Message Sequence

Message Sequence
1) Introduction to Young Life: What to expect from YL.
1) Fun
2) Friendship
3) A closer look at God.
2) Creator / Creation: The world and everything around it is complex. Something this complex needs a
creator. I.E. a watch that formed in your pocket from the pressure of the zip line, a broken watch in a
jar if shaken will become a working watch, throw fireworks into your garage and in time there will be
a working model of the universe. If something had to create those “complex” things then something
had to create us. Genesis 1:1
3) Incarnation: God became one of us. There was a need for us to see God. We don’t listen to our
parents when they speak the same language. I.E. when I rode my bike, with someone on the
handlebars, almost 10 miles one way to see a girl. My mom sent the police looking for me. Our
parents are “old” what do they know? “They don’t know me.” We see God the same, up there and
above reproach what does he know. He fixed that. Word became flesh, John 1. Visible image of
invisible God, Colossians 1: 15.
4) Person of Christ- Humanity: Doesn’t fit the mold that we have of him. People do this to us all the
time. I.E. Getting pulled over all the time when I was 18 and out real late. Cops figure that someone
18 out this late is drinking. I don’t drink; in fact I don’t like the taste of most alcohol. We do this with
Christ. We picture as meek, gentle, and quiet. He is human he shows anger. Jesus cleared the temple.
Mark 11: 12-18.
5) Person of Christ- Humanity: Jesus cares deeply about us. Jesus cares enough to not just cry, but to
weep. Crying is a display of emotion. You know someone is upset when they cry. I.E. I’m a sarcastic
person and I tease people a lot and I don’t usually know if I have upset them unless they cry. The
shortest verse in Bible. “Jesus wept.” His friend Lazarus died. John 11 1:44.
6) Person of Christ- Deity: His authority over nature. What is a miracle? Have you seen one? I.E.
Beyond, last day of 15 hours of hiking and 3 hours from bottom relief showed up to help. Walks on
water. John 6: 16-21. He doesn’t bother to stop the storm he just walks on it. Who is this man? Our
answer won’t change Him, but it will change us.
7) Person of Christ- Deity: His authority over our pain. Healing the paralyzed man lowered through the
roof. Describe a time when your friends did something incredible for you, maybe even something you
didn’t like at the time but was for the best. Luke 5:17-26. Use this to transition into talking about Sin
next week.
These are 6 things we must cover over the next 2 weeks: 1. Sin is selfishness. 2. Sin is a virus that
infects us and the symptoms are the selfish things we do. 3. We all have it and are born with it. 4. God
loves us but can’t mix with the sin because he is Holy and perfect. 5. It separates us from God, now and
forever. 6. There is nothing WE can do about it.
8) Sin- What is it? : Points 1-3 above. We all are sinners. Romans 3:23. We are born with it. When is
a time that we have decided to make a decision because it benefits us? What is the definition of sin?
9) Sin- Consequences: Points 4-6 above. Why does it matter? I.E. Most consequences of games don’t
matter. I had a friend who shot and killed himself playing Russian Roulette. Romans 6:23, the first
half. This is the consequence of our sin. There is nothing we can do about it.
10) Cross: The greatest love story of all time. I.E. I tell the story of Melissa and me. Describe the story
of the cross. Mark 15: 1-34. Why does this matter? The end of Romans 6:23. “It is finished!” At
this point all of our sin is taken from us from now till eternity.
11) Resurrection: Proof that he was God. Story of resurrection. John 20:1-24. What are the alternatives
to him having risen from the grave? What does this mean?
12) Appropriation: We have been offered a gift now we must accept it. He is waiting for us to come
home. I.E. I went on Summer Staff at Woodleaf and Melissa was waiting to pick me up at the airport
when I came back. Even if I had decided to not get on the plane she would have still been there.
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