A2W Bottling Plant Presentation

Bottling plants
A river of money….
A Healthy Choice
• Air2Water bottled water is healthy
• The source is controlled, monitored and secure
• Water can be re-mineralized or distilled like in
• Water quality can be tuned to the environment with
the Air2Water liquid manifold and filter system
Low Environmental Impact
• Air2Water bottling plants are green
• Able to be powered by wind and solar
• Bio-degradable bottles
• Water source is abundant and natural
• Non-polluting source
• No pollutants put back into the environment
Safe Water Source
• Not affected by terrorist threats or actions
• Totally manageable source – modify pH and mineral
• Easily monitored to ensure quality
• Air filters keep pollution out and H2O molecules in
The AWG Technology
• A2W patented process including re-circulation
• Leading global water filtration technology
• Leading global expertise from Munters
• Generates on-demand pure water
• Highest Quality and Capacity of Manufacture
How It Works
Bottling Plant
• Norland International
• America’s leading small/medium bottling plant
• High-quality installation and deployment
• Excellent customer service and support
• Built in Lincoln, Nebraska – America’s Heartland
The Components
• A2WT-150 atmospheric water generator – 3470 gpd
• In markets like Florida can be increased to >4500gpd
• Stainless steel food grade storage tanks
• Filtration system with recirculation
• Spectra 5000 bottling system
• c/w labeling
• Carton and shrink-wrap machine
• Blow molding machine
Blow Molding System
• Create your own bottle designs
• Produce your own bottles
• More control over supply
• Cost savings
• More production options
Oxo Biodegradable Plastic
• Bottles are made of cross-linked polymers
• Typically chains are 200,000 to 400,000 links
• The additive breaks these chains down to 10,000 to
20,000 links
• Because it is broken down, bacteria consumes the plastic
and the resulting waste is CO2, water and bio-waste
• Used in Europe for 24 years, but never before in a bottle
• 98.5% standard PET - compatible with recycling
The Opportunity
• To build water bottling plants using
atmospheric water generation as the source
• To distribute high quality bottled water with
you own brand
• To supply private label branded bottled water
The Steps to More Margin
• Establish the brand
• Establish the wholesale value at >50 cents
per bottle
• Quality demands a higher price
• Increases the gross margin by over 50%
• The potential is truly phenomenal
You Do The Math
• 3 unit AWG plant capacity = 79,500 x 16.9 oz. bottles per day
• Bottling equipment capacity for a 16 hour day (2 production shifts)
• Flat and wrapped COGS of approximately 19 cents per bottle
• includes the price of labeled bio-bottle and cost of water production
• Retail is >$1.00 for individual bottles (7Eleven and up) including a
a 50% to 70% mark-up
• A 3 unit plant with an average 40 cent per bottle wholesale can
generate approx. $16,700 per day in gross revenue - $6M per annum
• Deduct your operational costs (labor, occupancy, administration,
management, and marketing etc.)
• The ROI is impressive
Brand Over Price
• Brandchannel.com says brand is more important than price
• Fact: Dasani and Aquafina are filtered tap water
• Fact: Bottled water has a bad reputation
• Opportunity: Establishing a brand with provable high quality
is the cornerstone of establishing a high margin
• “Your” bottled water = boutique water at an affordable price
• “The people who grab, say, purity and own that with the
brand are the ones who are going to succeed in the long
term” – Bob Briggs, President of Lindsay Stone and Briggs
brand management consulting firm – Madison, WI
Investment Quality
• Water is the most valuable resource in the world
• AWG - scaleable access to a valuable/renewable resource
• Just a thought – If you could buy a machine that could
generate oil from the air as this machine generates water,
would you buy it
• Most economists believe that water will be worth more than oil
• In fact, in many parts of the world it already is
• Observers believe that future wars will be fought over water
1. Nationwide service and support from Munters
2. 24/7 telephone support from Air2Water
3. Spare parts stored on site
The Timing
• With many jurisdictions expressing
concern about existing water filtration
methods, it’s the perfect time to move
into AWG
• With fresh water supplies running low
and costs going up, the timing is right
Best Practices Partners
• Air2Water LLC
• Strong patents
• Quality Brand
• Delivering IP and licensing total bottling plant package
• Munters
• World’s largest dehumidification and air treatment company
• Manufacturing on 3 continents – 30 countries – 4300 employees
• USD $9.3B in annual sales
• Manufacturing AWGs exclusively for Air2Water LLC
• Norland International
• Highest quality small/medium bottling plant supplier choice
• US based manufacturer
• Experienced in AWG bottling plant mfg.
Exclusive Rights
• Investment includes exclusive license in
the US, Africa, India and Central America for
AWG bottling from the partners
(Air2Water, Munters and Norland)
• Includes rights to sub-license
• Limited only to maintaining production volume