Leadership for the Future - Department of Health, Social Services

Professional Leadership
Andrew McCormick
AHP Conference
29 February 2012
Leadership as well as management
Leadership is of the spirit, compounded of
personality and vision,
Its practice is an art
Management is more a matter of accurate
calculation, of statistics, of methods, of
timetables and routine,
Its practice is a science
Field Marshal Slim
Programme for Government
Commissioning Plan Direction
Transforming Your Care
PEDU/McKinsey/Appleby/Financial Plans
Quality Strategy
Public Health Strategy
Strategic Investment Plan
The Big Change Areas
• Integrated Care Partnerships:
– Managing chronic conditions differently
– New possibilities / investments.
• Reconfiguration of Hospitals, 5-7
– How many emergency surgery centres
– Greater diversification in emergency
– Changing what is done in hospital
– Moving resource.
The Big Change Areas
• Social Care
– greater choice and personal control
– mixed economy
– change for nursing and residential
– Co-ordination of children’s services
• Mental Health and Learning Disability
– Moving from institutional care
– Re-shaping inpatient care
Shift Left!
Strategy Themes
Promoting person-centred practice
and care
Delivering safe and effective practice
and care
Maximising resources for success
Supporting and developing the AHP
Not Structures but People
Community based care
Prevention and early intervention
Partnership across sectors
Commissioning based on community
Multi-professional teams working
flexibly and co-operatively together
How should we develop leaders
– Leader as thinker
– Leader as story teller
– Leader as doer
– Leader as coach and therapist
– Leader as sin-eater
– Leader as executioner
– Leader as human being
Vision for Change
Health and well being, not just
health services
Making the system respond to the
patient and client, rather than the
person to the system
A system based on strong internal
Vision for Change
Integrated primary and community
care services supporting people to
live independently for as long as
reasonably possible
Structures and control procedures
that serve the strategy
Quality and safety
Patient experience
For people to achieve all that is
demanded of them they must
regard themselves as greater
than they are