Worldwide Applications

Water penetration: a major
threat to treasures in museum
Leak Detection
Systems For
Shanghai World
Financial Centre
TraceTek water leak detection systems are being installed throughout the Shanghai World
Financial Center - one of the world’s tallest buildings. To prevent disruption to business
continuity, water sensing cables are being located in all sensitive environments, like the
building’s data centers, computer rooms etc., and in close proximity to water services.
Designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox for Mori Building Co. Ltd., the Shanghai World Financial
Center, in the People’s Republic of China, has 101 floors above ground and towers to a
height of 492 meters. It is a 4 million sq ft. mixed use facility comprising prestige office space
for world banks and financial institutions, a 180 room 5-star hotel, retail shopping mall,
international conference facilities and observation decks.
Johnson Controls is providing the integrated BMS for this landmark development and part of
this responsibility includes the provision of water leak detection within the building.
Some 4km of TraceTek water sensing cable and 80 electronic control modules are being
installed to safeguard data centers, computer rooms, air conditioning plant, kitchens and a
swimming pool. With its global presence, Tyco Thermal Controls was recognized as a secure
partner for this major project and has been contributing ‘local’ technical support on leak
detection right from the design phase.
- AbdulJalil Triumph at Dubai Mall
- Ras Laffan- Triple Bonanza
- IDC Mumbai – Industrial Training
AbdulJalil Triumph at Dubai Mall
AbdulJalil Industrial Development, Tyco Thermal Controls
commercial distributor for UAE, has the TraceTek® purchase
order for the world's largest mall from the owners Emaar
This order represented a bill of materials that included 3.3
kilometers of TT3000 sensing cables, 4 TTSIM-1 and 1
TTDM-128. They have also decided to use the TraceTek
supervisor software, will be fully integrated with the BMS of
Johnson Controls.
AbdulJalil became aware of a leak detection requirement
during their discussions Juma Al Majeed-Mapco J.V. It was
not easy for the main contractor, AbdulJalil to win the
customer's confidence and gain the business. The
wonderful support given by the Tyco Thermal Controls team,
a collection of competitive information and close liaison with
operational units at the customer's end, helped AbdulJalil
clinch the deal. They were able to convince the client of their
ability to meet expectations and deadlines.
The consultants for this project are Meinhart P.t.e LtdSingapore and Project Management is by Turner
Construction International.
TT3000 Semiconductor
Factory in Japan
TT1000 is installed in
buildings throughout
the world!
Hidden leaks under
• The major risk is to have
an undetected leak
under one of the four
crude oil tanks,
• The solution has been to
bury one kilometer ( 4
times 250 meters) of
TT5000 cable around
the perimeter of the
• Benefits: the tanks will
be monitored 24h a day,
7 days a week.
Hidden leaks under
Hidden leaks under
Emergency plan
triggering system
• The risk was to have
undetected leaks in the
bunds around the tanks in the
• The solution has been to
install multiple TT-FFS
device in the sump at the
lower point of the bund.
• Features: one Fast Fuel
Sensor is mounted on a
floating device to detect the
presence of floating
hydrocarbons on the top of
water while a second TT-FFS
is fixed at the lower point to
detect sinking hydrocarbons.
Emergency plan
triggering system
Cracks in water drains &
floating roof monitoring
• TT-FFS in
concrete ring
where the rain
water from the roof
is collected.
• Fixed TT-FFS
before the valve
leading to the main
rain water collector
is there to prevent
any leak in the
sewerage system.
Cracks in water drains &
floating roof monitoring
Cracks in water drains &
floating roof monitoring
How to detect leaks from over
fill and leaks from fittings on
the side of the tank
Fuel line protection
System installation
Airport fuel lines
monitoring system
Transfer pipeline under
continued surveillance
Airport jetties
• Leak detection
system alongside
main fuel line
Tank farm in the UK
Pipe systems from small oil ports can
pose ecological threats
Case Studies: Pipelines traversing beaches on Mayotte Island, Tanzania and on the
coast of Chile
At small oil ports around the world, tankers often unload their cargo of crude oil or refined
fuels into small pipe systems that traverse ecologically sensitive beach and dune zones.
Where operation is intermittent and pipeline lengths relatively short, traditional SCADAbased leak detection systems which rely on predictable constant flow rates are rendered
ineffective. In fact even large leaks during off-loading may go completely undetected,
compromising operators’ environmental responsibility and devastating the local ecology.
Tyco Thermal Controls is able to offer companies facing this risk with a better solution with
TraceTek TT5000 - one of the only effective leak detection systems for such critically
environmentally sensitive areas. The TraceTek TT5000 pipeline monitoring system uses
specialist hydrocarbon leak detection cable buried inside slotted conduit in the same trench
as the pipework. Once installed, with as many individual 1km circuits as necessary, the
system can monitor the entire pipeline and detect and pinpoint the location of a leak to +/- 1
metre. Each circuit has its own Sensor Interface Module (SIM) and up to 128 SIMs can be
networked back to the alarm and user interface panel.
Short pipeline systems, on Mayotte Island, Tanzania and on the coast of Chile are just two of
the locations with beach and dune zones where operators with environmental concerns have
employed TT5000 fuel sensor cables as their primary leak detection system. In both cases
they have been installed along with the single wall steel pipes to provide a long-term
monitoring and leak alert capability.
Avoiding ground water pollution at tank
CASE STUDY: Coast Oil Co., San Jose,
Coast Oil Co. is one of the USA’s largest distributors of gasoline,
diesel fuel and lubricants At its San Jose tank farm, the company
has twelve closely grouped small diameter tanks. The challenge
was to retro-fit this facility with and effective leak detection system
to monitor the soil beneath the tanks without interrupting
commercial operations.
TTC provided the solution with TT5000 sensing cable installed
within PVC conduit in the soil beneath fuel tanks. Any spillage is
drawn into the conduit by capillary action.
At this tank farm, rather than continuous monitoring, Coast Oil
operators opted to make for periodic measurements with a batterypowered TraceTek test instrument at junction boxes on vertical
risers. The Company’s rationale was simply to detect minor floor
plate leaks while still small seepage and consequently taking a few
extra days to interrogate the system will have little or no impact on
the cost or volume of soil remediation. Whilst the closeness of the
tanks posed working space limitations for the installers, they
overcame them using a small, manoeuvrable horizontal drilling
machine, operating an air-ram boring tools rather than a rotating
drill bit.
Horizontal drilling and
TraceTek installation:
Case study: PidPa Benelux
Horizontal drilling and
TraceTek installation:
Case study: PidPa Benelux
Horizontal drilling and
TraceTek installation:
Case study: PidPa Benelux
Horizontal drilling and
TraceTek installation:
Case study: PidPa Benelux
Horizontal drilling and
TraceTek installation:
Case study: PidPa Benelux
Modular Standalone module