Where have we got to?
REG, the first few months: Alison Chisholm
Initial wish
“Set up a new initiative
that will raise the
quality and profile of
real-life (respiratory)
research across the
research, political and
public arenas”
• Set up an independent social enterprise
• Invite the right people
o Core steering group
– Reactive
– Rapid-decision makers
o Wider expert membership
• Contact sponsors
• Begin dialogue and discussion among the members
• Build “web-presence”
• Undertake research – starting with a validation study
• Bring the lead group together to set an action plan
The beginnings of REG
• Work began on the
1st of October 2012
• As of 1st February, the
Respiratory Effectiveness Group
is trading as a social enterprise
(formally as Respiratory Effectiveness Ltd)
How have we done: members?
Canada: 2
USA: 12
Denmark: 1
Germany: 2
Greece: 2
Italy: 12
Belgium: 1
France: 1
Netherlands: 3
Spain: 4
Sweden: 3
UK: 19
China: 1
Hong Kong: 2
Singapore: 1
South Africa: 1
15 core steering committee members; 44 extended
members = 59 world experts united so far
Australia: 2
Member details: extended group
David Price
Leif Bjermer
Nicolas Roche
Alberto Papi
Marc Miravitlles
Stephen Holgate
Christian Virchow
Nikos Papadopoulos
Guy Brusselle
Alvar Agusti
Antonio Anzueto
Vibeke Backer
Peter Barnes
Andrew Briggs
Chris Brightling
Peter Calverley
Daryl Freeman
Jonathan Grigg
Kevin Gryffudd-Jones
John Haughney
Rupert Jones
Karin Lisspers
Ian Pavord
Todor Popov
Dirkje Postma
Henry Chrystyn
Hilary Pinnock
Miguel Román Rodríguez
Dermot Ryan
Iain Small
Mike Thomas
Stephen Turner
Omar Usmani
Thys van der Molen
Wim van Aaldern
Claus Vogelmeier
Björn Ställberg
Gary Wong
Synthia Bosnic-Anticevich
Teoh Oon Hoe
Chen Wang
Helen Reddel
Eric Bateman
North America
Jerry Krishnan
Richard Martin
Andrew McIvor
Jon Campbell
Elliot Israel
Len Bacharier
Randal Brown
Gene Colice
Nemr Eid
Randal Brown
Theresa Guilbert
Wanda Phipatanakul
Malcolm Sears
Joan Soriano
Stan Szefler
• Emails
• Newsletters
• LinkedIn group
• Twitter account
• Face-to-face
• Web-based
Web presence
• Due for launch… any
• Designed to allow
continual updates
• Pages to display:
REG activities
News updates
Membership / join
Sponsors / support us
Register your study
Sponsors: confirmed
• Research in Real Life: code lists and expertise
• Optimum Patient Care: free dataset access (to the Optimum
Patient Care Research Database)
• Teva: unrestricted grant for set up with assurance of on-going
support for 4 years.
• Boehringer Ingelheim: pledged support (covering ~one-fifth of
annual projected costs) for years 1–4 of the initiative
Sponsors: in discussion
Aligned with their corporate policy and current thinking:
•Chiesi: spoke with Corporate Head of Respiratory and Primary and Medical Lead
on Monday
•Merck: Office of the Chief Medical Officer at Merck has signaled they are interested
in the proposal. A number of questions were asked in early Jan which are now being
•Smaller pockets, but have noted interest
o Aerocrine
o Kyorin
o Mundipharma
Under review (since 24 Jan):
•Pfizer: Marc Berger, VP of Real World Data and Analytics
•GSK: David Leather Vice President and Global Medical Affairs Leader – Relvar
•Novartis: Keith Allen, Director Global Advocacy
•Stallergenes: Under review by the Medical Information Management team with a
view to discussing it with the Medical Directors
No contact as yet with: AstraZeneca, Sunovion, Genentech

Progress so far - Respiratory Effectiveness Group