PowerPoint Presentation - Making Tessellations

Making Tessellations
Start from corner
End at next corner
Bring cutout to opposite side.
Don’t flip cutout over when
bringing it to opposite side!
Don’t place cutout to next side!
Tape edges together.
Make another line from corner
to corner.
Cut it out.
Bring it straight across
Imagine what your final shape
could become.
Design interior lines to make
anything out of your shape.
Trace shape anywhere onto
background paper.
Trace same shape so that it
interlocks with the first one.
Repeat tracing your shape so that
interlocks again and again.
Repeat until page is filled.
Fold a second color paper into
Cut making 4 shapes at once.
Make sure your shape fits into
traced background paper.
Place in alternating pattern
filling page.
Start gluing carefully.
Place small amounts of glue
close to edges carefully!
Spread glue flat to the edges.
Do the same for small pieces
on the edges.
You may slide small bits of glue
under any edges that stick up.
Trim excess paper.
Make sure all shapes are flat
and excess glue is wiped
Draw your design in pencil.
What ever is added to one is repeated in all.