Island Government Activity

Island Government
Welcome Seniors!
• This year the Homecoming is held on a cruise
ship that goes from the San Pedro Harbor to
Catalina Island and back to dock in one
evening. What fun! However, one problem;
There was a little accident…On the way back
to dock to see friends and family, your
massive sized ship hit an iceberg. That’s
right, your ship has capsized. Somehow at
the moment of impact, all the teachers and
adults on board were safely escorted off the
ship to an island where cocktails (Piña
Coladas and Mai Tais) are currently being
served. The young and more physically able
were left to fend for themselves. The
remainder of the senior class is either injured
or has not come ashore yet so it is up the
group of you on the island to figure out how
you will survive and function as a society.
You have about ½ hour of daylight left, so
• What type of Government will you
have? Why?
• How will you decide who is in
charge? How will other decisions be
• Who will be the leader(s)?
• How do the leaders know what the
people want?
• How do we make sure our leaders do
not abuse power?
Do people need rules & laws?
How are they decided?
What laws are necessary?
How and/or who is responsible for
enforcing the laws?
• What punishments will there be if
they are broken?
• Make a list of your top 5-10 laws or
• Whose rights do we need to
• Whose rights need protection?
• Make a list of your top 5-10
rights (these are different from
your laws).
Government (island
village) v. The individual
• What things should your village
government be responsible for
providing and what things
should the individual be
responsible for?
• Island Name
• Flag
• **Make sure your
document is presentable,
organized, neat, and easy
to understand. You are
required to submit one
document to the Island
Overseer (Ms. Stack)**
• On your own sheet of paper,
explain in 1 paragraph which
specific type of government you
agree with most and why
(minimum ½ page).