Chapter 30


Unit 30

Wall Framing Members


Slender wood members placed vertically

Sole plate (Bottom plate)

Laid horizontally to carry bottom ends of studs

Top plate

Connecting link between wall and roof

Corner post

Forms both inside and outside corners

Constructed of more than one stud

Trimmer studs (shoulder studs, jack studs)

Support the header over an opening

Wall Framing Members


Horizontal member installed over an opening

Cripple studs

Members installed over and under a window opening


Horizontal member used for the bottom of a rough opening for a window

Outside walls of a home

Support the roof

Act as framework for attaching exterior facing

Add design to the home’s appearance

Wall Construction

Larger walls are erected first

Assembled lying flat then tilted into place

Ensure a straight wall by plumbing the exterior and intersecting corners first

Done with a level or plumb bob

Temporary bracing is used to keep the walls straight

Exterior walls contain….

Interior and exterior coverings

Windows and doors


Studs and other framing members

Must be stiff

Good at holding nails

Free from warpage

Platform framing

Platform framing construction is used more than balloon framing construction

Second floor has a platform where a carpenter can work

Ceiling joists on first floor become floor joist for second floor

Ceiling joists on first floor must be wider to support the second floor

Platform framing

Rough opening

Allowance made for framing in windows and doors

Distance between the trimmer studs

Top plate

Connection between the wall and roof

Supports the lower ends of the rafters

Ties studding together at the top

Forms a finish for the walls

Location importance of studs

Studs will be laid over floor joists

Ceiling joists and rafters will be laid over studs

All members will be aligned all the way down to the foundation

Story Pole

Full size layout that shows such things as

Floor level

Ceiling height

Door elevations

Window elevations

Special Framing

Requires extra materials for strength

Required for special openings



Heating vents


Walls that divide inside space of a home

Bearing wall

One that supports a ceiling load


Bulkhead over a cabinet

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