Trevor Muddimer
The problem…
 Generally, around 10% of a companies electricity is used
to run the air compressor(s).
 Leakage ranges from 10% to 30% of the Compressed Air ,
with worst cases, up to ~50%.
 Leak repairs are usually simple – jubilee pipe clips, loose
joints, with hardware repairs being minimal.
Visible leaks
Ultrasonic detection…
 Ultrasonic sound detection is needed, because on
average only ~5% of leaks are loud enough to hear.
 It follows that 95% of leaks are undetected, hence
remain unrepaired
 We also locate gas leaks such as Welding gas, Argon,
Helium, Nitrogen, or Co2
Ultrasonic detection.
To Date…
 Since 2011, we have found nearly 1,000 leaks
in 75 companies. (running 109 compressors)
 Total of £233,000 per year in estimated savings
 Total Emissions saved =1,103 Tonnes CO2
equivalent to 1,103 hot air balloons.
 Saving £23,500 per year for one large Company!
Survey & Report service:
 Our Charges are aligned to the survey area
 Our Report, shows estimated Cost per Leak per Year,
and the annual total – allowing prioritised repairs.
 Our Leak Cost calculations use
 the leak Sound level (dB),
 Air pressure (psi or bar),
 Availability period (hours per year),
 and Cost per Kwh (typically 9-12p/Kwh).