UMAP Workshop on Student Mobility and Credit Transfer Implementation
Great Ballroom, 3rd Floor, Century Park Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand, July 13, 2012,
The Importance of “Permeable” Framework in Asian Higher Education
Practical Workshop on UCTS and ECTS
Taiji Hotta, Ph.D
Vice-Executive of International Affairs,
Associate Professor, Hiroshima University, Japan
[email protected]
All opinions in this presentation are solely my own view and do not
represent any policy of the Japanese government
UMAP-UCTS Important Components
UMAP Information Package with UMAP
Credit Transfer Scheme (UCTS)
UMAP Study Plan with UCTS
UMAP Transcript with UCTS Grading
How to calculate current UCTS for your university
Simple Steps
• Step1: Put the total number of credits needed for a
bachelor's degree (e.g., 120 credits & 136 credits for 4
years programs in Thailand)
• Step 2: Calculate the average amount of credits per
year (120/ 4years=30 credits/year & 136 credits/4
years=34 credits/year)
• Step 3: Calculate UCTS point with average number of
credits at your institutions: 60 UCTS÷30= 2.0UCTS &
60UCTS÷34= 1.88UCTS)
• For any foreign credit, if you know the number or
ECTS or UCTS you can cut it into a (roughly) half.
(e.g., 6 ECTS or UCTS = roughly 3-3.5 credits in
Conversion of Foreign Credits
For example
• USA and many Asian universities tend to have a similar
number of credits (120-150credits = 2.0-1.6 UCTS). So, it
may be fine to transfer 1 credit to 1 credit each other.
• All European credits of countries under the
Bologna Process are 1 ECTS = 1 UCTS
• A typical British University: 1 UK credit =0.5ECTS/ UCTS.
Thus, one British class, e.g., 20 UK credits will be
equivalent to 10 UCTS (approx. 5-6.25 credits in Asia)
• Some unique system, like a univ. in Canada, has 1 “half
course (0.5)” credit =6 UCTS. (20 full course credits/4
Summary of Calculating UCTS
 [Asian universities] one credit =2.0-1.7 UCTS
(1) 120-140 credits/4 years → 30-35 credits/year
(2) 60 UCTS ÷ 30-35credits=2.0-1.7 UCTS
 [Let’s calculate your own UCTS]
① # of credits for 4 year program (a)_____
② # of credits/year= (b)_____ credits [(a)÷4]
③ 60 UCTS ÷(b)_____ credits =
 Thus, your own 1 credit = _______ UCTS.
UMAP new Study Plan
Please see the attached sheet. Let’s fill in
some of its study plan by yourself.
UCTS Grading Policy (with Hiroshima Univ.’s case)
UMAP Transcript
Great Opportunities with UCTS !
 Mutual DEVELOPMENT of higher education in
Asia & Pacific
 INCREASE the number of (incoming) exchanges !
Give your students opportunities to study in
(expensive) overseas education very cheaply
 Make your institution more FAMOUS
Internationally with TRUST !
 Your institution will SURVIVE in the 21st Century’s
international competition
What you need to do next
1. Make a small scale short-term language and
cultural study program for summer and each
semester or a student exchange program.
2. Provide information package with UCTS
3. Ask students to fill in the UMAP Study Plan
4. Give UMAP Transcript with UCTS for students
who completed the program at your institution.
5. Be cooperative with other institutions’ UMAP
forms as much as you can.
Please Join the UMAP-USCO project
with UCTS !
Thank you
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