Attitude of Mothers to Contraception, Bartley

Samoa Research Presentation
Dr Cecilia Bartley
Aim of Research
• To find the knowledge, attitude and practice
of contraception usage amongst pregnant
mothers attending ANC
• Target Population
– Pregnant mothers at Booking clinics at the two
main referral hospitals (TTMH & MTII hospitals);
health centres.
WHY this study?
• General observation that contraception use is
not a “popular thing” amongst mothers
• Big family numbers = family security in Samoa
• Rate of teenage pregnancy ~10%
• Majority of pregnant mothers are multiparas
Who’s WHO?
• Research Team:
– Alec Ekeroma (mentor)
– Francis Maru (headboy)
– Hinauri Leaupepe, Henry Taylor, Manatua Iati &
Cecilia Bartley
• Samoa has a population of ≥ 185,000 people
(young population)
• Average delivery rate in the last 3 years (20101012) 3931 deliveries per yr thus 328 per
month (amongst 4 delivery rooms)
• Maternal Mortality in the last year – majority
as a result of PPH thus preventive cause
• Regular ANCs are always full
• Literature review (Pubmed) 10 similar studies
– Similar KAP study on Antenatal mothers
– Non pacific countries
• Questionnaire type research (English/Samoan
– Distributed mainly by midwives at Antenatal
booking clinics
– Collected 180 answered questionnaires
Where are we now?
• Collecting few more questionnaires
– Data tallying
• Proposal writing
– (Need MENTOR HELP!!!)