Will Young - AHP Leadership Programme Overview (MS Powerpoint

Leadership Programme
High Level Proposed Programme Overview
Thursday 8th May 2014
Will Young
Organisation Design Consultant /
Deputy Head of Centre
Programme Aims & Objectives
To develop leadership capability and capacity within the AHP community
 To revitalise leaders by refocusing and enhancing personal resilience and
impact skills;
 To frame effective AHP leadership and professionalism in the context of
current realities and challenging futures;
 To develop a relevant vision of personal leadership, positioning personal
career and development plans within a wider strategic agenda;
 To improve the AHP leadership to operate corporately and as a high
performing team that delivers against strategic outcomes
 To develop networks and build a learning community across health and
social care.
Informed by …
 Improving Health and Wellbeing Through Positive
Partnerships: A Strategy for the Allied Health
Professions (AHP) in Northern Ireland 2012-2017
 Reports and Reviews
 Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Report
 Stakeholders
 Healthcare Leadership Model
 Attributes Framework (quality improvement)
2 Programmes: Band 7 & Band 8a and above
Healthcare Leadership Model
Building a learning community of leaders
Evidence based
Leading Edge
Corporate AHP
Development Menu
Leadership in
Building High
Political Leader
360 … Coaching … Mentoring … Learning Log … PDP … Supervision
Proposed Programme Outline
Module 1: Leadership in Context (2 days)
• Snapshots of Leadership
• Building a learning community
• Emotional Intelligence;
• self-awareness, self-confidence, self-control,
• Personal Authority and Impact
• Commitment to Personal Change
• Personal Resilence
Proposed Programme Outline
Module 2: Building High Performing Teams (2 days)
• High Performing Teams:
• Build, create, sustain
• Team Engagement, building success, incremental
gains, constructive conflict, behavioural code
• Role modelling, mutual respect and trust
• Engaging leadership and organisational performance
• Influencing without authority
• Professionalism
Proposed Programme Outline
Module 3: The Political Leader (2 days)
• Future HSC structure and culture
• The corporate AHP
• Political architecture;
• ‘Through the eyes’
• Political astuteness and political influence,
• Strategic network development and connection
• The Stormont experience
Proposed Programme Outline
Module 4: Transformational Leader (2 days)
•Inspiring and influencing others to transform
•Quality Improvement Framework
•eHealth; maximising the use of technology
•Creativity & innovation;
•Thinking Differently
•Innovation and Spread
•Importance of research and design
•Experience Based Design; person centred practice & care
•Maximising resources for success
Proposed Programme Outline
Module 5: Learning Community(1 day)
•Innovation Spread
•Sharing the learning across the community
Other Supports
•Learning Log
•360 and other diagnostics
•Leading Edge Speakers
•Knowledge Exchange
Leadership Programme
High Level Proposed Programme Overview
Thursday 8th May 2014
Will Young
Organisation Design Consultant /
Deputy Head of Centre