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Big Idea:
When we learn to walk as a child
our goal is independence. As God
teaches us to walk the goal is
dependence…on Him.
What is something you hope your
children and grandchildren
remember about you after you are
gone? (If you don’t have children,
what is something you remember
about your parents or
On Sunday we began a series called “Walk This Way”
a study through the book of 1 John. First John is full
of great reminders for long-time Christ-followers, it’s
full of profound theology for deep thinking Christians,
and it’s a great introduction to the Christian life for
someone who isn’t yet a Christ-follower or for
someone new to the faith. John calls his readers in
this book “children” twelve times, and one of the most
important parts of any child’s life is when she or he
learns to walk. The Christian life is not much
different—in fact, one of the main metaphors in the
Bible, and in 1 John, for following God is “walking” (1
John 1:5-7). First John tells us how to take some baby
steps toward learning how to walk with Jesus.
• Read the words of Jesus from John
8:12. We will not be perfect in this life
but what hope does Jesus offer us
regarding our sin?
• For many of us sin is a heavy
burden. Read 1 John1:8-10. Why
is it so hard to confess sin? What
are the various justifications
people make to avoid confessing
•John challenges us to resist sin
but then explains how to respond
when we fail. Read 1 John 2:1-2.
While our goal should be to avoid
sin how should we respond when
we do?
Food for thought:
“Stumblers who when they fall down
stay down are a dime a dozen, in fact
they are useless...but stumblers who
when they fall down get back up, are
as rare as rubies—in fact they’re
priceless.” How can we remain
motivated to get back up when we
• Sometimes we put ourselves
in situations where we will
fail (see 1 Thessalonians
5:22). What measures can we
take to avoid spiritually
dangerous situations?
• There are some things we
can do to maintain the
spiritual fight. Read James
4:7-10. What things does
James recommend we do?
• Read 1 John 2:3-6. We are
called to live as Jesus lived.
What hinders us from fully
following Jesus? How different
would your life be if you put this
section of scripture into
Whats your next step?
1 Peter 2:21
To this you were
called, because
Christ suffered for you,
leaving you an example, that you
should follow in his steps.
Whats your next step:
Ask God to help you truly live as Jesus lived.
Not just avoiding worldliness and sin but also
showing Christ’s love to the lost. Ask God to
reveal to you areas of sin in your life to
confess and resist. Ask God to reveal people
in your life that you need to reach out to with
Christ’s love…and then do it! It’s amazing
what God does in our life when we are