OPPM presentation - Community Partnerships and Outreach

Get everyone
on the same
• What is a project?
• Reduce any project to a one-page
• PLAN and communicate essential
• Works for management,
team members, customers,
and stakeholders.
Communication was the main differentiator
separating the top 2% of project managers from
the rest. (Research by Andy Crowe, author of
multiple books on project management.)
What is the core information that any
person needs to know about your
project –
• Before you start?
• At any point in the process?
Free video: https://www.oppmi.com/project-managementtraining-videos.cfm
What and Why? Overall and by task.
How? High level tasks for the
Who has responsibility?
When will the task will be worked
on? Plans for completion.
How much? Current budget metrics.
Is action if necessary?
Summary… very brief
Other Metrics.. Included newer format
Complete the header:
• Project Leader
• Project Title
• Current Date
• Project Objective
Who’s on the team?
• Get task owner agreement!
Sample For WYSO Art of Note
Complete header info.
Who’s on the team?
• List all the tasks.
• What are the subobjectives.
• Use the matrix to
identify the objective
of each task.
Clear Communications
Relaxed Fun Ambiance
Well – Organized
Successful Fundraising
Use the matrix to identify each task
objective. If there are tasks that don’t align
with an objective – can they be removed?
• Try to have
single owners.
• Be creative with
large groups.
• Use color if it
• Budget
• Other measurements
• How is the project going?
• What is coming up?
• Quick synopsis of major milestones, risks, issues,
opportunities, etc. (3 minute or <)
• Shift date line to the right to indicate
current time period.
• Fill in progress dots – or “x” for
completion. Open circles mean a task
has fallen behind.
• Update metrics.
• Fill in summary and forecast.
• Update task list as needed – this is a
living document.
CCMA – large conference that includes
per-survey / post survey.
Art of Note Gala – large number of players.
NEXT TOOL: “Insight Dashboard”
• Key Accomplishments
• Next Steps
• Concerns / Issues… paired with
• Plans to resolve
• Key Areas with Time Line and Notes.
Libby Bestul
Outreach Specialist
School of Human Ecology / Cooperative Extension
Interim Asst. Director for Center for Financial Security