Six Room Poem

From the book
Awakening the Heart
By Georgia Heard
In the first room …
 Think of something that you’ve seen outside
that is
 Amazing
 Beautiful
 Interesting
 Or that has just been staying in
your mind
Now close your eyes …
 Try and see it as clearly as a
 Notice all the details about it
 And describe it as accurately as you
 Don’t think of writing a poem
 Just try to describe it and write your
description in the first box
In the second room …
 Look at the same image as in the first
 BUT … just focus on the quality of
 For example: Is the sun bright?
 Or is it a dull flat day?
 Are there any shadows?
 If it’s unclear what the light is like you
might have to use some poetic license
and make it up
 You can also describe colors
 Or if your image is, for example,
the stars, describe their light –
shiny, sparkling, red, blue
In the third room …
 Picture the same image and focus
only on the sounds:
 Are there any voices?
 Rustling of leaves?
 Sound of rain?
 If it’s silent – what kind of silence?
 Empty? Lonely?
In room number four …
 Write down any questions you
have about the image
 Anything you want to know more
 Who? What? When? Where?
Why? How?
 Or wonder about …?
In the fifth room
 Write down any feelings you
have about this same image
Finally, in room number six …
 Look over the five rooms and
select one word, or a few words,
a phrase, a line, or a sentence
that feels important and
 repeat it three times.
Now create a poem …
 Read over what you wrote in the six
rooms, and create a poem.
 You can re-arrange the rooms in any
 eliminate rooms, words, or sentences.
 Just try and create a poem.
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