Bill Pay Certification

Section 5:
Intuit Financial Services University
Bill Pay Certification Training
Bill Pay Certification
Section Objectives
Fiserv's PartnerCare system allows the financial institution to support their
In the next 3 sections of this training you will learn:
 the Security Admins' responsibilities and tasks in PartnerCare
 how PartnerCare Reps can search for consumers as well as what reps
can do to assist consumers
 how PartnerCare Reps can open and manage cases when further
research is needed either by the financial institution or by Fiserv
Section 5: PartnerCare - Overview
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Bill Pay Certification
Login Requirements
• You can access PartnerCare at:
• Passwords must be 6 to 8 alpha/numeric characters (not case sensitive).
• The system will prompt the rep to change their password every 30 days.
• The same password cannot be used within 32 consecutive 30-day
• A rep will be locked out of PartnerCare if they have not logged in to
PartnerCare within 30 days. The rep must be reset by a security
• A rep will be locked out of PartnerCare after three unsuccessful login
• A rep will be timed out of PartnerCare after 30 minutes of inactivity.
• Access to PartnerCare is restricted by IP address. The financial
institution will provide a range of IP addresses to Intuit Financial
Services during Implementations.
NOTE: Consumers can change their password via the Change Password
button in the upper-right corner of the login page.
Section 5: PartnerCare - Overview
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Bill Pay Certification
PartnerCare Main Navigation
The assigned role of the rep determines the landing page within the main
navigation. Rep roles are discussed in the next section of this training.
View Only - Search screen
Inbound Rep - Search screen
Researcher - Work List screen (Researcher View)
Manager - Work List screen (Manager View)
Security Admin - Admin screen
Other main menu buttons:
Back – navigates to the previous screen
Next – navigates to the subsequent screen
Help – access the main Help menu
Sign Out – the proper way to exit PartnerCare
Section 5: PartnerCare - Overview
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Bill Pay Certification
PartnerCare Help
Reps can access comprehensive assistance in PartnerCare via the Help
button in the main navigation tool bar or by clicking any of the ? buttons. The
help section consists of a Table of Contents, Glossary of Terms, Index, and
a Search tool.
Section 5: PartnerCare - Overview
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