The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr
Dr Lanyon’s Narrative
Summary Notes
 First change in narrative voice – Utterson to Lanyon.
 We see a desperate and almost feverish letter from Jekyll.
 Upon arrival at Jekyll’s we see the symbol of the door again
– Jekyll’s cabinet is locked tight much like Hyde’s door.
 The symbolism of the foul smelling, blood-red liquid.
 Hyde appears at midnight – Hyde is a creature of the night.
 Hyde’s description by Lanyon shows a character straining
to control himself.
Summary Notes
 Lanyon believes the repulsion of Hyde lies much deeper
than in just his appearance – his soul pervades his
 Lanyon’s greed and thirst for knowledge leads to his own
downfall – he must know what is going on.
 Hyde takes pleasure in shattering Lanyon’s narrow-minded
 Hyde/Jekyll wants to teach Lanyon a lesson about himself
and humanity in general.