Business Process Improvement

Redesiging Business Processes
Purpose and Method
Julie Feldman, CPPS
NOVA Chapter
Sunflower Systems
National Property Management Association
Why Review Business Processes?
Identifying Key Processes
Identifying and Gathering Stakeholders
Documenting As-Is Processes and Metrics
Developing To-Be Processes
Communication and Training Plans
Implementing and Monitoring Results
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Why Review Business Processes?
 Before you begin, ensure you know why
you are undertaking the effort
• Business Drivers
• Updated Regulations
• Standards Implementation
• New Systems Implementation
• Addressing Audit Findings
 For any large scale organization business
process review, obtain executive buy-in
and support
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Identify Key Processes
 Identify Key Processes
 Determine Which Process will undergo
• If implementing new IT system, then many
if not all processes will be reviewed
• If not required, may make sense to pilot
one business process for improvement in
order to validate your overall methodology
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Who Will Be Impacted?
 Identify Stakeholder Groups that:
• Provide inputs to process
• Execute steps in the process
• Receive output of the process
 Identify individuals from each stakeholder
group to be part of the effort
• Should be knowledgeable of needs of
group, empowered to make decisions, and
able to implement change
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Where Are You Starting From?
 In order to know what improvements
should be made, you need to understand
what you are currently doing
 Document your As-Is process in detail
 Gather any metrics you can use to
document where you can improve
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Where Do You Want to Go?
 To-Be Process Design – analyze the new
processes, compare with the old
processes and answer the following
• Can you eliminate any tasks?
• Can you use technology to automate any
• Can you minimize errors?
• Can you look to standards to be a guide?
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Where Do You Want to Go? (cont.)
 Target Metrics
• What do you hope to achieve?
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Organizational Impacts
 Process changes likely will have an
impact on your workforce
 Is your organization willing to accept the
implications such as:
• Changes in tasks?
• Positions eliminated?
• Reassigning people to other tasks?
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How Are You Going To Get There?
 Communications
• Stakeholders need to develop and execute
a communication plan that shares not only
what is being changed but the rational
behind the effort
 Training
• All parties in the process should receive
training on the updates. Training should
be focused and delivered in an effective
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Did You Make Your Goal?
 Once business improvement changes
have been made, the stakeholder group
should review the outcomes to determine
 Metrics should be continuously monitored
to track improvement
 If outcomes were not achieved, evaluate
the cause
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 Business Process Improvement should be
focused on outcomes
 Stakeholders need to be involved to
• Contribute to process
• Obtain buy-in for change
 Processes should be fully reviewed and
updated to improve effectiveness
 Monitoring outcomes allow organizations
to document actual outcomes
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