Working Abroad - sabbaticals and the like


Working Abroad

– sabbaticals and the like….

Are they a good idea?

Ken Oates October 2014


Ken’s sabbatical

June – August 2014


What did I do?...


Univ of Edinburgh

Makerere, Kampala

African PCA

3 year project


Develop Palliative

Care in 4 sub-Saharan countries

My work streams

• Visited main PC sites

• Met with all key stakeholders

• Reviewed PC registers/data and described epidemiology and service use

• Stock take of current PC provision in Rwanda

• Evaluated progress so far with THET project

• Identified success, gaps and challenges

• Proposed model for PC roll out in next 3 years

• Agreed by MoH at stakeholder workshop in August

• Advocate for PC in Rwandan MoH and with NCD team

• Advocate for curriculum development to include PC

• Encouraged the MoH to procure morphine for pain relief

See a different health service


Kibagabaga District Hospital

Meet new people

Experience new sights, sounds…. and smells!

If you are thinking about it then –


Some useful documents

Supportive organisations

Academy of Medical Royal Colleges

“Volunteering in low resource healthcare settings provides one of the several ways that UK healthcare professionals can increase their expertise in global health. In combination with a career in the NHS, volunteering can provide additional value to the individual and the NHS as well as making a critical contribution to improving health in developing countries.” (March


Public Health England

Work in other countries on global health is good for public health in the UK as well as being a good thing to do

” (Duncan Selbie,

Chief Executive, Public Health England, July 2014)

Useful weblinks

Department for International Development

Scottish Government

Tropical Health Education Trust

Global Health Academy, University of Edinburgh

Faculty of Public Health