USTDA China Overview PowerPoint Presentation

USTDA in China
November 19, 2014
AmCham Shanghai
U.S. Trade and Development Agency
Carl B. Kress
Regional Director for East Asia
USTDA’s Mission
• USTDA helps companies create
U.S. jobs through the export of
U.S. goods and services for
priority development projects
in emerging economies
• USTDA links U.S. businesses to
export opportunities by
funding project planning
activities, pilot projects, and
reverse trade missions while
creating sustainable
infrastructure and economic
growth in partner countries
USTDA Program Activities in China
• Since 2001, USTDA has
funded over 150 projects
and 50 Study Tours in
• Support for Cooperation
Programs in aviation (ACP),
energy (ECP), health
(HCP), and agriculture
• In 2014, 30% of projects
were in Clean
Energy/Environment and
40% in transportation
China is USTDA’s largest single country portfolio.
USTDA Program Activities
Matching U.S. Commercial Interests
with Development Opportunities
International Business
Partnership Program
• Reverse Trade
• Conferences
• Workshops
Project Development
• Feasibility Studies
• Pilot Projects
• Technical Assistance
International Business Partnership
Reverse Trade Missions and Study
USTDA brings foreign project sponsors
to the United States pending upcoming
procurements to observe the design,
manufacture, and operation of U.S.
products and services.
Upcoming study tours from China:
Environmental Technologies
(November, 2014)
Cold Chain Technologies
(December, 2014)
Healthcare Leadership Training
(December, 2014)
Smart Grid (Spring, 2015)
Air Quality Technologies (Fall, 2015)
In 2014, USTDA conducted six reverse
trade missions to introduce China public
and private sector officials to U.S. best
practices and advanced technology
International Business Partnership
USTDA organizes an event in China
every other week!
The goal is to connect U.S. firms with
foreign buyers. They are designed to
highlight upcoming projects
overseas, as well as showcase U.S.
goods and services.
2015 U.S.-China Shale Gas
Workshop Series
US-China Standards and
Conformity Assessment
Program (over 50 since 2009)
Healthcare Roadshows
US-China Aviation Symposium
Project Development Program
Feasibility Studies:
USTDA-funded and U.S.-led feasibility
studies link foreign project sponsors
with U.S. businesses at the critical
early stage of project development.
Analysis includes:
Life cycle costing
Pilot Projects:
USTDA-funded pilot projects
demonstrate the effectiveness of
commercially proven U.S. technologies
and equipment in the foreign buyer’s
USTDA is funding a pilot project
demonstrating Honeywell’s HFC
replacement technologies in refrigerators for
Midea Company
Upcoming Potential Projects
Green Ports
Flight Delays
Agriculture Biotechnology
Gas Boiler Energy Efficiency
Smart Grid
Food Safety &Pharmaceutical Regulatory
Project Funding Parameters
Evaluation Criteria
• Whether the project is a high
priority for China
• Likelihood the project will
obtain implementation
• Potential for the export of
U.S. goods and services
Grantee Profile:
• Chinese national, provincial or
local government entities
• Private Chinese companies
When to apply
• No formal application procedure. Model Proposal Format can be
found at
• Requests can be made year-round.
• Requests may come from a Chinese project sponsor or from a U.S.
firm interested in the project.
Small Businesses
Foundation of the U.S.
• Over 60% of all contracts
with USTDA are signed
with SMEs
How Can Foreign Entities
Benefit from USTDA?
• Sponsor a study or pilot project with USTDA
• Benefit from another study
• Participate in a Reverse Trade Mission
• Attend a USTDA conference
How Does USTDA Support U.S.
Supporting activities that inform project sponsors about
U.S. products and U.S. companies about overseas
procurement opportunities.
Facilitating meetings between U.S. company
representatives and project sponsors at USTDA-funded
reverse trade missions and conferences.
Publishing upcoming USTDA events and opportunities to
meet and work with foreign project sponsors in the
monthly Trade Posts newsletter. A free e-mail
subscription is available by signing the USTDA
Guestbook at
How Can U.S. Consulting Companies
Engage with USTDA?
Feasibility Studies or Technical Assistance
Contracts with Foreign Entities
Definitional Missions and Desk Studies
Direct Contracts with USTDA
Getting Involved
Contact USTDA
1000 Wilson Boulevard
Suite 1600
Arlington, VA 22209
Telephone: (703) 875-4357
Fax: (703) 875-4009
Regional Director Carl B. Kress
Country Manager Verinda Fike
U.S. Embassy in Beijing
Xiaolei Wan, China Projects Coordinator, 8610-8531-4534