To SFSP Training of Personnel 2014

Presented by
Alabama Department of Education
Summer Food Service Program for Children
Part II, Chapter 1, Pages 68-73
Required Training Sessions
• 7 CFR 225.7(a) - State agency shall make training
available in all necessary areas of program
administration and food service supervisory
personnel at sponsor level who will participate in the
• 7 CFR 225.15(d) - Sponsors are required to train
both their administrative and site staff before they
undertake their responsibilities and maintain records
that document: date of training, attendance, and
topics covered.
pages 68-72
Administrative Guidance for Sponsors
• Training of Administrative Personnel
Office Staff, Bookkeepers, Secretaries, and monitors.
• Training of Site Personnel
Training of Site Supervisors
Training of other Site Staff
(regulations require training before site can open)
• Monitors should be present at both Site and
Administrative Training
• Site Supervisor and Monitor Guides provided in
after Attachment 30 of Administrative Guidance (Monitors Guide 26 pages /Site Supervisors Guide 17 pages)
Training of Administrative
• Basic program information (purpose of program, site eligibility,
record keeping and civil rights compliance)
• How the program will operate within the framework of the
guidelines (how meals are provided, delivery schedule,
recordkeeping and forms used)
• Specific Duties of monitors (scheduling, reporting
responsibilities, follow-up procedures, office procedures)
• Refer to Administrative Guidance for Sponsors (pages 69-70) and
Attachment 15 for more topics and ideas
Training Site Personnel
• Topics to be covered are very dependent on the
type of food service operation (central kitchen/FSMC vs
on-site meal prep
• Basic for all:
Meal pattern requirements, menu, meal counting/recordkeeping
Site monitoring
Sanitation and food safety issues
Use of leftover food
Civil Rights
Refer to Administrative Guidance for Sponsors (pages 68-72) and
Attachment 15 for training topics to discuss
• Page 2 in both Site Supervisors Guide and Monitors Guide for more
topics and ideas
Training of Staff Personnel
is a Sponsor’s Responsibility
Good training equals:
 sites and staff meeting all requirements of the
personnel performing according to program
 all meals will be eligible for reimbursement;
 accurate and adequate records are available to
document the costs and meals claimed;
Accurate Point-Of-Service Counts
It is critical that site personnel and monitors
understand the importance of accurate pointof-service meal counts. (See page 72)
Meal counts should represent only the number
of meals actually served to children.
Only complete meals served to eligible children
can be claimed for reimbursement.
Point-of-service = meals counted at point in serving
line at which the eligible child has received a
complete meal
Documented at the time of the meal being served
(Page 73)
SFSP M-6- Gray Handout
Make sure this is a Training Priority
Must be maintained daily for each meal service
Records 1st and 2nd meals, Test meals, Program and
Non- Program Adult meals
• Must be signed by Site Supervisor who attended
training provided by sponsoring organization
• Weekly and Monthly Records: SFSP M-7 and 7A
• These forms are located on SDE Website.
• Date of training
• Sign in sheets of attendees
• Agenda of Topics covered in each
training session
• Forms available on SDE Website
Training Topics Checklist
• Attachment 15- Training Checklist for
Administrative, Monitoring and Site Staff