Transformational Change [Powerpoint Presentation]

Transformational change
• What is it you are trying to change?
• The whole systems, not just tinkering
– Front door or gateway
– Who control the cash
– Risk taking and risk sharing
– Creative new approaches
– People know best, not professionals
– Making informed choices
– Being radical but being careful
• A belief or a better way?
• Choice and control, mantra or meaning?
• A person’s whole life not a compartment of
• Simple straightforward objectives
• Co-production
Making change happen
Knowing where you want to go
Learning and then committing
Being clear about direction to all
The steps to get there
The champions, the resisters and the
• Knowing how change works
• Being committed and passionate
Having a plan
Have a plan
Stick to it but not religiously
Be prepared to adapt
Take people with you (some by force!)
You can’t please all of the people.
Know your own preferences and pay
attention to those your weakest on
• Are you an ENFP or an ISTJ?
The change House