ARTI Compact Biogas: Solution to Urban Organic Waste

ARTI Compact Biogas: Solution to
Urban Organic Waste Management
Priyadarshini Karve
Reality of Waste to Energy Projects
• So far biogas generation from organic waste has been
considered only for large scale systems at the level of
municipal corporations.
• Villages in the vicinity of a municipal garbage processing
facility have to suffer from the pollution, foul smell, etc.
• Traditional waste pickers are being exploited by waste
management companies to maximise their profits.
• ARTI’s 2006 Ashden award winning technology allows
conversion of kitchen waste into biogas, even at single
household level.
• biogas can be used for cooking, electricity generation, or
running any IC engine for applications like water pumping.
ARTI Compact Biogas Plants
ARTI Compact Biogas Plants
• ARTI Compact Biogas –
Terrace Model:
• Size: 1
• ARTI Compact Biogas –
Balcony Model:
• Capacity: upto 2 kg kitchen waste
• Size: 0.5 m3 digester
• Quantity of gas produced: upto 1
kg biogas, capable of replacing
250 gm of LPG.
• Capacity: upto 1 kg kitchen waste
• Depending on type of cooking
done, one meal can be cooked
entirely on biogas.
• Requires space on open terrace
with good load bearing capacity
or open to sunlight area of land –
about 2-3 m2.
• Quantity of gas produced: upto 0.5
kg biogas, capable of replacing
about 100 gm of LPG.
• Depending on type of cooking
done, tea, snacks, etc. can be
• Can fit into a balcony.
Large ARTI Biogas System
Capacity: 7000 ltrs. Digester
(plastic tank or masonry work)
5000 ltrs. gas holder (plastic tank)
Unit Cost: Approx INR 2,00,000
Pay back period: 3-4 years
Operating cost: Electricity for Food Pulper, 1 hp
Labour 2 hr/day (at actual)
Gas production: 2.5 kg LPG eq/day or 75 kg/month
Additional benefit: Spent slurry in watery form can be
used directly as liquid fertilizer (100-125 lit/day).
Area open to sunlight throughout the day 10sq.m.
Water ~ 100-125 lit/day
Feedstock: Food waste, pulped, 40-50 kg (cooked food,
overripe fruit, peels of banana, papaya, mango, etc.)
Biogas –
a versatile energy source
Cooking fuel - for household or
commercial establishments
Fuel for a generator for producing
electricity – for household or
Fuel for running any IC engine – for
household/community applications like
water pumping
Source of methane (natural gas), an
already well established fuel
1 kg of green biomass = approx 0.5 kg of
biodegradable waste on dry weight basis
0.5 kg dry weight of biodegradable waste
 approx 400 g biogas
=100 g methane + 300 g carbon dioxide
1 kg of green biomass = 100 g methane
= 100 g LPG or 0.5 kwh energy
Potential for ARTI Biogas in India
Rural and Urban
Organic waste available
in India
~ 1000 million tn
~ 100 million tn
500 million kwh
of potential energy Source!
Biogas Effluent
to be used as
organic fertilizer
100 million tn
of fossil fuel import
potentially avoided!
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