Effects of the French and Indian War

Chapter 6……….
Wars, Wars and More Wars….
French and Indian War
St Bartholew’s
Massacre, 1572
10,000 Hugenots
Louis XIV,
The Sun King
Champlain’s Explorations
including Quebec, 1608
French Distinctives
1.Along rivers: St Lawrence, Ohio, Mississippi
2.Allied w/ Huron, hated by Iroquois
3.Autocratic, no representation, no trial by jury of
4.Slow growth rates
5.Only Catholic families (no Hugenots)
6.Caribbean Colonies favored by French
7.Fur trapping was primary economic activity
8. Fur Trapping and Catholicism eased Indian
1688-1763 Four World Wars……1688-1763
•King William’s War (1688-97)
Deerfield, Schenectady Massacres
•Queen Anne’s War (1702-1713)
Brits take over Acadia “Nova Scotia”
•King George’s War (1744-1748)
fought in Georgia vs Spain
took over Louisbourg, then returned
•French & Indian War (1754-1763)
7 Years’ War, major British victory
… And 5 more: America was in them all???
War of Jenkin’s Ear, 1739 (not a World War)
War of
Jenkin’s Ear
GW, 22 year old kid
who sparks a World
War at Fort
Necessity, 1754
Expulsion of Acadians, 1755
“America was conquered in Germany”
-William Pitt
Terms and Names from the F&I War………..
•Edward Braddock, Fort Duquesne, 1755
•William Pitt
•Treaty of Paris (1763)
Ben Franklin,
Architect of the
Albany Plan of Union
7 of 13 Colonies show, approve the plan
Rejected by all Colonial legislatures
General Wolfe,
British general
killed in victory at
the Battle of
Quebec, 1759
Proclamation Line of 1763
Rebellion, 1763
Effects of the French and Indian War
•Created British Empire and all its challenges
French a minority in Canada, Indian policy new challenge
(Pontiac, Proclamation Act, Quartering Act)
•Spain takes over New Orleans
•1755 Acadians removed from Nova Scotia (Arcadia)- 4000 move to
•Albany Congress attempted unity- though unsuccessful, a step
closer to America
•Colonials see British defeated (Braddock at Ft. Duquesne)- British are
beatable gain experience as guerrilla fighters
•GW gains combat experience, rebuffed on officer’s commission
•Salutary neglect of the early 18th Cent. Led to increased smuggling
with Spain and France (esp in West Indies)
•British incur large debt from F&I War that impacts future