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08 April 2015
Sellafield Ltd Transitioning to Qlikview for BI
A case study of the Qlikview POC Implementation at Sellafield
– Introduction to Sellafield
– Business Challenge
– Proposed Solution
– Results achieved
– Next Steps
– Questions
08 April 2015
Sellafield Ltd Transitioning to Qlikview for BI
Introduction to Sellafield Ltd
– Sellafield Ltd is the company responsible for safely delivering decommissioning,
reprocessing, nuclear waste management and fuel manufacturing activities on
behalf of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.
– Has the largest concentration of nuclear expertise in Europe
– Measuring 6 sq kilometres, the Sellafield site is home to over one thousand
nuclear facilities including the Magnox and Thorp reprocessing plants, the
Sellafield MOX plant and a range of nuclear waste treatment facilities
– Approximately 10’000 employees
– CMMS Software
• Lawson M3 Solution version 5.3.3 (Workplace)
• Lawson Business Performance Warehouse (BPW)
• Lawson Business Intelligence (LBI)
08 April 2015
Sellafield Ltd Transitioning to Qlikview for BI
Business challenges
– Requirement for a Business Intelligence tool for Maintenance Data
• No easy way to retrieve data from M3 other than Business Process Warehouse (BPW)
• No easy way of trending maintenance activities
– Project to upgrade M3 included the implementation of a BI tool
• Purchased Lawson business intelligence (LBI) as maintenance BI tool
– Difficult to Administer
– Smartnotes and Crystal worked, Scorecard (pivot tables) did not
– Spent a long time trying to get this tool to work for the business
– Lawson LUA 2010
• Fletchers Bakery Presentation
– Fast analysis of 500’000 equipments and approx 200’000 work orders yearly
• Short term objectives:
– Provision of a quick low-cost alternative to LBI for data analysis
– User friendly and fast solution for end users
08 April 2015
Sellafield Ltd Transitioning to Qlikview for BI
Proposed solution
– 9 page scope document for a Proof of Concept defined by Sellafield
– Arranged site visit for Estrix to design Proof of Concept (POC) from our BPW
– 5 days workshop to complete the following:
Understand Sellafield’s requirements
Server installation and configuration
Gather all necessary data and build a data model
Design a solution
Training on the fly with Sellafield key users
08 April 2015
08 April 2015
Sellafield Ltd Transitioning to Qlikview for BI
Results achieved
– POC completed in agreed 5 day window
• Day 1 of 5 Magnus Vesterberg (Estrix) delivered every element of the POC (by
– Day 2 – 5 Additional requirements from basic sketches to deliver a whole
maintenance solution including: » Trends , dashboards, Pivot tables, Views on basic data, View on data that
reduced the need for Access Databases
– Second phase of POC instigated
• Purchase of 20 Document licences
• Presentations to business groups
• Rollout of 20 licences to specific users to assess benefits of moving to Qlikview as BI
tool of choice for Sellafield Maintenance data.
– To date results are encouraging
08 April 2015
Results achieved - Screenshot
08 April 2015
Sellafield Ltd Transitioning to Qlikview for BI
Next Steps
– Assuming full take up of Qlikview by business: • Develop business case to move to production environment for Qlikview
• Purchase more Document CAL’s to enable roll out to larger customer base
• Further develop dashboards etc to build on current available views
– QlikView has given us a solution that:
Is simple to operate
Has a flexible user interface
Permits On-Demand user selections
Provides extensive drill-down and analysis capabilities
Allows us to identify business improvement areas quickly & easily
– Estrix provided:
Expertise in the solution
A clear understanding of our requirements
The ability to translate that understanding into a technical solution
A coherent and solid approach towards implementation
A clear & concise understanding of the costs and resource requirements
08 April 2015
Sellafield Ltd Transitioning to Qlikview for BI
08 April 2015