Creative development

Class: Red
Date: Spring 2015
Topic: Traditional Tales and Rhymes
Area: Creative
Creative development
Creative development
Three Little Pigs- Bubble painting with pink paint to make pigs reinforcing blowing skills.
Making pigs in pink playdough.
Pink cakes and decorating to make pig faces.
Incy Wincy Spider- Weaving spiders webs with wool
£d siders with egg box and pipe cleaners
Spider biscuits
Black playdough to make spiders
3 Bears- make masks for role play
Chines New Year- making lucky bags, dressing up etc
Music listening to Chinese music and experimenting and making music on the pentatonic scale with
chime bars.
Explore and experiment with colours and textures each week
Row Row Row Make a boat for role play children will then play in it during continuous provision
Making junk model boats
Wibbly Pig- make shakers using different sized seeds. Use the shakers to play along with rhymes and
Learning and enjoying songs and rhymes Enjoy songs and rhymes
Use art packages eg
active inspire to create
patterns and pictures and
to explore colour.
Children to experience
different size brushes etc
Chinese New Year Art activities- maskmaking, lanterns, dragons, red and gold art.
Welsh/Curriculum Cymreig
Thinking Skills
photographs of the special places visited while out of
school and those created and experienced in school.
consider what they will need for their
creative work and plan for tasks and
reflect on what they have produced.
Date: Spring 2015
Topic: Nursery Rhymes and Traditional Tales Area: Creative
Foundation Phase Skills
To make choices
To explore & experiment with
materials, media and tools.
Share their work and achievements
with others
Respond to different stimuli- sound
and music
To experience a range of familiar
songs and rhymes.
To explore a range of sound sources ,
instruments and use own body to
make sounds.
Use every day objects to make sounds
Sensory play to compliment the
stories – ie bubbles for Big Red
ICT Skills
Use art packages eg
active inspire to create
patterns and pictures and
to explore colour.
Children to work on ipads
and interactive
Welsh/Curriculum Cymreig Skills
Exploring, investigating appreciating and making
creative pieces using leaves etc from the local
environment. Observe take pictures touch and feel
materials while out on visits and experiencing the size
and enjoyment of being in the community. Use of
incidental Welsh to describe colours in creative work
LNF Skills
Literacy: Speaking andCollaboration
Give a symbol/picture to obtain a matching desired item B
Picture object matching games
Two items offered at snacktime to choose from. Pupil may
have 2 pictures or symbols available and will have to select and
give the picture for his preferred item. Could begin hand-overhand.
During continuous provision, pupil may be given pictures of
possible activities available to choose from. He will then be
taken to or given object chosen so that he is able to relate
picture to object.
Changes behaviour in response to interesting event nearby [RfL
Numeracy: using and Measuring
Find the ‘big’ object from 2 otherwise similar items:
where the difference in size is large and the activity is
structured by an adult. B Steps
Using a range of objects, balls, books teddies etc (could be
from stories in topic eg bowls spoons from ‘Goldilocks)
encourage Archie to pick either “big” or “small” as requested.
Explore the distinctions between objects A steps
Changes behaviour in response to interesting event nearby RFL
Selects from two or more items [RfL 36]
RE/SMSC Skills
Take part in a range of creative work
associated with Harvest and Christmas
Experience exciting, wonderful,
inspirational and creative ideas
exploring and experimenting with creative
Thinking Skills
To make choices as to what materials and tools
they wish to use in their creative work.
have opportunity to reflect on the learning taken
place in recall sessions and in the celebrating of
good work.Show curiosity and explore everyday