PowerPoint Presentation - Safe Agricultural Pesticides

Safe Agricultural
By: Mia Ortega
Erica Winfield
What are Pesticides?
The EPA defines pesticides as “any substance or mixture
of substances intended for preventing, destroying,
repelling, or mitigating any pest.”
A pesticide may be a chemical substance or biological
A biological agent is like a virus or bacteria.
It is used against pests including insects, plant
pathogens, weeds,birds, mammals, fish, and
Pesticides are usually poisonous to humans.
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What is Environmentally Safe?
• Environmentally safe means using the right pest control
• There are thousands of safe pests control products in the
world, but sometimes they are advertised or do not work.
• The majority of these products are not safe.
• Some safe pest control are organic, humane trapping, all
natural and glue traps.
• Pest control is sometimes used in aerosol cans, which is
harmful to the environment.