Pest Integration Plan

Integrated Pest Management
The Illinois Department of Public Health requires all school districts in the State of
Illinois to develop and follow an Integrated Pest Management plan. The purpose of this
plan is to control the use of pesticides in the school environment. Although at District
#157 we have NO current pest problem, we must comply with state laws and develop an
IPM plan.
In compliance with the state law, District #157 must notify all facility users prior to a
pesticide application, in and around the schools. Should pesticides be needed in the
buildings, the district would inform all users 2 days prior to the application and 4 days
prior in the case of an exterior application. The notification would be included on school
calendars, sent home in a letter,or done as a mass phone call.
In addition to the mass notification, the district is required to give all facility users the
option to be notified directly by mail of the intent to use pesticides. If you are someone
who would like to be directly notified of pesticide use, please complete the bottom of this
letter and return it to your school by December 19, 2008.
Again, District #157 has NO current pest issues and will work diligently to keep its
properties pest free and its users safe.
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