HighReach Power Point

Want to be lovingly guided
through your learning
So does your child.
What program can do that?
High Reach Learning can!
High Reach, High Reach, what do you
Grounded in child development theory and practice
Research based
Parent communication and involvement
Balance of child initiated and teacher facilitated activities
Piaget, Erickson, Vygotsky & Bruner’s influence
on me.
Theorists, theorists, what do you see?
Fun (Toddlers/Twos)
For Me
In the Forest
With Wheels, Wings & Other Things
With my senses
With amazing animals
around town
on the farm
With nature
in the Sun
with games and toys
with rhymes and stories
with colors
All About (3-4 years+)
The forest
Things that go
Amazing animals
Around town
The farm
Sand & sea
Games & sports
Rhymes and stories
Wild west
I’m Special
My Home & MyNeighbors
Off We Go
Let’s Pretend
Eating Healthy/Growing Strong
Let’s go to work
How does your garden grow
Animals, animals, animals
Bugs, butterflies and Spiders
We see theme units meeting kids’
developmental needs.
Theme Units, theme units, what do you
 Child initiated learning
 Teacher facilitated activities
 Developmentally appropriate lessons and manipulatives
I see centers & activities based on me.
Centers, centers, what do you see?
 Free Choice
 Language/writing
 Listening/speaking
 Math
 Science
 Music
 Art
 Dramatic play
Hands on learning all around me.
Hands on learning, what do you see?
Teaching through social interaction with real objects:
 Meaningful and developmentally appropriate activity
 Carefully planned and engaging learning
 Phonemic awareness/beginning sound recognition
 Letter recognition/alphabet knowledge
 Language and literacy knowledge
 Cultural awareness
 Creative arts and dramatic play
 Math/numbers: blocks, shapes, science, cooking
Group activities coming right after
Group activities what do you see?
Social/emotional, language and muscle development (all ages)
Self-Concept (18 mos+)
Problem Solving (2+)
Color, Shape (2+) & Number Recognition (3+)
Sequencing, graphing & predicting (3+)
Counting & 1:1 correspondence (3+)
Character education (3+)
Phonological Awareness:
Songs, Rhymes &Finger plays (all)
Alliteration, Clapping syllables (PK)
Letter recognition and beginning sounds & vowel sounds (PK)
Children learning all around me!
Children, children, what do you see?
My friends and teachers having fun
with me!
Monthly Curriculum Outlines
Pre-K Sample Lesson Plan
“Beginning with the needs and interests
of the children, learning develops from
meaningful experiences important to
young children.”
- High Reach Website
For more information:
Visit www.highreach.com