Week-3 Criteria for work loads

Criteria for work loads
House Breakout Plans
In order to ensure maximum familiarity
with the facility, it is highly recommended
that the Executive Housekeeper
personally develop this pictorial
representation of every guest room as it is
located within the hotel.
This is done by making a line drawing of
the guestroom portion of the hotel,
showing the relative positions of
guestrooms, corridors, service areas etc.
And it is called as House Breakout Plan.
(Fig. 2-4)
Criteria for Workloads
As the house breakout plan is being
created, certain criteria must be
established, especially the workload of
room attendants.
 In some hotels, especially in U.S.
average for rooms cleaned per day by
one person ranges from 14 to 16 rooms.
But the actual number may range from 13 rooms
per day (8 hours shift) to a high of 20 per day,
depending upon the “Type and Nature” of the
hotel activity.
In resort hotels with many metal surfaces to
polish , mirrors to clean, and multiple occupancy
guests who sleep in late, the workload of a room
attendant may be only 13 rooms per day.
Actually we must note that the criteria for
workload of a room attendant should be
set by the following factors:
1) Cleanliness and service standards that
are determined by the hotel’s top
management team.
2) Location and category of the facility
(resort hotel, business hotel, holiday
village etc.)
3) Size of the guest rooms (larger rooms,
rooms with kitchens etc.)
4)Type and condition of the rooms that’ll be
assigned to the room attendant. (when the
condition of a room left by a guest is
beyond the norm, this must also be
factored into the workload for the day.)
5) Decoration, furniture and fixture styles of
the guest rooms
6) Capacity and the experience state of the
staff ( trainee, student or official staff)
In many hotels there are standard rooms, suites,
presidential suites, family rooms or other types
of guest rooms.
 In order to make a fair allocation between the
housekeeping employees, we must first estimate
the total number of units in hotel property.
 As a common acceptance, one unit means one
standard guest room, and one standard guest
room includes a bedroom plus a bathroom.
 1 Standard Room (1 Unit) = 1 bedroom+ 1
On the basis of the hotel’s spesific unit system,
we can calculate the total number of units
existing in the entire hotel property.
 After finding out the hotel units, we can estimate
the number of the room attendants that is
needed in the housekeeping personnel.
 Hotel Smyrni has 104 rooms to sell at the
reception desk. 80 of these rooms are standard
rooms, 15 are suites,7 of them are family
rooms and 2 of them are presidential suites.
On the basis of following unit system and daily
workload criteria , please find out the number of
room attendants (including turners) that are
needed in the Housekeeping Department.
Unit system
1 standard room = 1 unit
1 suit
= 1.5 units
1 family room = 2.5 units
1 presidential suit = 4 units
Daily workload for each room attendant is 16
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