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Michael Eby, University of Victoria, Canada
Michael has held a research position at the University of Victoria since 1991. He has contributed to
the development of intermediate complexity Earth System Models, which are used to explore long time
scale climate interactions. His research includes modelling of both past and future climates, and recent
efforts have focussed on the long term response of the carbon cycle and the longevity of anthropogenic
climate change. He has helped coordinate two international model intercomparison projects (LTMIP and
EMIC AR5) and has published over 80 peer reviewed papers in climate science. Michael was awarded the
Canadian Oceanographic Society Andrew Thompson Prize in 2011 and a University of New South Wales
Faculty of Science visiting fellowship in 2013. He was a review editor for UNEP’s Climate Change
Science Compendium and has been a contributing author for WG1 in both the Fourth and Fifth Assessment
Reports of the IPCC.