work the scene of an accident involving two school buses in Knoxville, Tenn.,
Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014. Two school buses have collided on a Tennessee highway, injuring at least
20 people. Darrell DeBusk, a Knoxville police spokesman, says three people who were most seriously injured were taken to the University of Tennessee Medical Center.
At least 17 additional students were being transported to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital
with minor injuries. There was no immediate word on what caused the crash or the exact condi(AP Photo/Knoxville News Sentinel, Michael Patrick)
tion of those who were injured. ATTENTION!
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Van Camp. A large portion of plan participants have received their pension benefit in full with the exception of a few that we
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contact: Maria Taueu, at 858-597-4279 by November 28, 2014.
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samoa news, Wednesday, December 3, 2014