Friday, July 17, 2015 9:00-11:30 Room 2030

Administrative Services Managers
Retreat Agenda-Minutes
Friday, July 17, 2015
Room 2030
Review draft first round reductions for AS for 2016-17 college restructure plan.
The group reviewed a spreadsheet summarizing phase I reductions. Joe will work on the plan for
the utilities reduction and provide Victoria with a more detailed implementation plan. Michael is
working on a plan to reduce the Districtwide postage budget based on the assumption that
marketing will reduce mailers as part of the new marketing plan. Michael will follow up with
Kristin. Everyone is encouraged to send other reductions to Victoria. Once updates have been
provided to Victoria the spreadsheet will be updated and prepared for the joint council meeting
scheduled for August. Victoria will e-mail out the “component questions” vetted by CPC.
Department Directors should be prepared to respond to questions on the component question
sheet should they arise at the joint council meeting.
2. Review prioritized department one-time resource requests.
The group reviewed one-time resource requests. Modifications will be made. Victoria will
consolidate all requests and e-mail out the document to the group. Everyone will make changes
and edits to the document in preparation for our next meeting on Monday, July 27 from 9:0011:00 in 2030. Each member of the group will prioritize requests for the component. The group
will complete the rankings of items for the component at the July 27 meeting.
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