Conduit and Convoluted Tubing

Glenair Interconnect
Conduit Systems
Military Applications
High-reliability, high performance applications
 Guided Missile Launch Systems
 Shipboard/Land/Airborne
 Guided Missile and Gun Radar Systems
 Tanks/Armored Vehicles
 Shipboard Wiring Systems
 Communications Shelters and Facilities
 Landing Gears
 Test Equipment
Commercial/Industrial Applications
High Volume, High Performance Applications
Test Equipment
Space Applications
Wheel Wells
High Temperature Automotive
Engine Nacelles
Industrial Robotics
Border/customs inspection
Rail and Heavy Equipment
Mining and Utilities
and Metal-Core Conduit Systems
Factory Terminated or User Installable Assemblies Built from Bulk
Tubing Products, Connector Fittings and Adapters
 High-Temperature Thermoplastic
Convoluted Tubing
 Flexible Metal-Core Conduit: Brass,
Nickel-Iron, and Stainless Steel
 Turnkey Factory Assembly or User
Installable Fittings
 Overbraiding and Jacketing
 Unique Transitions, Adapters and
Bulkhead Fittings
 Mil-Spec and Commercial
Why Choose Conduit for Wire Protection?
Ease of Installation and Repair
 Repairability: Field and
 On-site/premise ease of
 Prototyping and mock
 Expandability
Why Choose Conduit for Wire Protection?
Advanced EMI protection
 Optimal EMI/RFI shielding
across all frequencies: H
and E fields
 Tempest (Transient
Electromagnetic Pulse
Emanation Standard)
 Lightning strike
Why Choose Conduit for Wire Protection?
Environmental and Mechanical Properties
High heat resistance
Superior abrasion, crush, and pull
Environmental Protection: gamma
radiation, ozone, fluids, fungus, NBC
(Nuclear, Biological, Chemical)
 Non-Flammable
 Low Smoke and Toxicity
 Halogen Free
Key Performance Specifications
Designing the right performance levels for each application
 EMI Protection: Attenuation
Level and Frequency Band
 Environmental Protection: Fluids,
Corrosion, NBC, etc.
 Mechanical Strength & Durability
Requirements: Abrasion
Resistance, Pull Strength, Crush
 Flammability/Toxicity
 Temperature Requirements
of the
Material Selection
Selection of Component Elements
Shielding Materials and Weights
Jacketing Specifications
Tubing/Conduit Composition
Fitting Types (Split, Retractable, Swivel)
Fitting Material and Surface Plating
Length, Weight or Shape Specification
New MIL-PRF-24758A(SH) Shipboard
Conduit and Fitting Specification
New weatherproof conduit spec for Navy applications
 New Performance Specification
 Calls for improved waterproof
sealing and Improved corrosion
 New Glenair design combines the
best high-temperature conduit
and new backshell style sealing
“Bluejacket” Material Spec
New Glenair proprietary formula “bluejacket” weatherproof conduit spec
 200° C
 Halogen free per IEC 60614-1 Clause 11.2.1
 Accelerated Weathering (Solar) per IEC
 Flame Resistant per IEC 60614-1
 Low Smoke Index per NES 711 (11.75)
 Smoke Density Class F1 Per NF F 16-101
IAW DIN EN 60695-2-11:2001
 Toxicity Index per NES 713 (1.9)
 Colorable to Fed Std 595B
 Markable IAW MIL-PRF-24758A
“Bluejacket” Material Spec (Continued)
New Glenair proprietary formula “bluejacket” weatherproof conduit spec
 Oxygen Index = 45.1 Per EN ISO 4589-2:1999
 12 Sec Vertical Burn: Pass Per 14CFR Part
25.853(a) amdt 25-116 App F Part 1 (a)(1)(ii)
 Fluids Per MIL STD 810F, Method 504
Fuel (MIL-T-83133): JPG
Hydraulic Fluid (MIL H 5606): ROYCO 756
Lube Oil (MIL-L-23699): ROYCO-500
Cleaner (MIL-C-85570): CALLA-855
Solvent (Isopropyl Alcohol): TT-I-735
De Icer (AMS-1432): E36 Runway Deicer
Coolant (MIL-C-87252): Coolanol 25R
Refrigerant (R134): R12 Replacement
Fire Extinguishant Foam: AMEREX AFFF
Product Documentation
Conduit Catalogs and Other Reference Materials
 Convoluted Tubing and
Flexible Metal-Core
Conduit Systems Catalog
 Shipboard Interconnect
Hardware Catalog
 MIL-PRF-24758A Catalog
 QwikCreate
Custom Applications
Custom Design and Assembly Capabilities
 Repairable and Molded MultiBranch Assemblies
 Hybrid Electrical and Fiber Optic
Media Protection
 Integrated Box/Conduit Assemblies
 Unique Fuel Cell Solutions
 Seamless Integration with
Composite Fittings and Systems
A World of
Interconnect Solutions